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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. just quoted myself to make a huge correction that wasn't their in the original.
  2. good brother that is why I posted. People need to know of the poisons that reside in our community so they can properly avoid them.
  3. I would ask you to show me where I put words in your mouth but I don't expect anything serious from the likes of you. BTW I like how you go around saying we need to support the thalimeen cause that is what the Ahlul Bayt (عليه السلام) want but then turn around and say Saddam being taken out was a good thing. According to your logic shouldn't the Ulema of Najaf worked with the thalim saddam. So was Baqir al Sadr(رضي الله عنه) wrong for trying to have an uprising against him? Or did he misunderstand the teachings of the Ahlul Bayt(عليه السلام) and forgot to read all those "numerous ahadith" that are supposedly about supporting the thalimeen, LOOOL. Judging my akhlaq when your supporting thalims and Munafiqs lol. You should have the humility to admit your wrong and sincerely ask Allah to guide you. I think they would be a heck of a lot more ashamed of you for supporting the Yazeeds of your time and not going against them. Even making excuses for them and the so called "scholars" who are on their payroll and support them.
  4. 1.Just repeating yourself. All of what your saying is propaganda used by Zionists to Justify the Iraq war and American interventionism. The Shia were already working themselves to revolt against him. The country was put in chaos thanks to that invasion. Thanks to the Americans Isis was created and many lives were lost, many people were killed in those arbaeen walks and the American government wanted to get involved again. Thankfully unlike you, many of the Iraqis learned their lesson and fought against ISIS themselves. This Arbaeen we have now is a blessing from God because of what the Iraqis have done not cause of America. The fact that you imply that America is the one to be thanked is shameful for a Shia and foolish. Now they are trying to ruin the arbaeen processions with these protests and they even tried ti assassinate sayed Sistani(ha). Before you play the oh we don't know who is involved blah blah blah, pay attention closely and you'll see the American governments finger prints. "if Even" Subhanallah how foolish. They admitted and it was not an accidental mistake it was a calculated effort by those on top. Using one thalim to remove another was a huge mistake for the sayed. He should have been smart and not supported this like many other Americans. YOU HAVE NO IDEA WHAT THOSE HADITHS ARE TALKING ABOUT IF YOU THINK THOSE HADITHS YOU ARE REFERRING TOO MEAN TO WORK AND SUPPORT A THALIM NONE OF THOSE HADITHS SAY THAT. ALSO I FIND IT AMUSONG HOW YOU WILL ADMIT THE American GOVERNEMTN IS THALIM BUT THEN RUSH TO ITS DEFENSE LATER IN THE Iraq WAR AND SAY THEY ARE HEROES ASTAGHFIRULLAH. 2. TO invite people who are enemies of Islam is wrong and should never be allowed thats different from inviting non Muslims. AIM invited George Galloway and Jeremy Corbyn to speak on Palestine but they are not enemies of Islam so thats fine. To invite people who call Sayed Sistani (ha) a dictator and people who support Israel is different. The Imams(ha)never invited and supported the Thalim you should read more carefully on the lives of the Imams(عليه السلام) before you accuse them of doing something wrong. You are completely misunderstanding the Ahlul Bayt (عليه السلام) and what they have taught us. Each Imam(عليه السلام) worked to fight against the thalim not support them, feed them and give them an avenue to spread their propaganda into the Muslim community and the world. These "actual scholars" you speak of are no real scholars to me. These "scholars" that are there should be ashamed of themselves. 3. Kissing a thalim is a huge deal and shows they support these individuals. I'm Arab we don't always greet like this, there are other ways to greet, aside from the fact that this greeting itself is given between Arabs I don't greet this way with non Muslims. The fact Qazwini is greeting this way with Bush speaks volumes and the meeting itself speaks volumes. You think every Arab who meets with George bush or Obama kisses him you got another thing coming. Would Sayed Nassrallah kiss Benjamin Netanyahoo if he met him? Think hardly about what your saying. Now if you are done being intentionally blind and ignorant you will see these individuals who are kneeling and bending themselves over backwards for people who are enemies to Muslims and Islam you will see these people and Umaa are on a path that is against the Imam of our time(عليه السلام). These "scholars" are working for the enemies and are not much better than those "scholars" who worked for Muawiyah (la). Again people should distance themselves and not attend organizations like Umaa and follow Mr...Qazwini if they care about being on the path of the Imam of our time(عليه السلام).
  5. 1. Nonsense propaganda supporting the Iraq war. The Shia there were already rebelligna against Saddam. Even Americans say it was a mistake to invade. Lastly the invasion lead to ISIS many Zuwar were killed by them, these numbers have less to do with the invasion and more to ddo with the spread of the message of Imam Hussain (عليه السلام). The Sayed was completely wrong, YOU HAVE ANY IDEA HOW MANY HADITHS WE HAVE ABOUT SUPPORTING THE THALIM, especially in something even the Americans knew was a mistake. Ill stay on my horse as it means I am not a supporter of thalimeen and wont defend clear corrupt acts by certain individuals. 2.So much for calling yourselves in Islamic organization then. Also I know they invite munafiqs and zionists that's my point. I'm just saying it like it is. 3.This "dialogue" is different from kissing a thalim who killed millions in Iraq. This "dialogue" is different from inviting Zionist speakers who call sayed Sistani (ha) a dictator and go against our other scholars. Also thanks for confirming that UMAA is a munafiq organization that collaborates with the American government or should I say "has dialogue". Islamophobia can be resisted by spreading and teaching positive Islam and has less to do with collaborating with Zionist governments and politicians and more to do with spreading Islam and increasing dialogue with innocent non Muslims many of whom are oppressed in many ways by Zionist governments. If this "dialogue" as you call it is so effective why are there 1-2 million more dead people in Iraq then there were before the Iraq war that Qazwini kissed Bush for. If millions of people being killed in Iraq and elsewhere doesn't show you how wrong your foolish excuses are then I don't know what will. Clearly your strategy in combating Islamophobia is flawed.
