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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. @TheIslamHistory I didn't say I agreed or held any opinion on it. But I don't think comparing this to Karbala is fair, Karbala was an uprising of an infallible, the imam in this hadith is addressing a fallible ibn Nu`man. Regardless, anyone's free to understand it how they see best. (wasalam)
  2. We actually have more than one hadith in that regard. Maybe he meant this one? يا ابن النعمان إذا كانت دولة الظلم فامش واستقبل من تتقيه بالتحية، فإن المتعرض للدولة قاتل نفسه وموبقها، إن الله يقول: " ولا تلقوا بأيديكم إلى التهلكة "O ibn Nu`man, if (you are ruled by) the state of oppression, then walk and welcome whom you fear with salutation, for the opposer of the state is a killer of himself and destroyer of himself, Allah says 'And do not push yourselves into destruction'"
  3. There are also narrations in its opposition. I'm sure there's a reason why many Maraji` do not believe in it, at least to the level Sayed Khomeini believed in. It isn't as clear as some like to portray it as. So while a book is totally fine to read, its also important to see the reasoning for those who reject it. (wasalam)
  4. This is also a good Salat guide which is very accurate and clear. https://docs.google.com/viewer?a=v&pid=sites&srcid=dGFzaGF5eXUub3JnfHdhcWlmYXxneDo1YTU1Mzg2M2FhNTdlMDM (Make sure you check your Marja's risalah also) (wasalam)
  5. That's not right actually. It's about half-half when it comes to classical Shi`ism, eventually it faded and became a minority. Now it is a minority of the minority.
  6. I advise you to not even sit with them unless you are forced to or have no other choice. Try to find Shi`as around where you live and go to each others' houses and spend time with them. (wasalam)
  7. Abe

    Fiqh Al-Sadiq

  8. Wow this is a great job. Jazakallahu Khayran. (wasalam)
  9. I wouldn't be scared about what others would do. Be worried of yourself. According to Islam, if you commit suicide you go to hell eternally, so the best thing you should do is live through your life faithfully in God. (wasalam)
  10. I just liked your post and then unliked it. Works just fine. (wasalam)
  11. Says who? From what I've seen on this site, many members criticize Bashar and his government (that includes the false ghulat sect Alawites adhere to).
  12. Yes they do! That's why they don't like it when people say اعوذ بالله من الشيطان الرجيم
  13. These people hold Satan to be a holy figure (though I do feel remorse for them being killed innocently). (wasalam)
  14. They also recently shut down many Shi`a channels which they said belong to the "British agents" because they supposedly cause fitnah between Shi`as and Sunnis. Why would they do it? Probably because of all this call to "unity" between Muslims, which means they are forced to let go of their `Aqeedah to please other sects. (wasalam)
  15. That's what I heard. It's due to these volumes being about the first 3 caliphs and some other Sahaba and wives of the prophet. They're available online though..
  16. This is great work Akhi. Jazakallahu Khayran. Doesn't tashayyu belong to macisaac?
  17. I found this link, could be helpful for many who don't speak Arabic: http://al-tafsir.org/quran_and_tafsir_book/ (wasalam) brothers and sisters.
