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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. I am not denying that there are ultra religious and very beautiful women out there. I have seen many. The only problem is they are unattractive. I have done mut'ah with some of them too hoping that they would be attractive in private and they can't take their modesty garb off even in private, figuratively speaking. It is like permanently attached to their bodies. They are beautiful and very religious but as attractive as Mary Poppins, umbrella and all. Most ultra religious women suffer from what I call Mary Poppins syndrome. They can not strip the modesty in private for their husbands.
  2. Qunoot can be said in any language but should be said in Arabic as a recommended precaution. Recommended precautions are not required to be followed. https://www.google.com/search?q=It+is+allowed+to+recite+them+in+any+language%2C+Arabic+or+non-Arabic%2C+though+the+Arabic+is+better+and+is+according+to+precaution.&oq=It+is+allowed+to+recite+them+in+any+language%2C+Arabic+or+non-Arabic%2C+though+the+Arabic+is+better+and+is+according+to+precaution.&aqs=chrome..69i57.289j0j7&sourceid=chrome&es_sm=93&ie=UTF-8 https://www.google.com/search?q=language+qunoot+site%3Ashiachat.com&
  3. I'll be honest. I was married to a very religious/average attractive woman for many years and it was a horrible experience. the Imams (A.S.) have praised a wife who discards shyness when she is with her husband. Imam Muhammad al-Baqir (A.S.) says, “The best woman among you is the one who discards the armor of shyness when she undresses for her husband, and puts on the armor of shyness when she dresses up again.” http://www.al-islam.org/islamic-marriage-syed-athar-husain-sh-rizvi/sexual-techniques She was obsessed with modesty and appropriateness even in private! So you have to test a "m
  4. @ AnaAmmar1, you mean the actress Shabnam Gholikhani? https://www.facebook.com/pages/shabnam-GHolikhani/157814107631670 https://www.google.com/search?q=Shabnam+Gholikhani&tbm=isch Lol, nice choice. Me too, however she is obviously very attractive/average religious in real life.
  5. A woman could have a nice body and a pretty face but if she is too religious she is usually unattractive. For some reason too religious kills attractiveness. I think it is because most ultra religious people are too obsessed with modesty that they are even too modest with their husbands. Modest=unattractive. I'd prefer a very attractive but average beauty woman over an unattractive but very beautiful woman any day. I have never seen a woman who is very religious but very attractive. To me ultra religious women are the most unattractive women on earth, even if they are physically "beauti
  6. Would you choose for a spouse someone who is very religious but not very attractive or average religious but very attractive? Well to me, religious doesn't mean much. It is more important to me that the person is just and kind. True spirituality is in the spirit and heart and the spirit is pro justice and the heart is pro kindness. I find most religious people to be quite unjust and unkind in their dealings in life.
  7. I read some where that you can do the du'as in Salaat in any language you want. Is this true? Does anyone have a reference? Thanks.
  8. If you tried mut'ah and failed try again. Many people try permanent marriage and fail so does that mean that should not try again? That is life. Learn from your mistakes and do a better job next time. You are too much of a mama's boy. That turns most women off. Learn to be more alpha. If you do a youtube search for alpha male you will learn a lot from the experience of others. I watch this guy often good luck.
  9. A woman should not go out of the house if her going out deprives her husband of his conjugal right. Her husband has no right to make fatwas on his wife. No marja' says a woman can't smile in public nor look in the mirror to adjust her hijab if she is married. You mr hamzatr are just as unjust as her husband. I challenge you to write to your Imam in Iran and pose the question. Correct my "misguidance" with evidence. If you can't, you should yourself publically apologize for claiming God commands things that He does not command. To claim a halaal is haraam is just as bad as claiming a hara
  10. I am not in favor of married men doing mut'ah unless his first wife consents because the consequences could destroy your married life. If you are not man enough to tell your wife, look God allowed me to do mut'ah so I am not saying I am going to do it but if I want I will do it otherwise we may divorce because I can not accept a mortal taking away my God given rights. It is a matter of principle. If you are not man enough to tell your 1st wife something like that, don't dare ever do mut'ah or cheat on your wife because you risk losing the joy you already have in your first marriage. When you
  11. Yes there is a simple formula that will solve your problem, divorce. I am serious. You must be man enough to stand up to your wife and say, if you disrespect me I will divorce you. If she doesn't take your ultimatum serious, divorce her and move out until she comes begging on her knees apologizing. You should make a rule chart of expectations you have of one another and number them and post them on your bedroom wall, that is what I did. It works. You need to write the rule chart together and sign it in blood. Lol. That is what I did.
  12. Ask your husband to produce evidence for his assertions via a response from a marja'. I am certain he can't. He should apologize if he fails to produce evidence because to claim things are haraam without evidence is a sin. Your husband lied against God in order to control you. It is one of the worst sins in Islam. It seems from what you describe that your husband might be a narcissist, and I hope that I am wrong because such types are the worst spouses on earth. Good luck.
  13. In a way all Christians are Jews and all Muslims are Christians. My fiance tells her parents she is a monotheistic Christian because the media in her country makes Muslims look bad; as if they all want homosexuals, adulterers and apostates killed. The truth is most Muslims actually do believe such things, all based on hadith compiled hundreds of years after the Prophet (sa). Do not tell your parents you are a Muslim. It is not necessary. You are better off just saying you believe all religious scripture has some truth to it and you are a monotheist. Good luck.
  14. Husbands usually don't cheat unless their primary spouse is not giving them something they desire so they seek that thing from another woman. Lust is a powerful motivator if not fulfilled. You should sit down with your spouse and discuss his fantasies and then work to fulfill them. He should do the same for you of course. Most of sex and the best part of it is fantasy/imagination but most Muslims seem to be extremely ignorant about that so they only fulfill less than 10% of their sexual potential. The basis for satisfaction here is role playing. Your subconscious mind is probably telling you
  15. @ Nader Zaveri You seem to be the best person to ask this question to on this forum as I have asked it before and nobody answered yet. طريقها الآحاد التي لا توجب علما و لا عملا, و الاولي الاعراض عنها Is not Tusi admitting that Aahaad are unauthoritative? What does the above quote translate into to you? How could it be that Tusi is considered the greatest supporter of relying on Aahaad yet he admits that Aahaad do not produce knowledge nor obligate actionand it is better to avoid them? The real Islam is Tawatur based, be it Qur'an or Hadith or 'Ijma and any element attributed to Islam ba
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