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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. I will be interested in reading how your query is dealt with. To add to your query, what was the position of prophet (saw) in his Ahly Bayt? Because i don't think he would had instructed his ummah to curse his wives or his loyal companions.
  2. I can see you have created another part of Muslims as mainstream Muslims who takes soft stance in Qur'anic expression about Abu Lahb & Abu Jahl, but i doubt there is any Muslim who takes light stance on the two as per Qur'an clearly described them. Their cursing has been justified in the Qur'an with the witnessed of our beloved Rasoolullah (s.a.w). Do you want to tell me that Allah & our prophet (s.a.w) forgot or deliberately skipped mentioning some of the transgressors or enemies names from Qur'an? Like every Muslim read Surat al Massad, there could be a surah that curses Abu Bakir & Aisha if they were really enemies of Islam & prophet (s.a.w) house hold.
  3. Sorry i didn't quote the verse well سلام قولا من رب رحيم
  4. I think if Ahly Bait stand for the prophet house hold. Then this cursing is unnecessary & over the board. And can only grow hate & bitterness. Because our prophet didn't curse or tell anyone to use a slander word against any of his companions or wives..... سلام كول من رب الرحيم if God words is peace why should we chose to curse others.
  5. I get it. But i am at least more than 4 years here, although i don't post often but i always read threads. I am still not qualify?
  6. Appease yourself my OP, 'birds of the same feathers flock together'. you've said to be an oldman, i would hope you'd experience life enough to pray for two potential happy couple, devoid of what you perceive about them.
  7. Very good clarification topic for discussion. but please, i would like to deviate a bit, i am a little confuse for your discription or labling Maulana Abdul-Qadri Jilani as a suni(Islamic extremist)? which i will refused, we have to be distinctive when we talk about our grand Sheiks and their sects. Sufis are severely deviated from sunis(Islamic extremist) in their practices and believes, and Maulana Abdul-Qadri Jilani was a Sufi Sheik. the suni's lineage is from Muawiya - Yezid to current ISIS and Bokom Haram people who are tarnishing the image of Muslims. i hope our research can truely address the grand Sheiks very well. Assalaamu Alaikum!
  8. Thanks @hsoon281, i will try the frequent shaving method and see.
  9. That is a great post bro, a big hugg! to you. Jezakallahu khair!
  10. Eid Mubarak to all brothers and sisters. may Allah keep us firm in faith as we enters the month of shawwal. Assalaamu Alaykum!
  11. We read the naratives of fir'aun, how God allows him all the world which led him into astray. to my ignorant i never read or heard about which type of creation he was, i mean who was Fir'aun parents(father&mother) or was he a roohi creation like Hazrat Hedre(A.S)? My greetings to all the Murshids and Mureeds in this noble platform. WaAlaikum Salaamu WaRahamatul Laahi WaBarikaatuhu!
  12. I know it is mostly influence by genes, but i want to believe that there might be medecine, herbals or drugs that can help with this, though i never heard or see one. anyone with experience should voice out.
  13. My post yesterday on about this same topic wasn't approved, but i've to be curious as this is strange to my vocabs. for now i undestand the meaning of Mutah to be temporary marriage with room for renewals? and reading the lines some prefer it to permenent marriage due to no partner would want to take other for granted, some people are even saying that it was on practice until Hazrat Umar? which means our belove Prophet(S.A.W) did it? if our beloved Prophet(S.A.W) did not do it, it might had been practiced by the companions or the sahabas, and please i will like to know the name of sahaba who practiced Mutah? and those using Mutah due to caution with reagards to commitment reminds me of a quote from Hazrat Ali(A.S) "love the one you marry don't marry the one you love" to me the bad side of marriage is broken home, single parenting etc Mutah has all above mentioned written on it. I grew up knowing marriage to be patience and tolerance not otherwise. WaAlaikum Salaam!
  14. This my brother post interest me, serious i am 28yrs now with only mustach on my upper lips. if some one has knowledge on any medicine or any natural herbs that can aid grow the beard i am open to receive. Hoping to appreciate from brothers. Assalaamu Alaikum!
  15. Assalaamu Alaykum! I am please to use my first post in a direct question to you. would you allow your wife to do Mutah since you know how women are rewarded for that course. you may as well share the reward?
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