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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. @Oneof I said that using bad language and insults are the work of the devil in reference to your way [EDIT] Again you don't even bring a single example or actual proof but only insults and provocations. I won't waste my time further than this with you. ______
  2. Salam alaikum, It could have a connection to your wanting to fast and the water pump and droplets are a sure symbol of life and wisdom. The imam will open that pump and give wisdom and knowledge to a much needed soil of human spirits. But I would urge you to take this dream seriously and do what the voice asked you to do until you feel you've done enough of it. Basically do dua for the imam for his protection against poison and duas for every other thing you can think of for him. You having this dream is a great privilege and should be classified as a vision from God. You must be a very pure person whom God loves very much. Masha Allah Don't forget to do what the voice told you to your utmost ability in the depths of your heart.
  3. Really @Darth, you hate lies? I do too! The only problem is that I believe that what we have been taught is lies in many aspects including geography. So, let us wait and see who is right about this and I am also waiting. And using foul language doesn't help anyone; least of all yourself. I suggest u contribute to this thread by giving ur evidence from science and quran, while avoiding baseless judgments without even backing them up. Who was it who said something along the lines of "say good or say nothing at all"? So stick to evidence that we can work with. Nobody here will be convinced just because you use rude words like excrement to describe my ideas.
  4. @Oneof Insulting people is unacceptable according to site rules and islam. Especially here it is cowardly and keep in mind that I did not insult you or even talk to you. The likes of you and Darth seem to get a satisfaction from being rude to people unprovoked. And if my opinion about the physical structure of earth offends you so much that you resort to personal insults then you should review your own understanding, as the anger is created by Satan. Satan teaches arrogance and make people blind. Like imam reza said "foul language is the weapon of the wicked" And notice the past two foul posts have zero evidence or relevant information. But you being a rude person probably means you won't understand what I'm saying now, as akhlaq or manners are directly linked to the ability to understand. But in the sunah of the prophet it is at least my duty to try and notify and warn you. Arrogant and rude people have a terrible end. Nice guys end up having a great reward. But if rude guys apologize and repent then God will forgive them, so there is always hope till you die, then there will be nothing you can do. Additionally when the insulted person makes dua against the insulter this life can be he'll too for the insulter.
  5. @Darth I have been doing nothing but prove this thread and most of my proofs have been ignored by you and others, especially the ones from quran. What concerns horizons the Internet has some images that seem to contradict the vast majority of straight horizons. Therefore those interested in the truth should contribute by getting their own evidence whenever they can instead of sitting back and only complaining / insulting like you. If something is brainless then it is that. Hateful and arrogant
  6. @Gaius I. Caesar funny enough if you look at the horizon of the first pictured u posted they look straight to me and only the last one looks curved. Maybe next time we fly or stand at a horizon we take pictures ourselves and bring them here. It is easy to make all kinds of effects these days with all kinds of apps
  7. Brother I must've flown literally hundreds of times and never remember seeing a curve. This picture is obviously with fish eye effect. I urge anybody to bring their own photo as pretty much all horizons on Google like search "horizon air plane" for instance and you'll see perfectly straight lines. Unless the weather, clouds or mountains change the shape.
  8. Yes brother Gaius seeing is believing And seeing for ourselves, as this above picture could be photo shopped. So the best way is to take photos from mountaintops or airplanes or distant horizons ourselves. If the whole space station and earth picture from the moon is a hoax then this might as well be a hoax as well.
  9. Wasila is literally a means to something, in this case it is to Allah. That's the definition of this term according to any Arab translation and it's not controversial. This means is ibada or a form of worship to me. Ibada is worship. In the quran Allah orders us to seek a wasilah (means) to Him, which constitutes an order. I am telling you what the text says brother and how I interpret it. Now you've met someone with an alternative view from yours to the meanings of those words.
  10. Akhi that's how I see it in the quran as well. Ibada too for me means to give priority or obedience to any other than Allah. By obeying others we worship them as obeying Allah is a waseela and waseela is ibada. That's my interpretation anyway.
  11. i am explaining to you how i see it and understand it. If i am disobedient for the sake of something or someone other than Allah, then i am setting up a partner. In the case of iblis it was his ego or arrogance that caused his disobedience. He set himself up as a partner to God by challenging God's will and understanding of things. To me that constitutes partnering others with Allah, as i chose others over Him. And may He forgive me for it.
