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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Ya Ali Madad, Ya Imam Mahdi Madad Re: www.thebohras.com I came across above website on Bohras and their association with our Ithna Asheri's and others. If someone has already analysed it then please let me know the weblink for it. Thanks
  2. Please provide reference of book which says Imam Mahdi will reappear and there after will die after few years as the last person on Earth. If possible advise your referred book was written pre or post demise of Imam Hasan Askari? If latter, then there is no attestation by Masoomeen to prove authentication of your quoted Hadith. If it is former, then confirm which Imam has vetted the authenticity of that Hadith of yours? Thanks
  3. Dear Mohib-e-Ahlaybait, Lets see what inferences can we draw from your post quoted above: 1. As time marches ahead, so, Imam Hussain a.s. succeeding Imam Mahdi and occupying the post of caliphate negates the core tenant of ours: Imam Mahdi will be the last caliph. 2. According to you Imam Hussain will succeed Imam Mahdi, then who will succeed Imam Hussain after his demise? Imam Hasan was the first Imam so why is he not following the demise of Imam Mahdi? 3. When all 11 Imams have succeeded Imam Mahdi then who will be the last in the series: Imam Hasan Askari? Again Mahdi have to be the last caliph not Hasan Askari?! 4. All twelve caliphs completing their caliphate after Imam Mahdi demise - then who will come next? As Earth cannot be empty from Imam. 5. From which books are you quoting your previous post from - were those books written post or before the demise of Imam Hasan Askari? Thanks.
  4. In previous posts someone said, Imam Hussain a.s. will succeed Imam Mahdi. In next post, you said about Eesa - I took your post as extension to previous post about Hussain a.s. succeeding Mahdi. Do you know who will succeed Imam Mahdi after his death? As earth cannot be without Imam so that successor effectively become the nunber 13th occupant of seat of Imamat! Imamat is ending with Mahdi then why new or next Imam is required? Mohammad s.a.w.w. is the last Prophet and after him no Prophet will come so Eesa's coming near Qayamat is not arrival of next Prophet, so count of 124,000 is not effected. But Hussain a.s. occupying the seat of caliphate make him 13th occupant where else our core dogma is of 12 caliphs.
  5. Thanks for replying. Prophet Eesa even after becoming successor of Imam Mahdi remains Prophet besides being 13th caliph. So count of Prophets don't get altered!!! But count of 12 becoming 13 caliphs - how do we tally and justify it with our original dogma of 12 caliph hadith?
  6. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. Please advise: When Imamat will end with Imam Mahdi then Imam Hussain becoming the 13th occupant negates Mahdi being the last Imam? What will happen when Imam Hussain dies? Will Ali Zain ul Abideen a.s. succeed him? Then he become the 14th occupant - but our dogma is 12th Imam is end. End = no one will succeed Imam Mahdi. Can you or others share more information or bullet points about "noor"? What exactly it is and how it transfer from one to another Imam? Thanks
  7. Hello Knowledgeable members Please answer the queries inquired in last post. Thanks.
  8. Thanks all for sharing your ideas and knowledge. I understood from all above posts that after re-appearance of Imam Mahdi and on his death: the human race will not vanish and humans will be there on Earth even after death of Imam Mahdi. Some members said, Imam Hussain a.s. will rule after Imam Mahdi"s death, some members said all twelve Imams will rule after Mahdi. Question is in either of above case: the next occupant of Imamat seat becomes the number thirteenth occupant of seat of caliph or Imam!!! This is against the core tenant of ours that there will be only twelve number of occupancy of Imamat seat which ends with Mahdi. The next logical question that follows is: Imam Mahdi will die some day, there after who will be the Imam of those people remaining on the Earth? Remember Earth cannot be without Imam. If Imamat ends with Imam Mahdi's death then that "noor" of Allah which passes from son after father, this series begin when Allah said I blow my soul into Aadam then prostrate him, this soul or noor passes from father to son of Imam. From Imam Mahdi this noor can be passed only to his son which can become the 13th Imam and cannot be transferred to Imam Hussain a.s. for which some members says will become the 13th caliph after Mahdi's death.
