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  1. @Ramis Khan This thread is not about if it us allowed or not. Read the title. You got obvious hatred for shias
  2. But long enough to do lot of sins and live like an ignorant for 100 years
  3. How much for other people is important to know my thoughts?
  4. No worries bro. That just explains how stupid. Stay away from them, they are just a bunch of dead people, they might walk, drink but they cant think. There is something worse than being kafir. Most of us know some or a kafir who is not a bad person, he just doesnt believe in Allah. Whats worse than being a kafir is being a mushrik. And the most people who are mushriks, are you know, those who call themselves sunni. Dont worry about what they say, their chicken brains got nothing else to do.
  5. Maybe meet some shia friends, talking to someone can be a big relief sometimes. But suicide is not a solution.
  6. Ok, but do know that there are sick ppl who offer salats, they dont give up. A person who is not able to offer salat is not responsible as a person who is able to offer salat but doesnt. You should really try your best to offer salats. Do you have friends, at least online friends?
  7. why are you skipping salats, you dont have time?
  8. I cant spell german correctly, and I avoid it. Aber ich spreche deutsch länger als english
  9. Thanks for this great video. Look at him, the most beautiful person on this planet, his appearance drives away sadness and brings happiness. It will be a madness for the hearts to see Imam Zaman (ajf).
  10. During Fajr, but is a muslims sleeping during fajr?
  11. Palestinian children are not the only one in this world who have been killed unjustly
  12. Wasalam Depends on the hadiths. Some are clear which you understand while reading it. Some need time to be understood. It depends on the chapters too. If you understand the whole chapter while reading it, then go to the next chapter and so on, while for some hadiths and chapters, you will need to ponder.
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