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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. really, you shiatul ibn saba ! We are east and west cannot be united. Move aside your and our hadiths ! Atleast we have Quran, alhamdulillah. You even dont have Quran its too hidden somewhere else. Today all my peace efforts have been ruined & thanks to Allah he has opened my eyes today and guided me ! For you we are kafir and for uz you are kafir, thats its yallah. Bye
  2. There's a complete book in Bukhari named: [The book of virtues and merits of the companions of the Prophet] and definition of Sahaba & Ansar, is in that itself ! And revealed verses of Quran upon them too. Unfortunately my nearly 1 hour long post have been bumped :-( ! But its not surprising and new to me. W/s
  3. Not too heart touching example you have given ! And i corrected what you forget to type in islamic jacket ^above ! And thanks to Allah i dont know myself & its my +point. M/S
  4. Intelligence is blaming them for past 12 years ! Yet they have not taken any action,what does it mean ! And saudis blame iran for 9/11, and few others blame it on israel & us itself too. So your laan have been divided in many directions. Be calm !
  5. And what about a product that will come out nude from somewhere in end times ! And get xeroxed on disk of sun at mid-day afternoon, and will be declared caliph ! And everybody will give bayah even women, women will be there or with dajjal ! And also with stick of musa a.s to hit running stones again ! And afterall he is hidden no not hidden ! He fears his life no he is brave. He have fault he didnt married, no he have wives and children ! And much more....; against quran and sunnah ! Nope against hadiths itself, isnt it if one can try to understand. Its an example i have given too, no regrets have a pleasant time. W/s
  6. NO. Rather Prophet s.a.w said: dont say iam above any of prophet.(Bukhari). Being Rahmatullal alameen His morals are such high ! That He s.a.w said never say iam above any prophets of Allah. SubhanAllah. Thanks
  7. Bcoz majority of them will follow dajjal ! Not imam mahdi, isnt it ! And Allah can create more women there in paradise & many hooris are also there for muslims. Alhamdulillah. W/s
  8. Walaikum assalaam. MashaAllah brother you posted good hadiths from Tirmidhi, by Abu isa tirmidhi ! JazakAllah. But unfortunately there is no chapter named upon Ali r.a in his collection. Like in contents list exp: [chapter on the noble features of sayyidina RasoolAllah s.a.w; p.no:1(7) till the last chapter ! chapter on the seeing of Sayyidina RasoolAllah s.a.w in a dream;p.no:448(451)]. Ma'asalama
  9. @brother power, that book was published in 1977 in beirut, and it was for policital gains & their agenda ! It doesnt matters, its unlike shiasm that divided in many sects itself in presence of infallible imams ! Ali r.a in battle of jamal told his men to leave Her in camp respectedly by saying she is wife of Prophet s.aw (ie:ummal momineen) ! Then why shias dont follow Ali r.a being shiatul Ali, and believes the same !
  10. idols idols & idols, we dönt worships stocked demigods friend, are you aware ! And you dont wanna give me verses from Quran compiled by Usman r.a ! Then you have to wait wait & wait and recite many duas. May Allah ease ofcourse ! Iam aware as per sects. Court=adalah is adjourned see you later. But fix things in proper way, iam too running. Ma'assalama
  11. Everything is possible for Allah, and its easy for Him, isnt it ! Above 1100 years had passed and still fixing ! Amazing subhanAllah.
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