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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. ^This operation had nothing to do with America. But in reverse, most media outlets reported an important role of Iran in weapons, military planning and the Shia militias close to Iran involvement in the operation on Amerli and Sulaimanbek.
  2. Long live the people of Amerli, you made us cry out of joy when you refused to bow down and when we heard the news of your freedom! Thanks to all those fighters who sacrificed and liberated the towns. Ya Mahdi
  3. ^women and children cannot fight to the death. Once men lose the war, their women and children will be captives of ISIS and by now it is clear what they do to captives.
  4. Iraqi forces break ISIS siege of Amerli Iraqi forces entered on Sunday the northern town of Amerli, which had been besieged by the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria militants for around two months, Reuters news agency reported officials as saying. The mayor of Amerli and army officers said troops backed by militias defeated ISIS fighters to the east of the town. Fighting continued to the north of Amerli. "Our forces entered Amerli and broke the siege," security spokesman Lieutenant General Qassem Atta told Agence France-Presse. Talib al-Bayati, an official responsible for a nearby area, also said that the siege of the Turkmen Shiite-majority town has been broken, as did Nihad al-Bayati, who had been fighting to defend the town against the jihadists. Iraqi security forces, Shiite militiamen and Kurdish peshmerga fighters all took part in the operation, according to AFP. The incident is considered the biggest military success for Baghdad since ISIS overran large parts of the country in June, sweeping security forces aside. Alarabiya
  5. Well, this topic has nothing to do with Assad being with American. Anyways, Assad is the president of Syria, an alawite, a secular, and has nothing to do with Shias "honour" and things like that. He is a free leader and can side with whoever he wants. But, I doubt it, he is not going to side with any western country, all the Syrian government wants is an international cooperation that might include both Syria and the US or the EU to cooperate against a common cause.
  6. ^Who said that? Stop being childish and make up things that people never claimed. Why do we have to go over an issue over and over again? You already discussed Assad under the other topic, just stay with the refugee issues here. May God impose 100s of more Assad on all Takfiris and their products and supporters!
  7. From what it seems the guy is trying to use you (or fool you) by all these excuses that his family is not ok with this kind of marriage. It could be true, but he also knows the answer that he cannot go ahead with this but still why does he want to come to you again and again? My answer: he comes back over and over again and leaves you while you discuss about marriage, is because he wants to spend some time until he gets another girlfriend. (especially if there is a physical relation exists between you two) then from the guy's position why not use some free relationship and conducts while he could by fooling you with some fancy words and fake promises.
  8. And I don't, and we don't want, any Takfiri group like IS or Nusra to remove those tyrants like Assad or Maliki or Ahle Saud, or European leaders, and impose their own laws on those countries. What is happening in Syria today is a human disaster, a shame on the face of humanity, even Satan is laughing and amazed by what the rebels are doing in Syria. After all that, we come here and escape and ignore 100s of tyrants and just interested to know how bad Assad is or how difficult Maliki was. At least in some other tyrant countries there might be alternative, good ones, while the west and east ignore the suffering of people, but in Syria there only human eaters as who will be the king and kingmakers.
  9. And so are 100s of other leaders around the world, including the Gulf states' heads.
  10. Right, but with the soldiers killed around Raqqa are at war with ISIS.. Hizb does not condemn its own members or Syrian army's killed by ISIS, it responds accordingly, and they fight them. But, Hizb did condemn civilians arrest or murder before, like the Lebanese hostages a few yrs ago, Iranian hostages, or Takfiris targeting civilian markets in Iraq or Syria.
  11. Breaking News: Iraqi army recaptures al-Hamra village https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hMmkAz38wnk Army officials in Iraq say the military has regained the control of a village in Salahuddin Province from ISIL The army forces also recaptured parts of a road that linked a military base to the Baiju refinery Reports say a number of militants were killed in the clashes with the army Meanwhile, army forces killed more than 20 militants in the city of Fallujah and destroyed a number of their vehicles
  12. As I said before, we are just discussing and sharing our ideas, No orders. Just like most users here do not agree with the idea. But, as you said, you are at least doing something, which is better than nothing, while most just sit on a chair and discuss it on Shiachat, if that is true. No hard feelings. Good luck to you brother and hope you will be satisfied with the responds. May God protect all the lovers of the truth and ahlul bait (as) against Satan followers aka ISIS.
  13. Yes, but that is his ideas, like most propagandist and liar-reporters who are in thousands, that doesn't make it right when ISIS catch people like him and behead him in a very inhumane fashion. I am sure whatever trash he wrote, even if he went to south Lebanon, the groups or people might hated him and debated him, refuted him, but wouldn't behead him on camera and show it on youtube.
