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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. SISTERRR! We sure diddd but I thought u might forget me since I was a kido when we used to talk!
  2. I do recite Qur'an n I say my prayers on time ! This really works. Plus I work harder . I mean just asking Allah doesn't help , u r supposed to do ur best to achieve ur goal n u ask Allah so He will make it easier for u to get what u want
  3. Well, I've been here for 5 years. I can say I grew up on ShiaChat. Like I remember those days that I was a rude teenager n I kept getting banned temporarily lol ( sorry @Hameedeh I know I was a disaster)till the person I am today! I've spent many time here specially in chatroom . So when I want to think about it, it s like I'm reviewing the whole last 5 years of my life! All ups n downs ! As a person who love discussion , I enjoy spending time on ShiaChat. Even tho I have found disappointing things . Like how many Shias r concerned about muta n physical things instead of spiritual ones ! Or how they waste so much time discussing about how Arabs have always been better than Iranians ?! It makes me crazy that how unimportant things r so popular among most ppl. As a matter of fact, I use ShiaChat bcuz I prefer having online friends rather than having real ones ! So I can discuss personal things with ppl without the fear of them judging me . I mean yea they may judge but who care since I wont be looking in their eyes the next day ! Also ShiaChat helped me a lot to improve my English. I learned that not most ppl do make sense or r logical but I found some really great friends here whom I enjoy discussing different things with! I also have some great friends who r older than me n when I feel bad about myself acting differently than other ppl in my age , they remind me that I'm doing good ! They also wish me luck when I have exams. They've always been a big help for me in all these 5 years . They made me believe in myself . They helped me when I was all depressed n they help me when I have problems. Tnx. I owe u so much ! @IbnSina @repenter-gone4awhile @Gaius I. Caesar @Ron_Burgundy who r my old friends n a sister I prefer not to tag n @ali_fatheroforphans @3wliya_maryam @Ruqaya101 as my new friends ! p.s: sorry if I missed anyone !
  4. Bcuz u expect a lot from ppl! They r just ppl . They r always just ppl ( even so r we, in ppl's eyes)
  5. Oh Maryam. Well done. A nice thread . First of all, tnx for tagging me! To be honest, I've been always struggling with being motivated ! Wish I could share the pic of my room which I have a board in it that I've written many many inspirational words on it . One of the reasons that I ended up being an introverted is that I prefer to have my own world with no expectation from anyone. I should cheer myself up when I feel down ,I do get help from others too but I'm not dependent on them, actually whenever I relied on them for this , I learned that I shouldn't have ! It's good that ppl correct u when ur wrong, but they also kinda make u doubt urself . I mean imagine u have a goal n ur supposed to do as hard as u can to achieve it but instead u waste ur time thinking if ur goal is right or not , bcuz ur friend has made u doubt ur goal ! This is another reason of me being introverted! So yeah , I know these all, but after all I find myself with self doubt !! I could be a way muuccchhhh better n more successful person if I didn't doubt my abilities...
  6. If U doubt that ur period is finished, just do the ghusl n fast . If u see any brown discharge or anything then you'll know the period isn't finished yet . But if U don't observe anything , then just stay fasting. Do this so u don't miss any fast by mistake
  7. N plus u can enjoy discussing with online Muslim friends specially on this site
  8. I have I had Bible app on ma phone n I used to read it I haven't read much tho But I guess I read those parts about creation of the world
  9. Yea sure it'll be difficult for me to do it lol But thanks man
  10. Well, like what ? Could u explain plz?
  11. Oh maybe that's the reason. I drink tea n coffee too much. I heard it makes it harder for hyperactive ppl to sit or concentrate ! But I'm always so tired . University really makes me exhausted! So I need to drink such stuff . I skip energy drink tho
  12. I used to take Ritalin n I don't like it
  13. Not much . I keep thinking about other stuff when I'm praying
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