  6. no we should never stop talking about them.
  7. From my understanding you can’t live there without Iranian heritage. Only if you married an Iranian woman but you’ll just get residence not be a citizen. If your a woman and you marry an Iranian guy it’s different.
  8. 1. But they are resisting them. @Ashvazdanghe I don’t think we have forgotten them. I see them on the news on press tv. Sayed Hassan mentioned them on Quds day and their resistance. 2. Bahrain I don't know. These revolution things take time. They may go up and down. It’s hard when they keep imprisoning their scholars who light those fires. But you can find clips where they are throwing Molotov’s at military vehicles. God knows what will happen. 3.Rohingiya aren’t forgotten but they are not mentioned as much now. Not due to political interests though. Their oppression is acknowledged and an example of the hatred the enemies of Islam have for Muslims. The issue has been known for a while though it’s gotten heavy attention only very recently though.
  9. TryHard


    What about people who joined at 2014? Do they count?
  10. @Akbar673 In my opinion it might be a good thing you don’t have a son. This is a terrible way to give advice in my opinion. I get you don’t mean to sound like a jerk but ehhh.. you do and you know it. You don’t know his situation or what’s causing it to be so harsh. Im not giving excuses here but the economy is pretty rough these days many people agree it’s harder to get a job now than ever before. I’m saying this as someone who has a job by the way. Ya you gotta be responsible and everything and not make any excuses, sure. But we shouldn’t necessarily be harsh on those who are not successful in this regard especially when we don’t know their situation. @Lion of Shia no worries brother. This is the state of many people. Your not alone. Do a google search and you’ll see. In terms of getting a job though I would advise going against your parents as if you want to get married you should at least have one. A halal one to be precise. The economy is bad and everything but you should at least try. Dedicate a part of your day. I recommend around an hour searching for a job. That way your at least being responsible and if your efforts are in vain you can them rightfully complain. So at least you’ll have that, only after a long hard effort of course. You can get married without a job in my opinion. You just gotta try, you gotta want it, and sort of know where your going, let the family know your situation and plan. A brother I know is married, has no job and goes to university with his wife. His father in law lets the husband live with them. So a lot is possible you know. Try not to give up. As for the car it can be a double edged sword. Some places it’s not really worth having a car like in New York. You gotta constantly maintain it, pay gas, pay insurance, not to mention it loses value every year. You should get a car when it’s advantageous in my opinion. Public transportation or using a bike suites many people just fine. If you still really want a car It’s not hard to save money and get a used one though if you really want one.
  11. we have some maraji that have memrized the Qur'an. As for the ones that have not yet claimed to have memorized it, well they are different. They may still have memorized it but choose to not brag.
  12. Mahdi Hassan is one thing but Dr...Naweed Syed (zionist munafiq) is another [he was also there]. Btw this is not the first time they have invited people like him. They invited guys that supported the Iraq war, people who are Pro Israel and pro zionist. Having a bunch of Shaykhs there means nothing. Those shaykhs should be ashamed of themselves. The above is one of those bunch of shaykhs with George Bush you can find a picture where he kisses him too btw just google it. That guy was the head of Umaa when this photo was taken. Again Muslims should avoid it. Nuff said.
  13. Umaa you mean that conference run by corrupt munafiqs that invite zionists to speak. Na. Muslims should avoid it.
  14. Alaykum Salam bismillah ina lila wa ina ilayhi rajioon 1.no. 2.only her fathers or his father (paternal grandfather) if he is not present. If neither are alive or unreachable no permission necessary. 3. After the mutah sure. Before it is best to avoid it as far as I know. 4. After getting permission from her father (if she has never been married before) you: agree on how long the mutah will last. Decide a mahr (marital gift) for her. It can be anything. lastly you recite the mutah contract. You can write it in English letters and have her practice her part if you like. Zawwaj-tuka nafsi bi mahrin qadruhu (x) li muddati (x) The above is her part Qabiltut tazweej This is what you say right after she says that. https://www.Sistani.org/english/book/46/2062/ he adds in the website their you can recite it in English though it says if she can’t. Though I think she may be able to if you use a piece of paper and practice with her. If she still can’t then I think you can recite it purely in the English language. this is the most precautious way to go about it. You can ask through istiftat or other means if her being independent and allowed to marry whoever she wants in the west allows you to marry her without her fathers permission anyway. Or you can ask about what can’t recite in Arabic means and does it apply to one who can practice it. But doing the above will get the mutah completed. Wasalam.
  15. Ya. I guess it would depend how mixed. But if we want to be cautious then yes. It would be first if it’s that specific urine/water.
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