  14. It is NOT about Assad, it is not mainly about lesser of two evils, it is not about sect, IT IS MAINLY because of the BIG EVIL, the Takfiris. I don't think anybody support a group like ISIS or Nusra or other Takfiris to take over Libya and be happy for the removal Gaddafi (who by the way was killing and had bad human rights records before the so called revolution). Majority of Syrian soldiers who prefer to side with Assad against the rebels are SUNNIS. Go to Syria now and ask people. Here is an article/report about how Sunnis in rebel controlled Aleppo respond NOW. It is published on al-monitor that has nothing to do with Shias or the Syrian regime. Read it. Thanks. ---------------------------------------------------------- Islamic State calls for revenge against Syria’s rebels ALEPPO, Syria — The Islamic State’s new offensive in Aleppo is in full swing, with dramatic changes on the battlefield a certainty; this will define and reshape the whole dynamics of the Syrian conflict, and may cause major players to recalculate their fundamental policies and strategies. The very survival of the rebel movement in Aleppo hangs in the balance, with serious implications should it be replaced by the terrorist Islamic State (IS). There is also a personal element to the current offensive. The slogan of the Islamic State's latest campaign to rout the Aleppo rebels and capture their territory is called “revenge for our chaste women.” This hair-raising motto was chosen for two purposes: to put the fear of God into their opponents, and to rally their already frenzied fighters into even higher levels of brutality and blood thirst. What this war slogan alludes to is the alleged rape and abuse of the wives and female relatives of IS militants after the fighters were expelled from Aleppo by a coalition of local and Islamist fighters under the banner of the Islamic Front in January of this year. Before that, IS militants were fighting and living side by side with other factions. Many had settled down with their families alongside local rebels in their towns, villages and neighborhoods. When relations went sour and war erupted, many IS fighters were forced to flee and leave their families behind. It was the alleged cases of rape against their families that now inspire IS fighters to return with a hateful fury and vengeance that threatens to unleash new and ever more grotesque acts of barbarity onto the world’s television screens and social media. And this has the rebels exceedingly worried and frightened. Adel is a native of Hreitan, a town in Aleppo’s countryside just a few kilometers north of the city on the Gaziantep highway. The previous round of clashes with IS in January saw them enter his town and execute several rebels and their supporters there. “This is a fight for our existence and way of life,” he said. “They are much like the regime in that they want to impose their rules by force, and kill anyone who opposes that. They killed many fine and decent young men when they came to my town last time.” He went on to add bitterly: ”Of course, the regime is happy about this and wants to see them kill us all, as are the people of Aleppo who think we are the cause for the destruction of their city and who despise us for that. But let me ask them, where were they when we were protesting and our young men were being shot and killed? What about the thousands of lives we have given fighting this terrible regime and IS, what about the sacrifices of those people, did they forget about that? Who is bombing their city, us with simple weapons or the regime with its missiles and barrels and airplanes?” The truth surrounding the alleged rapes is sketchy at best, limited to specific cases and nothing systemic. But that hasn’t stopped IS from exploiting the issue to its advantage. The group has always displayed a skillful mastery in the arts of psychological warfare and propaganda. Its latest war motto is just another weapon in this impressive arsenal. By relying on tactics of fear and intimidation, IS hopes to persuade opponents to surrender or pledge allegiance without firing a single bullet, and there is plenty of proof that those tactics worked pretty well in Deir Ez-Zor. For a Machiavellian and nihilistic death cult like IS, sex abuse is just another tool to beat your opponents and rally your troops with. With all that in mind, Aleppo rebels are facing their toughest time since the Syrian conflict began. Their obvious nervousness is palpable as the clock ticks down to the inevitable showdown that will either make or break them, even as they draw reinforcements from other fronts in and around Aleppo city to bolster their strongholds against IS. An awful lot is riding on this, and the rebels know that they are at a major disadvantage. Outgunned and outmaneuvered, they find themselves caught between the slowly advancing regime troops around Aleppo city, and the relentless approach of IS in the northern countryside. The prospects do appear dim, and already residents of front-line or strategically important towns have left for safer areas of Syria or crossed the border into Turkey. Some speculate the local rebels might soon follow suit. But many of Aleppo’s residents have little sympathy for the rebels, whom they largely blame for destroying their city. Wadah is an Aleppan small business owner who fell on hard times after the city was plunged into the turmoil of civil war. “May God take them all, may they kill each other, them (rebels) and IS.” “They are the cause of all of our suffering and problems, we had no troubles before the rebels of the villages came, we were happy and doing just fine. We rejected them and their so-called revolution, and they hated us for that, which is why they took revenge and stole our factories and businesses and ruined our livelihoods. But now God will have his revenge on them,” he said. Regarding IS, Wadah shared the rebels’ fear. “Of course we are terrified that they will take Aleppo city, they are backward butchers from dark times, it will be worse than the sacking of Baghdad by the Mongols. They will destroy our civilization completely. We cannot live under such a barbarian group. But we have faith the Syrian army will protect us.” The IS campaign in Aleppo will most definitely be a game changer, and its outcome will have serious ramifications on the flow of the Syrian conflict as a whole as well as the future of the terrorist group should it be decisively defeated. What is certain for now is that the residents of Aleppo, no matter their affiliation, are dreading the arrival of IS. al-monitor.com
  15. Sorry, but these two are full of xxxx.. no Idea why you thought it is a good video by posting it here! Anjum, a MI6 especial agent's days are numbered!!
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