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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Yes its true, sunnis beleive Hz Hamza is Syed U Shuahada, as he loved and protected Prophet saw, gave his life for him and Prophet saw showed immense sadness on his shahada.
  2. Linking you to Adam??? And you beleive it??? In this day and age, despite all the work on genetics and geology.
  3. If shias in India dare to do cursing of hindu holy figures in the manner they curse sunni holy figure, you will see what hindus will do to you. And if shias stop cursing in Pakistan, they will be safe in Pakistan as well.
  4. A lot more sunnis have died in terror related incidents than shias. *** these Ahmedinejad like conspiracy theories.
  5. Imam Ghazali is the person who forbade cursing Yazid. Just tells you a person does not have to be evil to arrive at a wrong conclusion and hatred based on anyone beleifs is foolish.
  6. It amazes me how you shias take a narration even if it goes all against your own beleifs. And when yopu point it out, the idiotic answer is just you just take the part which is against fulan and fulan and forget the rest. If this narration is true then you are accusing of Ali ra to give a false fatwa, which makes him untrustworthy.
  7. According to this website, two of prominent Ayatollahs say that women and child in Mutah marriage are not entitled to receive subsistence from man. http://www.http://www.*****************.com/articles/mutah/in-mutah-man-does-not-provide-support-to-woman-nor-child Is this correct?
  8. May be turkish people are ill versed in history thats why they dont knwo about ummayyads. Sunnis generally know very well who ummayyads were and stance of Abu Hanifa about them. Abu Hanifa supported Zaid bin Ali against ummayyads. Politically he was of the view that if Khurooj is not likely to succeed, it should not be done.
  9. What percentage of shias are syeds? Atleast in Pakistan 70-80% of shias claim to be syeds.
  10. Khawja's and khojas are entirely different people. Khawjas are Kashmiris and sunni while khojas are gujrati and shia.
  11. If you read about different religions, certain rituals become essence of devotion. Withotu these rituals followers of the religions cannot channel their emotions, for shias thin is azadari.
  12. So are you shias accusing ainab Bin Jahsh to be an abuser also? [Note from Moderator: Members of all religious and ideological persuasions are welcome here. However, please note that a 'you Shias' approach is not welcome here, and members who take that approach to discussions will be kindly asked to take their discussions elsewhere.]
  13. Not only sunni ullema hate shias so do shia ullumas bco they dont have anything better to do. Like Iqbal said, what else is use of these people other than infightng. They spend their whole lives reading arguments and thats what they spread among people and their followers walk behind them like dumb goats.
  14. Lanat on sons of the ***** who set the whole market on fire.
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