  12. Salam Alaikum Shirq means partnering. Of course it is in reference to partnering with Allah. We are guilty of partnering others with Allah each time we do anything that is not 100% in line with the commandments. For instance when we watch a movie instead of praying on time, we are suddenly setting up a partner with Allah. When we hurt others while Allah tells us not to be wrong-doers (zalemeen) we also do something that competes with the pure rules of Allah. Hence i believe that we all commit shirq all the time, and it is impossible to have pure 100% tawheed (oneness in action and mentality towards Allah). Some might wonder why Allah talks so harshly about those who commit shirq if we are all mushriqs. Well, that is because there are different levels of shirq and zulm as well. We all commit zulm and shirq to a certain level, but there are some of us who will not be forgiven by Allah in the end. That is where taqwa or fear comes in. We may never be sure that our zulm or shirq or akhta (mistakes) will be forgiven. At the same time we may never be sure that we are not guilty of any of these. That is my opinion, and remember me as a slave of Allah who is afraid of his shirq not being forgiven by Allah. Each time i took anything or anyone else as a priority other than Allah. Oh God!
  13. "If you can't explain it simply, you don't understand it well enough" - Albert Einstein He was the same guy who said "if the formula isn't beautiful it can't be right" This takes us to another point, that when we debate it is good to keep it as simple as possible and easy for the reader. Sometimes less is more, and getting straight to the point is usually for the best of the conversation. For instance, i find people beating around the bush in debates by asking questions that will eventually lead them to an attempt at proving themselves right, instead of simply presenting their argument and evidence point-blank. I am sure many of you know what i mean. So, simplicity and ease are a sure sign of higher levels of debate or speech (as well as beauty). This counts of course for anything from body language to writing. At the same time the more words we use, the less value each word has. The chance of saying something wrong increases simultaneously with the quantity. Also keep in mind that humans don't have a very long concentration span, so most people will loose track of what is being said if it is too long and complicated. Our aim is to make it as easy and user-friendly as possible. This way we make way for easy and smooth debates that are fruitful for all sides.
  14. well technically we can use evidence like the following to find the truth. And the good thing is that this is stuff we can ourselves verify, to make sure it's not photoshopped or edited. Personally i've never seen but a flat horizon no matter how high up i was in an airplane for instance. seeing is believing. There is truth to this statement
  15. The railroad doesn't show flatness like the horizon picture above does (especially the one from miles above earth being a perfectly straight un curved horizon) . It simply shows perspective how something that is far away including the clouds appears to merge into the horizon. You will find all arguments and debates on each topic online. This is mainly the topic when discussing sunset and sunrise from flat earth perspective.
  16. instead of betting, why don't you try to find out scientifically if he's right or wrong. He is giving all the keys to his research and ideas that can be repeated. Science is all about being able to repeat something as evidence for a theory.
  17. Aristotle was a monotheist who said a lot of true things. Among others is this quote: “It is the mark of an educated mind to be able to entertain a thought without accepting it.” This is very relevant to the art of speech and debate i believe. First of all it brings the conversation to a higher level because each speaker or writer will be more familiar with the others' points. This leads to more intelligent and challenging conversations. If the person trying to convey a message is educated in the perspective of the other person, then he/she will be able to think many steps ahead. Instead of spending time and energy on basics, they will be able to talk on a much higher level. It is like a shia debating with a suni while knowing suni books. If the shia can address and prove his points from the point-of-view of a suni, he will be much stronger. So this leads us to conclude that a better understanding of all sides helps create a better "chat". Instead of only pushing ones own idea forward without knowledge or consideration of the opposite debater, one should make an effort to test ones own ideas from the opposing persons reality. Not only is this a more respectful and considerate way of communicating, but it is even more powerful. It will lead to a stronger force and higher chances of winning. At the same time it will give the person an even stronger certainty that his argument is right to start with, and hence more faith in the idea. OK, happy debating PS: please add more ideas on better speech and debate tricks if you can, thanks
  18. brother @Gaius I. Caesar the explanation talks about different points of views without even saying whose they are. At the same time they do not address flat or spherical earth theory. The idea of having many wests and many easts can be interpreted in many ways, as is pointed out by the link that you showed me. I would like people to get to the point and not only show me why certain proofs address spherical earth theory, but at the same time also see it from the perspective of the other side of the argument. Also see if it passes the test of the flat earth. This way we save time and effort, while having a more understanding and intelligent conversation. Sorry to say brother, but even according to the link you showed there is no definitive relation to these verses and a spherical earth. It is just one of many interpretation possibilities, while having no hadiths to back up one interpretation. thanks
  19. Why would it be nonsensical? And I respect explanations of the quran if there were any. The links you provided do not address the quran verses in question. And other than the easts and wests there is no quran proof. And that argument would also hold for a flat earth where each location has its own sunrise and sunset. Talk sense to me with reasons. Why how where?
