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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Just bumping this up as Ramadan is around the corner and fraudsters like Dr. Mohsin Naqvi are on the prowl to get charity from Muslim brothers and sisters which they will use for themselves. Please stay away from people like this.
  2. All you need to know about this person is this: http://fraudmohsin.wordpress.com/ And this: http://www.scribd.com/doc/9652898/The-Reality-of-a-Great-International-Scholar-Dr-Mohsin-Naqvi And the comments at the bottom of this page: http://www.awaztoday.com/singleprofile/383/Dr-Mohsin-Naqvi.aspx
  3. I will start this thread with the first hand experience I have had from dealing with this person. I gave him charity, zakat and khums money and later, found out from a very reliable source that the khums and charity money never reached its intended recipient. After I was deceived by this man, I searched on the internet and found many other websites which expose the lies this person has spread. Unfortunately for me, all the khums and zakat money donated to this person has been lost. I wish I had checked his name on internet before giving him any donations. Here are some other websites / postings: He was working for Pakistani Government at one time but apparenly all of his bio on the website was fabrication. Someone took the time to research his background: http://www.scribd.com/doc/9652898/The-Reality-of-a-Great-International-Scholar-Dr-Mohsin-Naqvi Many other people have been deceived by this man: http://fraudmohsin.wordpress.com/ And here (read the comments at the bottom of this profile): http://www.awaztoday.com/singleprofile/383/Dr-Mohsin-Naqvi.aspx
  4. Realistically speaking, cutting off Israel from the rest of the world is a pipe dream. All you need to do is open Wall Street Journal, Financial Times or watch any of the popular news network and you can see the pro-Israel bias. The richest muslim countries and men are after saving their own interests and will never say anything which ever goes against Zionism or Israel.
  5. We live in a global society which is interconnected in various different ways. The days when you could be completely cut-off from the rest of the world and still have a vibrant economy are completely gone. The question implies if it is possible to live in a self sufficient and self sustaining economy disconnected from the rest of the world. In my opinion, unless you live on an island somewhere in the middle of the ocean and can grow your own food, and not engage in trade with anyone else, you will come into contact with ideologies and religions which are not in conformity with your own.
  6. There are negative and positives to living in the US and Houston in particular: Positives: Quality of life. (slightly debatable see negative below)With an average salary, you can afford a house in Houston. The same does not apply to many other cities in the US (LA, NYC, SF, etc.)Houston has good and bad parts, so pick one of the burbs in Houston and you will be fine with very little to no crime.Most people who have been successful in the US are the ones who have worked hard. In other words, hard work is rewarded, appreciated. There is a decent number of shia centers and shia schools in the Houston area for the kids. Zero state tax. This can lead to significant savings compared to states like New York and California which have high State tax rates.Ramadan fasts are not that long in summer (nothing like London :)Tech field continues to have demand for web developers, SEOs, etc. in the US. But you have to make sure there is demand for your field in Houston. The real tech center in the US is SF followed by possibly NYC, Austin and Southern California.Negatives: No free healthcare like the UK or Canada. It sounds unbelievable but US is the probably the only developed western country with no free healthcare. People file for bankruptcy because of medical bills.Really hot weather! Houston's weather is terrible with the humidity and hurricanes. This has a negative effect on quality of life.Negative opinion on muslims in the US. It is much worse than the UK. Most people have the view that they have been fed by the media. Unlike the UK or Canada, the conditions is much worse in the US for the unemployed. Specially for someone with kids. I would suggest talk to as many people as you can in your field and make sure you have a job / can get a job before committing to move.
  7. That's what I have heard as well. Can anyone confirm this video?
  8. Tea,and more tea. So I won't have the headaches. Food is secondary :wacko:
  9. While still a developing science, stem cell research is already making it possible to "regrow" many parts of the body. Time and Space only exist in our present form. Once we die, the veils will be lifted from our eyes and we will be exposed to the true reality of everything. There are many concepts in Islam which indicate that time will cease to exist after we die. IMHO, heaven is said to exist for eternity because we as humans do not have any idea of how to think when not bound by the restriction of time. We are used to thinking linearly only as we are bound by space time!
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