  9. Dear friends, brothers and sisters, My query is very simple, please help: Q1) When Imam Mahdi appears the human race will come to end and no human being will be left on Earth? Q2) If answer to above is "no", then some day Imam Mahdi will die, then as Earth cannot be without "Imam" so will there be next Imam i.e. 13th Imam (the son of Imam Mahdi)? If possible quote reference / books for your answers. Thanks for your kind help.
  10. Knowledgeable members please answer the query: Imam Mahdi appearance = Qayamat will come. Does this mean world (earth) life ends? If not, then will Imam Mahdi die someday after his appearance at time of Qayamat and will he be succeeded by his son as 13th Imam? Kindly answer with reference to authentic books. Thanks
  11. (1) Was Al Mufid 'masoom'? No. Was his work vouched by Imam Mahdi (Imam of his time)? No. Is he subject to all human errors, bias, etc? Yes. So to rely on Al Mufid as the primary source to prove "Nuss-a-Jali" by Imam Hasan Askari to Imam Mahdi is in itself a weak premise. (2) With whom I am discussing the issue of Imamat she says, "There are two types of 'Nuss': (1) Nuss a Khafi and (2) Nuss a Jali, former is secretly/privately said and latter is publicly declared. Example) Every time Prophet Mohammed s.a.w.w. declared Mola Ali a.s. as his successor before the event of Gadheer-a-Khum it was 'nuss-a-Khafi' (indicative declaration of successor) however, nuss-a-khafi is insignificant as Allah told to Mohammed s.a.w.w. that should you not declare Ali's nomination publicly (nuss-a-Jali) then all work of Prophethood will go waste. Despite Prophet s.a.w.w. declaration of secret/private 'nuss' on Ali several time before Gadheer event still Allah consider all work of Prophet as waste until the public declaration (nuss-a-jali) is not made. My friend further says, that even in work of Al Mufid there is no tradition that says about 'nuss-a-Jali' by Imam Hasan Askari to Imam Mahdi. (Nuss-a-Jali = In presence of both Imam Hasan Askari & Mohammed, in the gathering of most of the missionaries of Hasan Askari, he point towards Mohammed and declare him that after him he is the next Imam.) (3) Al Mufid writings are IMPLICITLY proving the Imamate of Imam Mahdi. But there is no EXPLICIT tradition that says that Imam Hasan Askari made the 'nuss-a-Jali' over Imam Mahdi. (4) You say, “Ishaara” (indication) is given in Osool-a-Kafi, but you see Sunni too says Prophet s.a.w.w. did “ishaara” (indicated) that Abu Bakr is the next authorized person – do we accept such indications? No. So “ishara” (indications) given in Osool-a-Kafi on Imamat is not akin to the facts of having ‘nuss-a-jali’ done by Imam Hasan Askari to Imam Mahdi. (5) She further says, Bakir Majlisi categorically said, that majority of traditions in 'Osool-a-Kafi' are fake/false! So traditions in reference to indications on Imamat are true or false are marked with doubts! (6) She further says, "Walayat" of Mola Ali a.s. is the single most important matter for any Shia but there is not even one chapter on Walayat in Osool-a-Kafi. So one cannot even remotely expect this book to validate the declaration of next Imam by Imam Hasan al Askari. (7) The chain of narrators 'raawi' quoted in Osool-a-Kafi most of them have names of enemy of Shia Imams. We proudly says that unlike Sahih Bukhari and Sahih Muslim our book of traditions Osool-a-Kafi is distinct as it quotes Shia's narrator than Sunni's. However, the Kafi was collected 200 years after the death of Imam Hussain a.s. and all the then Shia knew of the tragic event of Karbala. So any true Shia will not keep the name of their wards in the name of 1/2/3, Mawiya, Yazeed, Hurmula, Shimr, etc - but many-many of the narrator in Kafi have these names - how can they be Shia's?!!! (8) Osool-a-Kafi is the only tradition book to be vouched by the Imam Mahdi (a masoom) - but see the state of affairs of this book in point# 4, 5, 6 & 7 - no where does it proves the ‘nuss-a-jali’ done by Imam Hasan Askri to Imam Mahdi! (9) In event like marriage at least two male witness or four female witness are required. The matter of Imamate is much supreme than matter of marriage. She says, I assume that you have quoted the best example from Bakir Majlisi, so this best example speaks of just one witness! It may be consider as 'nuss-a-khafi' but certainly not 'nuss-a-Jali' this proves there is no tradition proving the 'nuss-a-jali' even in work of Bakir Majlisi. (10) To conclude: There are NO reliably categorical, clear and loud tradition that proves Imam Mahdi was declared next Imam by Imam Hasan Askari by mean of ‘nuss-a-jali’.
