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  1. Congratulations to all those Iraqi ppl who r happy now n sorry that u had to wait so long. We will never forgive n also forget that u thought Sardar wanted to capture ur country. Thanks for gathering at the street n being happy P.S: we have no problem with iraqis. We don't believe in Arab/Ajam things. But we r hurt for ur happiness n all ur words about him n his help
  2. Y black,Laith ?

    U freaking me out !

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    2. strength=Abbas


      Bcuz black means someone's dead? 

    3. laithAlIRAQI


      Lol maybe I'm dead, you never know.

    4. strength=Abbas


      Dammit,brotha -_-

  3. I like ur name "TryHard"

    1. TryHard


      thanks but why the quotes? 

    2. strength=Abbas
    3. TryHard


      still don't get it but alright lol

  4. N the genes have all those things that can control n fix mutations ! This is us that make mutagen stuff, All radiation ,cigarette , alcohol etc
  5. Allah creates the main thing ,as I believe. We r the ones who ruin them! Why would Allah makes genes mutated ? Well that's what my professor told me n I do believe it's right for some personal struggles. I did not research about it.
  6. As I know we have two kinds of gays. Ones who r really gays bcuz they have genetic problems N others ones r whom don't have genetic problems but society lead them to be homosexuals. God doesn't create ppl with genetic problems. It s just a part of our lives. We created many things which cause mutation in genes n then we reproduce n give our mutated genes to the next generation !
  7. don’t judge ppl by a single act (like respecting or disrespecting Shias). Judgment is a complicated thing! It might be considered rude but Imma say it anyway ! Is the Salat which is performed by Sunnis correct ? If not , then being devout toward doing it is not important,at least in ma opinion ! Plus what ppl do doesn't matter. The matter is which religion by itself is better!
  8. Well as a matter of fact I don't like gatherings n holidays n stuff lol so all good,hamdillah =)
  9. Can u believe that there were days in in my life that I was 94% logical ???
  10. Well maybe the fact that on the Eid day,I stayed at university untill 12 a.m might help u feel better. I actually have no idea when was Eid ! Like what day was it. All these days I had to just study. Don't take it hard,it s just a day! Talk to Allah when ur alone. It makes me feel better...
  11. Well I never thought u r emotional rather than logical :|
  12. Same here. I'm a very mixed person of INTJ/INTP/ENTJ/ENTP LOOOLLL
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