  18. This Tafsir is a compilation of Hadiths interpreting the Ayat. You can surely read it, as it is probably the only full Tafsir of its kind translated to English. I myself do not like al-Mizan, due to various reasons. As the brother said, you should try Tafsir Nur al-Thaqalayn. I also suggest Tafsir al-Burhan. (wasalam)
  19. I know well that you will not accept anything unless it: 1) Agrees with your personal view of the world, and 2) Agrees with the consensus of today's jurists. I'm not saying this out of disrespect to you, I'm serious. Therefore, no result can be reached, regardless of how much proof or points we bring to the discussion. But just for the benefit of the open-minded readers, I'll attempt to shortly address your questions. That's a good question. You should first wonder why the Gospel and Torah were both distorted. What was the purpose of the Gospel and Torah if it was going to get distorted anyways? Didn't God know it? Didn't Moses [a.s] and Jesus [a.s] know that this would happen? It got distorted after the prophet's death. All the copies of the Qur'an were later burned by Uthman b. `Affan. And who said they didn't do anything about it? The imams in many narrations told us about Tahrif and corrected the verses. The problem is that you don't believe in those Hadiths and you reject them due to it not making sense. So you're going in circles. Yes, dear brother. They had the correct Qur'an. They knew it by heart and they knew the true meanings of it. They could not do anything about it. Imagine if they tried to do something about it with the Caliphs of those times. That's why they revealed some of it to their Shi`as. The narrations are very, very frequent. Will you reject it all? :o Like I said, many Ahadith mention the correct Qira'ah of the verses. I could gather all these Ahadith and put them together to show you how Mutawaatir it is. The Qur'an being memorized worldwide today does not disprove the fact that it got distorted. It is well-known that whatever happened to the past religions (Judaism & Christianity) would happen exactly to the Muslim Ummah. That is also something not to forget. You are saying that based on your flawed understanding. Who said that the Qur'an we have is useless? قال طلحة: لا أراك يا أبا الحسن أجبتني عما سألتك عنه من أمر القرآن إلا تظهره للناس؟ قال: يا طلحة عمدا كففت عن جوابك، فأخبرني عما كتب عمر وعثمان أقرآن كله أم فيه ما ليس بقرآن؟ قال طلحة: بل قرآن كله. قال: إن أخذتم بما فيه نجوتم من النار، ودخلتم الجنة، فإن فيه حجتنا وبيان حقنا، وفرض طاعتنا. قال طلحة حسبي أما إذا كان قرآن فحسبي. ثم قال طلحة: فأخبرني عما في يدك من القرآن وتأويله، وعلم الحلال والحرام، إلى من تدفعه ومن صاحبه بعدك؟ قال: إن الذي أمرني رسول الله صلى الله عليه وآله أن أدفعه إليه وصبي وأولي الناس بعدي بالناس ابني الحسن، ثم يدفعه ابني الحسن إلى ابني الحسين، ثم يصير إلى واحد بعد واحد من ولد الحسين حتى يرد آخرهم حوضه، هم مع القرآن لا يفارقونه والقرآن معهم لا يفارقهم Talha said: What is your opinion, O Abul Hasan, answer me to what I have asked you about the matter of the Qur'an, will you not reveal it to the people? So he said "O Talha, I intentionally held back from answering you, so tell me about what was written by `Umar and `Uthman, is is all the Qur'an or is there in it what is not the Qur'an". Talha said "It is all the Qur'an". So he said "If you take from what is found in it you will be saved from the fire, and you will enter the heaven, for in it is are proofs and the explanation of our rights, and the obligation of our obedience". Talha said "If it is the Qur'an it is sufficient for me". Then Talha said "Then tell me about what you have in your hands from the Qur'an and its interpretation, and the knowledge of Halal and Haram, who will you hand it over to, and who is its companion after you?" He said "To the one Allah's messenger ordered me to hand it over to". He said "Who is he?". He said "My successor and the first of the people after me, this son of mine al-Hasan, then he will hand it over to my son al-Husayn, then it will be passed to one after the other from the sons of al-Husayn, until the last one will return it to Allah's messenger at the fountain. They are with the Qur'an and the Qur'an is with them. It will not separate them and they will not separate it". It is not useless, because the Qur'an we have guides to the truth and includes what we need for now. We hold onto the Qur'an that we have in our hands and the Ahadith of Allah's messenger and his successors. (wasalam) brother.
  20. The "13th imam" idea comes from the ahadith about the "Mahdiyoon" or the "12 Mahdis" who are said to rule after the 12th imam. The narrations about this are all weak and have many majhool narrators. (wasalam)
  21. We don't merely "disagree" with them. It's a LOT more than that. http://realtashayyu.blogspot.com/2011/06/status-of-shaikhain.html (wasalam)
  22. I agree. This is the video where he says that by the way: (wasalam)
  23. I just lost all my faith in young Muslim women. :donno:
  24. It seems you are referring to English lecturers. I usually don't listen to lectures unless I'm very eager to learn about a particular subject. Some I listen to in Arabic are Sheikh Ahmad Salman, Ahmad Mustafa Ya`qoub, Sheikh `Abdil-Halim al-Ghizzi, Sheikh Ali aal-Muhsin...etc. I advise you to read though, it benefits a lot more. وعليكم السلام ورحمة الله وبركاته
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