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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. None of these things like going to birthdays, weddings, watching movies etc is haram during Muharram or Safar (except Ashura) but they say you're supposed to love the Ahlulbayt more than your parents, and God Forbid if a parent of mine dies, would I even think about these things or plan anyhing in advance? Would I take the time out of my day to wear make-up and matching outfits? Till the 8th of Rabbi ul Awwal, we wear black, don't even make any expensive purchases (unless if its for religious purposes like recording majalis etc), we sleep on the floor, eat simple food- well, mostly we live on tabarruk lol, avoid anything that would be an obvious source of "fun" or "comfort"... stuff like that.
  2. That's quite surprising because at most majalis, she doesn't even allow her VOICE to be recorded. :s
  3. I've loved Aalima Tayyaba Bukhari since i was like, 12 even though she kinda broke my heart when i asked for her autograph and she didn't give me one :( Surprisingly, everyone on this thread has had a different kind of experience with her... From what I know, She is an amazing and has a great amount of knowledge. She IS quite expensive but that's justifiable. And as for the make-up, I'm sure she has a valid reason for that. She's also really prettyyy lol just sayin'
  4. The masaa'ib of Hz Ali Akbar never fail to make me cry, regardless of the tone or language they are conveyed in.
  5. Also, yeah, does anyone have the full studio recorded mp3 version of "Majboor Ho Gaiyan Kiway Zahra"?
  6. I hate Dreamweaver!!! D: Can someone here help me out with css?
  7. Justin Bieber got a haircut. :squeez: it's on the news. lol
  8. ^True but Allah has ways of keeping Islam alive, and Karbala was the most prominent of them. I think Islam would still exist, but it wouldn't be so alive in our hearts, it wouldn't have been so widespread. Karbala is the common emotion within us all, it connects us spiritually to each other from wherever we are.
  9. I did quite like, "The 5 people you meet in Heaven" by Mitch Albom.
  10. RESPEK! It's unfair that she was the only one who got suspended though...
  11. Been here since March 2005. I bet no one remembers me though :unsure:
  12. Yes. ^_^ When SC got blocked, i felt so alone on the internets. I've found a way and now I'm back to find my long lost family :P
  13. I just realized ShiaChat works on my university computers! Guess who will be wasting their free classes in the library?

  14. WHAAT?! they deleted the thread? =|

  15. you forgot pepperoni! D:
  16. LOL poor father doesn't even have any facial hair >_<
  17. I love this years 'Hussain Moula' and 'Sahib al Amr' by Basim Karbalai =) and I heard Abo Gaweb and Mortadha Al Hlwagy live this Arbaeen in Karbala inside the Haram. EPIC!
  18. it was amaaazziinngg! our juloos was great and we got a chance to visit Kadhmayn and Samarra. -_-

    Sorry man, I was so busy I didn't even go shopping :(

  19. I did pray for you but I kind of forgot to ask about the hawzas =S sorry

  20. Awh man! don't you have these in mp3 format?
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