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  1. Just got Mario Strikers: Battle League and Doom Eternal on Switch. Doom Eternal was on sale on the Switch's eShop along with the Deluxe edition which has the one year pass. So far I only tried Mario Strikers: Battle League and it was alright. Doom Eternal, I am waiting until the game finishes loading on my Switch. I will only play it when I get time and on the go.
  2. The regular Nintendo Switch is less expensive to get at $300 US while the better OLED model costs $50 more and is worth it because of the nice OLED screen which is better than the regular Switch and a better kickstand. The Switch Lite is a cheaper handheld only Switch at $250 US, though I personally prefer the regular Switch and Switch OLED over it. The Nintendo Switch lets you play story driven games like Zelda, Skyrim, and The Witcher 3 at your own leisure at anytime anywhere due to its portable hybrid nature. It's why the Nintendo Switch is one of the highest selling systems now. If you don't get much time to play big story driven games or a lot of games in general, the Nintendo Switch is your best option because of it being portable.
  3. There are lots of remakes coming out too. We have Kirby's Return to Dream Land Deluxe coming out on Switch. We have Front Mission 1, 2, and 3 remakes coming exclusive to Switch by Square Enix. The new Zelda game Tears of the Kingdom is a big game for the Switch next year. If there is a Zelda special edition Switch, it would be worth picking the Switch for that and Zelda.
  4. You also like The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild on Nintendo Switch? I own a Nintendo Switch. I used to also have PS1, PS2, GameCube, Wii, and Wii U. I was a huge Zelda guy and still am a bit of a Zelda guy too. Breath of the Wild has been a great success of a game in this past generation. Tears of the Kingdom is going to be great as as BotW. Also I just played Final Fantasy VII for the PS1 for the first time after holding back on it for years. Man was this game incredible back then and was one of the examples of how long a game could be. It was on Saturday.
  5. So here is the latest Nintendo Direct. Here is the great news. The sequel to the Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild now has a name. It's called The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom. I am excited to get it in 2023. Best of all, we now have Pikmin 4 after years of waiting, rumors, and speculation.
  6. For those living in Canada, UK, and other countries, we cannot talk ill of the queen on social media or online. People can trace it to us. It could result in our citizenship being revoked and we might have to be deported. In Canada, for citizenship, you had to sign an oath that we were loyal to the Queen.
  7. As a Canadian, I am hoping that King Charles III will be a better ruler than Queen Elizabeth II and wouldn't do any evil things like his mother did during her long rule. I do predict that his rule will be short and that Prince William and Kate will take the throne next. Justin Trudeau has already been a good Prime Minister for Canada. He helped a lot of Syrian refugees and brothers make it safe to Canada.
  8. I was shocked to see the news. She passed away peacefully at 96. She sadly never got to live to 100 or even past that. As a Canadian, I saw her at the back of every coin, penny, dime, nickel, quarter, loony, and toonie before my lifetime and during my lifetime. They're gonna change the design at the back for King Charles III.
  9. So I just pre-ordered Splatoon 3 for my little brother on the Nintendo eShop. I was originally going to get him it on his birthday but we are going for Ziyarah in December so I chose to get it for him early. He also wanted to pre-order it and other places were sold out of their pre-orders. It's the first time I pre-ordered a game which I never did in my life ever before.
  10. Now that it is coming out on September 9th. Splatoon 3 is a good choice for young kids to play along with a Nintendo Switch OLED system. It's also a better choice for kids in general instead of the same old Call of Duty stuff that comes out every year and it's the most kid appropriate choice for them. I will pick it up for my little brother as his birthday present this year inshallah. I already got Nintendo Switch Sports and it is a good game to get kids moving especially now with its leg strap update for regular soccer matches. I had a lot of fun with it.
  11. My little bro still plays that on his PC along with Roblox. He also is into Genshin Impact as well.
  12. So the Splatoon 3 Direct aired yesterday. They showed off more new things in the game like the new added modes. It's coming out September 9th. The Splatoon 3 Special Edition Switch OLED is coming out on August 26th.
  13. So I played the rest of the sports in Switch Sports, including Soccer. All I can say is that I enjoyed them. They're really fun. It's just as fun, if not even more fun than Wii Sports. It's missing a few sports from Resort but they will be added in later.
  14. So today I got Nintendo Switch Sports. Today is when Nintendo will release the free update that adds Leg Strap support for soccer matches. Can't wait for the update to come out. Also Mario Strikers: Battle League got its first free update that added Princess Daisy (fans have been waiting for her and they missed her at launch) and Shy Guy. I will wait to get it later though when I have the money. So far I enjoyed the Tennis and Bowling. Still got to play the other sports, including Soccer.
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