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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Eid Mubarak. I hope you all had a wonderful Eid despite the Covid-19 pandemic.
  2. @ShiaLuma Happy Eid! 

    1. ShiaLuma



  3. I just beat Mario Kart Wii's 150cc. It was challenging when compared to Mario Kart: Double Dash!! for GameCube. I like Double Dash!! more. Also I did it on my Wii U.
  4. I have now been playing a lot of N64, PS1, Genesis, some SNES games lately. I have played some DKC 1-3, Banjo Kazooie, Banjo Tooie, Goldeneye 007, NBA Courtside 1 and 2 (I also played NBA Courtside 2002 for GameCube as well). I also tried out Star Fox 2 and Star Fox 64. I've been having a blast.
  5. I would love to eat fried chicken that even way better than Popeyes and the rest.
  6. I want to have fun with Nintendo Switch as well. I want a lot of fantasy creatures in my dreams to come true.
  7. Hey, Street Fighter and Smash Bros aren't boring. They're fun games. Smash Bros. and Street Fighter have an active competitive scene especially with games like Street Fighter II, Smash Bros 64, Melee, Smash Bros 4 Wii U, and Smash Bros. Ultimate. Melee for GameCube and Ultimate for Switch are the big contenders for Smash. Street Fighter came before Mortal Kombat and the creators of Mortal Kombat were inspired by Street Fighter. Street Fighter II has been available on a lot of platforms ranging from the arcades, the X68000 computer (the closest to the arcade version), the FM Towns machines, the SNES/SFC, the Mega Drive/Genesis, the 3DO, and a whole slew of other systems. Smash Bros. has been on N64, GameCube, Wii, Wii U, 3DS, and Switch. Smash Bros has gotten 3rd party characters since Brawl like Solid Snake, Mega Man, Ryu, Bayonetta, Cloud Strife, Sonic, Pac Man, and a whole slew of other great characters. It's the biggest fighting game crossover now. It doesn't have to be all bloody. Smash Bros has those great characters, some of which are gaming icons. Melee is still one of the most competitive games of all time even if Smash Bros. Ultimate has surpassed it in a way.
  8. Street Fighter 5 and Super Smash Bros. Ultimate are less violent games. They are more halal to play, in my honest opinion. I have Street Fighter V on my PC and I have Super Smash Bros. Ultimate on my Nintendo Switch.
  9. So I saw Sony's PS5 spec reveal video and it was quite surprising. It is actually slightly under powered when compared to Xbox Series X. It looks like Microsoft totally took the crown in terms of power like they did with the Original Xbox and Xbox One X. I still think the PS5 will do alright but the Nintendo Switch will be ahead in terms of units sold by the time they come out. The Switch is still selling well and Animal Crossing New Horizons is coming out to make a big impact. The Switch will likely be at 70 million units sold by the holiday season of this year.
  10. Happy New Years. I hope you are enjoying Shenmue III.

  11. I am looking forward for 2020s in Games. I am waiting for the January 2020 Nintendo Direct.
  12. I am looking at the count down and reflecting on how I went from being a kid into a man. Me getting more on the internet.
  13. So the Xbox Scarlett was shocking revealed at The Game Awards as the Xbox Series X. It will be mighty like the PS5. But I still think the Nintendo Switch will continue strong into 2020 with it's uniqueness.
  14. @baradar_jackson I know this is a bit late but how are you enjoying Shenmue III after all those years of wait and delays. I heard the game is good. I am waiting until it comes to the Switch and enhanced for next gen platforms.
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