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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Again, thank you all who have answered. i now also have local(ish) support so i am sure i shall pull through
  2. salaam and welcome. I to am a recent revert and have the same issue of not much of a shia community where I live. Luckily in the the next city there is a Shia community that is not to far away, so maybe try seeing if you can make contact with Shia's in the surrounding area
  3. As a revert to Islam, I find this topic of great interest. I know when i first decided to revert to Islam I contact the local Islamic Society (sunnie) and Mosque via email a few times and never once received a reply. It could be due to them not trusting - I do not know, but i am now glad they never, as I then found Shia. So far I have not had much contact with other Shia Muslims but someone from the Aberdeen Ahlul Bayt Society came down to my city to meet with me, explained the basics of Shia Islam and took Shahada with me. Hopefully others that I meet are as accepting as he was.
  4. I will stick with Linux - never going to use windows as my personal OS again
  5. I didn't know what to request so have asked for a book that would be benificial for someone new to Islam
  6. Thank you all for the advice. Insha'Allah I shall be able to do it teh best i can Added: I also found this site (Ramadan UK ) - other reverts may find it usefull although it is probably Sunni orientated.
  7. II was wondering if it is permisable to follow multiple Marja's?
  8. Assalam Alaykum, With Ramadan fastly approaching, is there any advice that can be offered to new Reverts to Islam. Is Shia and Sunni practices the same? Is there anything specific we should be doing or not be doing (apart from fasting between dawn and sunset) ? Any other advice that can be offered.
  9. I generally jump between Firefox, Tor Browser and chrome, depending on what i am doing. As for bookmarks, to keep them organised I create seperate folders for topics relating to the sites I want to bookmark. Makes it easier for finding them again
  10. I have found myself going back to playing Skyrim recently - such a brilliant game, you can really loose yourself in it for hours
  11. Its not only Muslims the government are targeting. If you are pro-independence (Scottish Nat for instance) or support a Republic you are also to be tagged as an extremist. One nation, all equal - as long as it is on their terms and you toe the line ...
  12. Yes, I have tried that, but fell on deaf ears. Much has to do with the british media I think and the anti-muslim sentiment that the establishment puts out. My thought is continue to practice Islam secrectly / privately and at some point down the line let my family know that i did in fact revert to islam thus proving their fears, worries or whatever were unfounded and it has actually made me a better person. It is made much harder though as i do not know any Shia muslims round about me.
  13. Assalam Alaykum, Since reverting to Shia Islam 7 months ago, I have faced what i can only describe as a bad situation concerning my family life. My family are all catholic, although not really practicing but when i told them that i was turning to Islam, my family did not support me in this. My parents were not all pleased and my wife said that if i did we would be finished, despite us being together 15 years and have 3 children. In all honestly I have to say they have bowed to western hysterics and bias against Islam, and do not understand or know anything about Islam as a religion. All
  14. has anyone came across any social media outlets that this group makes use of ?
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