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  1. :lol: Let me dumb it down for you. You were running around Yassir this Habib that. zeeeen? :P Yassir praises Allahyari. Allahyari is a coward. So i dont see any problem. With you commenting about Allahyari. Besides i asked you if Yassir would run away or not :!!!: The thing. He already ran away from Abu Muntadar al Balochi so i was wonder why would you put him up as a representative.
  2. It seems like you are here to talk about Yassir al Habib. And Yassir Al Habib praises Alahyari. So i dont see why you couldnt comment on why he ran away from Dimashqiah. Hhhhhhhhh Zakaria :lol: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WU74qX4JGNU
  3. We already addressed this but let examine the preceded part. Would you agree Allah has names and attributes? Are the names and attributes eternal or created?
  4. You sure Yassir Al Habib wouldnt run away like his persian counterpart Allahyari?
  5. Didnt Qazivini debate Abu Muntadar al Balochi, and Qazivini ended up running in the middle of the debate, or something along those lines. Didnt Allahyari also point out Qazvini cant speak proper arabic? Is that why the debate should be in farsi?
  6. @mesbah How do you know its not phsyical? What if Aah told you about his essence? @mina313 Can you imagine a chillagon? @power How so? Sunnis attribute to Allah what he attributed to himself. The universe is located where the universe is located. The universe is not above the throne. Can you now say is located where he is located. And give me a place where he is not? Actually you got it the other way around. It was when the Muslims got in contact with philosophy, they started denying the attributes of Allah, and saying his to great to be somewhere, such as the mutazillites and Jahmiyya. And the 12ers are mutazillites. So you are a product of these philosophers.
  7. What type of presence does God have? How do you know that?
  8. You are playing around. Answer the simply question. Is Allah everywhere. Yes or no.
  9. shhhh dont ask questions.hhhhh Is the verse talking about God's omnipresence or not? If it is. Then God's essence is everywhere. Why are you ashamed to admit you are an pantheist. If it is not talking about God's omnipresence. Then why are you jumping up and down saying Omniscience is not Omnipresence. God is everywhere with his knowledge. However the question of this thread is regarding God with his essence.
  10. You believe Allah is everywhere with his essence? As for divine authority,hhhhh. You have no divine authoirty. You have bunch of narrations from some ignorant scholars of Qum, which you attribute to your Imams. Now majority of these narrations, are weak as the narrators are unknown. However those narrations that did make it to the stage of "sahih" declared the Quran to be corrupt lol... So you have no divine authority on your side habibi, you just have the imagination of a few scholars from Qum :lol: ... But this is irrelevant to the topic. Either answer the question or go open a new thread.
  11. @iraqi_shia You argument contains an assumption "we can not know about Allah's essence". You have yet to prove this. And i made this clear in my prev post. Creation existence does that mean Allah cannot exist? Creation has actual existence instead of conceptual existence does that mean Allah cant have actual existence. Creation has attributes and Allah has attributes. The assumption in your argument remains unproven. You dont know if Allah has a nature? Dont you believe he is Al Rahman? That Mercy is part of his nature? Or do you reject all his names and attributes? You have not answered anything hhhhh. All you have done is object to the questions raised. How do you know sexuality does not apply to God? You have objected to the question. However we have answered your objections. Which were not really analogies and we did address them. That seems to be the case. You seem to do that alot. However your objections to the question have been answered, so you can keep repeating "dont limit Allah" however do not seem to be justified in doing that. Unless you can prove the assumptions in your objections. The rest of the post was filled with ad hominem attacks. In your repost. You either attempt to prove the assumption in your argument related to knowledge of the divine, and answer the question of God and sexuality, or you refrain from making a repost. If you make another useless post(like the past 5) were you go wild with ad hominems. I will not bother to reply. I already gave you what my scholars say. تفسير بن كثير وهو معكم أينما كنتم واللّه بما تعملون بصي أي رقيب عليكم شهيد على أعمالكم، حيث كنتم وأين كنتم من بر أو بحر، في ليل أو نهار، في البيوت أو في القفار، الجميع في علمه على السواء، فيسمع كلامكم ويرى مكانكم، ويعلم سركم ونجواكم، تفسير الجلالين { هو الذي خلق السماوات والأرض في ستة أيام } من أيام الدنيا أولها الأحد وآخرها الجمعة { ثم استوى على العرش } الكرسي استواءً يليق به { يعلم ما يلج } يدخل { في الأرض } كالمطر والأموات { وما يخرج منها } كالنبات والمعادن { وما ينزل من السماء } كالرحمة والعذاب { وما يعرج } يصعد { فيها }كالأعمال الصالحة والسيئة { وهو معكم } بعلمه { أين ما كنتم والله بما تعملون بصير } . As you have a different interpretation of the verses. Maybe you can explain what you understand of "nearer than his jugular vein". Is God nearer to our jugular vein with his essence? Is he with his essence inside of us and outside of us?
  12. @mesbah How many % of the book does the sources contain? What is the tashih of the chains. Provide the two. One characteristics of the people of falsehood, is that they cherrypick Im i a troll because i praised Muawiyya? “In the beginning of our matter, the people of Sham and us met. It is obvious that our God is one, our Prophet is one, and our call in Islam is one. We do not see ourselves more in faith in Allah or more in believing His messenger than them, nor they do. Our matter is one, except for our disagreement in Uthman’s blood, and we are innocent from his murder.“ [Nahjul Balagha, vol.3, p.648; letter 58] Ali(ra) did not see himself more believing than Muawiyya according to your book. However Muawiyya refuted him by saying. Muawiyah Radhi Allaahu Ta’ala ‘anh said:“Ali is better and more virtuous than me and I differ from him only in the matter of qisaas of Uthmaan (Radhi Allaahu Ta’ala ‘anh) and if he takes the qisaas of the blood of uthmaan I will be the first of the people of syria to make bayah to him”[al-Bidayatu wan Nihaayah page 129,259 vol 7] How can i not love someone whom the Prophet made dua for. Prophet (saw) said to Muawiyah: “Allah, make him (Muawiya ) guided, a guider, and guide people through him”. Sunan Al Tirmidhi 4213
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