  20. As we are mixing science with quran here quite freely, we might as well add another perspective: this is for people who like to look at alternative angles of things: ever heard of illuminate (anti-christ anti-mahdi) playing cards? They are especially famous for predicting WTC 911 way back in 1995, as well as other quite truthful things: (quite spot on or?) more on this: http://www.911thology.com/nexus1.html they even have a card about conspiracy theorists ironically: anyway, here is a card i found about flat earthers: I think it's good to discuss all kinds of views, even the unconventional and alternative ones.
  21. 1 - several easts and wests: to me that is not evidence for a sphere, because it could be seen as several easts and wests along the north-south axis 2 - sun setting in different places at different times: when an object is further away, it will seem The further away an object, the closer it appears to the horizon, while it starts disappearing. Just like clouds seem higher in the sky when closer to us, than if they are further. Here is a guy who uses the flat earth model to calculate distances and timings of sunsets and sunrises: (perspective) i would look at this video, it is also very interesting in proving how objects don't disappear behind horizon when using a zoom camera, and finally how perspective works to give impression of sunrise and sunset: especially the second video is very easy to understand and demonstrated. 3 - Proving through Islam rotation of the earth in the article attempts to use motion of pendulum and not Quran or Hadiths. To me the pendulum on a string is no clear evidence of flat earth at all. But again, showing there is no direct Quran or Hadith mention of a spherical earth. 4 - Seven heavens: The article seems to agree with what i said, which is and in this page there are simply several theories discussed with mostly no reference to proof quranically or from hadiths. Of course the verse where earth is created before 7 heavens is not addressed (when constellation / stars are in first layer) neither is the fact that there is repetative mention of heavens (plural) and earth (singular) nor that earth is never described as moving (sabih) or floating like heavenly bodies or how there are two suras called sun and star, and how that can be when people claim they are the same thing Where is this separation layer mentioned in surat al Jinn as well as elsewhere? The one burning those who spy? Maybe somebody can ask scholars these questions as well. Don't you think it's odd that there isn't a single hadith or quran verse saying the earth is spherical? But only description of a vast spread out earth that is made immobile by pegs? I am glad to have seen the opinions of honorable scholars on this issue, and having me cement my belief in a flat earth even further. Thank you
  22. @Mr. Anderson I know you are being overwhelmed by a lot of people here, and i don't want to go in circle too many times. 1 - I put 20 seconds of that video on repeat many times and could not hear the word mubahila at all! I don't know how you say it is clear when me as a Arab speaker can't hear it. And anyway, as i've said: mubahila is clear. It is an invitation to meet and then curse the liars, along with ones family. He did not invite, but started cursing immediately. At the same time this guy is an enemy of Sayid Sistani and Khamenei, which makes the punishment more likely for being against those honorable men of action. 2 - You did not manage to get any hadiths to show the word zuhur being independent from khuruj. What you did is bring a couple of hadiths that talk about Yamani coming out before sufiani, and using this as evidence. This is not very strong evidence at all, and what you fail to do like most all of your leaders followers, is make a connection to your guy. 3- The only argument you have about your guy being the yamani, is one hadith that says only one person will claim to be yamani. Other than this, there is no reference to your guy other than words. And his words are low quality low intelligence fraud kind of material according to my opinion. Of course many people get fooled by it and believe in it, which is their right. Everybody has the right to take their own decisions, but don't have the right to deal with consequences. 4- Your talk about the hypothetical yamani is talking about yamani in general, and not in reference to yours. Your yamani does not exist except through secondary accounts and some speech that could have been written in the office of a secret service agency. You keep mentioning things about "the Yamani", mixed with what your guy says. But no proof that the guy you are talking about is the yamani. Logically speaking there is a factor missing. What your true intentions are i don't know, but it could be that you simply are hypnotized, or convinced that his talk is truly on par with the Imams of past, or other intentions.
  23. "the infallible" .. talk about making up names that don't exist! tell me: where does this name occur. you said Allah's name is Raheem, and now you take that back? this is too much for me. i might continue debating with you later
  24. Oh dear! Again you spread a lie (whether it's intentional or not God only knows) This in the video is not a mubahila .. it is simply a crazy guy cursing. nowhere in the video does the word mubahila occur, or a challenge as per quran: you see, the mubahila is to meet in peace and then together curse the liar! This is not a mubahila, and stop claiming that!!! and second point! you did not prove in any way that appearance is different from emergence! zuhur without emergence??? that is totally baseless, and now after asking you to back it up with hadith proofs, you fail again i consider you totally lost this argument and are running away, just doing daawa for your leader while ignoring the facts. Your beliefs about the zuhur and emergence are based on your opinion and not on Islamic thaqalayn.
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