  12. Brother Mesbah, None of your two link above tells: If Imam Hasan Askari in presence of his missionaries / trusted people, also with physical presence of his son Mohammed declared that after him his this son Mohammed will be next Imam. Until the existing authority will not categorically and physically point out who his Imamate successor is until then how the common Shia's can know about the successor. A guess can never take place of facts. Facts is only what existing Imam declares whether in big public gathering or small missionaries gathering. Declaration of successor is of paramount importance and what makes me wonder is neither Osool-a-Kafi nor Baqir Majlisi nor any other important source speaks about this issue!!!!!! In reference to the Sunnat of Prophet s.a.w.w. (Gadeer-a-Khum) - Many of things we practice that was practiced too by Prophet. Other things that we practice was not practiced by Prophet, and few others are the things that Prophet practiced and we do not practice. Common things that was practiced by Prophet and we too practice have to be done the way Prophet does. Like we should do 'Som' (fasting) the way Prophet did, we should offer 'Salaat' (namaz) the way Prophet did, etc. The declaration of successor was categorically done and the issue was not left to guess-work. The public declaration is so important that if it is not done then Allah warned "O' Mohammad your all services as Prophet will go waste." Hence, the declaration of successor - if it is done then it has to be the way that Prophet s.a.w.w. did. All the Imams have clearly and loudly declared their successor in the presence of the successor and in presence of witness and in presence of their missionaries/trusted personal. But this was not the case with Imam Hasan Askari!!!! Why there is mismatch? This is all I am trying to get answers. How will we know who (which individual) is that person to whom the Prophet s.a.w.w. has referred as the 12th Imam until the 11th Imam verify and signal out to us - that that is the person referred by Prophet s.a.w.w.?
  13. Sunnat = Do as Prophet does. Mohammad s.a.w.w. publicly declared Ali as his successor. So does Ali to Hasan, and likewise Hasan to Hussain, Hussain to...... These are not 'qayas', but are facts documented by everyone in all sects for all past years. Unless the current authority will not declare his successor how will next person will become authority? Does any of our literature says that even privately (with time, place and witness details) the successor declaration was made by Imam Hasan Askari?
  14. Which books says that same logic cannot be applied in the time of taqqiyyah and reasoning for same? Or is to your personal thinking? Thanks
  15. Prophet Mohammed s.a.w.w. have several times before the episode of Gadeer Khum have privately declared Ali as his successor. Allah asked Prophet Mohammad s.a.w.w. to publicly declare that Mola Ali is his successor but Prophet expressed concerns, over it, then Allah said, "Should you not publicly declare this then it is akin to you have done nothing as Prophet! Then on 18th Zilhij 10-hijri Prophet s.a.w.w. on ground of Gadeer Khum announced Mola Ali as his successor. We learn from above that 'public declaration' is the must to become the successor. Can any knowledgable member let me know: In which all books can one find detail information (time, place, witness of declaration, etc) that Imam Hasan Al Askari publicly declared that his son Mohammad (Mahdi) will be next Imam?
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