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  1. @ hasanhh Along with the categorical assertion and name-calling, you have made one point which I think I should answer; although it is actually explained in the links from my article. "Lidar is not able to measure anything within soils. So this is junk scientological." The airborne lidar image of course doesn't show underground depth. The surface of areas that have been disturbed reflects differently from virgin soil, and the perimeters of such features are clearly visible. It should be noted that the lidar was used by the Exterminationist Caroline Sturdy Colls. In the Ukraine, the Pravy Sektor and Svoboda have been exploited to install a regime of Jewish oligarchs.
  2. @ Chair Pundit Thanks for posting that video. I intend to watch it when I have time.
  3. @ Chair Pundit "If a loan for a mortgage was secured in this system, the borrower would only be responsible for paying the principal amount. What would be taxed in this scenario to ensure that inflation doesn't become a problem?" The repayment of the principal would remove that money from circulation, thus avoiding inflation. "Would the government cease to borrow money and maintain a structural deficit? How would the government receive enough tax money out of levying the public sector?" The government would borrow only from the state bank, and would repay the loans to avoid inflation. Borrowing would be limited to amounts that could be repaid from taxation. "Does that not assume that there will be enough wealth across the public and private sectors to tax and repay the state bank just in time to counteract inflation?" The amount of tax that would be available would have to be taken into account when deciding how much money to borrow. Borrowing, taxation and loan repayment would have to be carefully planned together. "No one would be able to save money under your system?" I mentioned demurrage in the article as something that could be considered. I'm becoming more convinced that it is in fact a good idea. People could store wealth by buying property.
  4. @ Chair Pundit "Under the fractional reserve banking system, individual borrowers are screened to ensure that they can afford the loan (the interest). How would this work in a system where interest is eliminated and deposits are no longer loaned out?" Borrowers would still be screened for ability to repay the principal of the loan.
  5. @ Haji 2003 Thanks for the advice. I'll bear it in mind.
  6. @ Chair Pundit Thank you for your interest in my ideas on economics. These are still at an early stage, and I hope to develop them much further in due course. I'll attempt to answer your questions. "1. By terming it a "public bank," are you referring to it as an institution where government has sole control over minting and printing currency?" In modern economies most money exists only as accounting entries, usually in digital form. I envision banks as institutions of the state, which would be responsible for creating all of this money as well as printing banknotes and minting coins. "2. Can you clarify what the "excess money" is? What mechanism would be utilised in order to determine that the amount lent out is keeping pace with inflation?" By "excess money" I mean money in excess of that which is currently required to fund goods and services. If money were constantly being created by the bank without subsequently being retired, the money supply would constantly increase beyond requirements and would progressively decline in value. Under my system, money would be created as loans only as required to enable production of goods and services. It would then be repaid and eliminated in order to control the amount of money in circulation. "1. Can you expound on how investing in lucrative projects would fund the government, and why would the government need to be funded?" The government would need funds to pay for the functions of the state, such as maintaining the civil service and armed forces. I see it as being funded by loans from the state bank, which it would repay with money raised by taxation. "2. Who is being repaid? How would this rein in inflation? Could you just elaborate a bit more?" Repayment is made to the state bank, which eliminates the money as it is repaid. This controls the amount of money in circulation, thus maintaining its value. "Correct me if I'm wrong. Is demurrage a type of levy on the profits of a business who was lent the capital by the state bank? What does demurrage contain which would stimulate spending?" Demurrage is a tax on money that is being retained by a person or business rather than being spent. It would stimulate spending by deterring the hoarding of money. People and businesses would rather exchange their money for goods and services than simply have it removed by the state. I hope I have answered your questions satisfactorily.
  7. @ hasanhh Thank you for commenting on my post. I'll try to keep my response brief. "Just another holocaust denial//shoah denial." That is a mere parroting of nebulous power terms, intended to stifle debate. Such expressions are incompatible with rational discourse. "Besides, "lidar" only measures distance, it has little other uses." The lidar clearly showed the graves in the cemetery and the various other man-made features in the area. Neither the lidar nor the ground-penetrating radar found the enormous burial and cremation pits described in the Exterminationist narrative, which would be impossible if such features existed. "Ashes went up the chimneys or were washed out below the grates." For one thing, this totally disregards the realities of cremation. Also, while you denounce my lack of faith in the Exterminationist account; you yourself feel free to ditch unilaterally the enormous burial pits of that narrative, and add chimneys which have never before featured at Treblinka! "You won't find any neo-nazis here, newbie. You'll have to go to the VVhite House for that." You refer to "Holocaust" sceptics as "neo-nazis", and then offer the US regime as an example of such. In reality the US regime is vehemently opposed to "Holocaust" Revisionism. Any foreign leader it targets for elimination is always said to be "the new Hitler", and the carnage it inflicts is justified as preventing "another Holocaust". Your comment consists of sheer obscurantism. I'll be charitable and assume you were just having an off-day.
  8. I hope you will read my article on the archaeological examinations of the site of the Treblinka camp, and their implications. Treblinka Archaeology Thank you.
  9. I have written two articles so far on the subject of monetary reform, to replace and exclude usury. I hope you will find them interesting. Towards a Programme of Monetary Reform Government Finance in a Usury-Free Economy Thank you.
  10. Last year I wrote an article about the geopolitical issues behind the conflict in Syria. Please read it. Why is Syria being threatened? Thank you.
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