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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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    Shia-Rukaya reacted to Hamzah313 in Looking For A Book About Ramadan! *help*   
    Here are some books:
    This first one is really good, I highly recommend that you read it if you haven't already
    Spiritual Journey of the Mystics (Suluk al-Arifan) - Etiquette of the Holy Month of Ramadhan:
    Understanding the Month of Glory Lessons on the Month of Ramadhan:
    Fasting and the Holy month of Ramadhan:
    Fast of the Month of Ramadhan: Philosophy and Ahkam:
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    Shia-Rukaya reacted to guest050817 in Ayatullah Shaheed Mutahari R.a "only Allah"   
    In the name of Allah, i join no-one beside his name!
    A beautiful clip from Ayatullah Shaheed Mutahari r.a, one of our greatest thinkers and scholars of the 20th century, a man who was taught by Imam Khomeini r.a whom the imam himself considered his own fruit. A man widely praised and respected whose books are published and distributed world wide. A man whom every  shia in search of knowledge and  who has the means and who has access should endevour to make familiar to themselves his works:

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    Shia-Rukaya reacted to Aabiss_Shakari in How To Raise Hands For "dua"   
    i was listening Majlis of Molana Hafiz Tassaduq Hussain. Molana has taught six methods of raising hands during dua as per the saying of Imam Zainul Abideen (as). He also told the names of these methods which i do not remember. May be some brother give online reference of that hadith where Imam (as) taught these six methods of raising hands for "dua". However i am pasting them here without names as i do not remember the names of these methods.
    1. First Method: The first method to raise hands for Dua is to raise hands in a way that your palm is just in front of your face and your fingers are pointing to sky.
    It looks that by this method it means that you are reciting dua on your palm so that your needs are fulfilled and what you are requesting to Allah is written in your fate and taqdeer.
    2. Second Method: The second method to raise hands for Dua is that your hands are horizontal. Your palm is facing towards sky and your mouth is near to your hand.
    It looks that you are reciting your Dua on your palms. You are asking Allah to fulfill your need and put your needs on your hands.
    3. Third Method: This is much praised method of raising hands for dua. The third method to raise hands for Dua is that backside of your hands is in front of your face. Your palms are to the other side. Your thumbs are close to each other.
    It means that your all worldly means have finished and you are saying that O Allah i have no ray of hope except You. I seek your mercy and i am dependent on you only.
    4. Forth Method: The forth method to raise hands for Dua is that your arms are full stretched and your hands are away from each other.
    It means that you are desperate for your needs and extending your request to all in desperate manner. You stretch your hands when you are desperate to take a thing away from you. It shows that desperation.
    5. Fifth Method: The fifth method to raise hands for Dua is that your raise your hands for prayer in a way that your two fingers are folded except the thumb and the two first two fingers. The two fingers should be moved slowly while reciting dua.
    I do not know the logic behind this method but it appears that we are taking Waseela of Hasnain (as) (Imam Hassan a.s and Imam Hussain a.s) by moving our two fingers.
    6. Sixth Method: The sixth method to raise hands for Dua is that you fold all of your fingers except your index finger (Shahadah finger) and thumb and then recite your Dua.
    It appears that you are giving evidence that Allah you are you alone to whom i depend and i seek your help and your blessings.
    Khurram Jafri
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    Shia-Rukaya reacted to AhlulBayt_313 in Spreading Ahlul-Bayt (As) Through Art   
    "Those who weep, should weep over the likes of Hussain (AS); for surely, weeping over him does away with one’s great sins."
    Imam Reza (AS)
    (Wasalam) AB313

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    Shia-Rukaya reacted to MAFHJ in Pictures Of Various 'Ulamaa [OFFICIAL THREAD]   
    Sheikh Makarem Shirazi and Sheikh Ja'far Subhani

    Sheikh Bahjat and Sheikh Misbah Yazdi

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    Shia-Rukaya got a reaction from Hamzah313 in Shia Scholar - Quotes And Storys   
    Thank you soo much. These books are awesome!  i really appreciate your helpfulness!
    God bless you  ^_^
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    Shia-Rukaya reacted to Hamzah313 in Shia Scholar - Quotes And Storys   
    here are some other books that might help:
    sorry for not posting these earlier.
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    Shia-Rukaya reacted to guest050817 in Grand Ayatullah Nassab Istifah About Dua To Imams   
    I am making this thread as my last one was sadly hijacked from its initial purpose. This is the third Istifah i have found which is less sympathetic to directly asking Imam Ali a.s to grant you a child, or so on. The less informed of this group use vague repeated verses and the more informed use a very elaborate, backed by da'if hadith or interpretative gymnastics. Alhamdullilah at the answer. Some people might find it baffling as to why i would even ask this, but the truth is there are still shias today who directly ask Imams a.s to have mercy on them, to grant them children, to grant them wealth, with the belief that Allah swt has given them this power and it is not independent of him - which can really be justified to excuse anything under the sun. 
    Here is the Marja:
    Grand Ayatollah[1][2] Seyed Reza Hosseini Nassab (Persian: سيد رضا حسيني نسب) (born 1960) is an Iranian Twelver Shi'a Marja,[3][4][5] currently residing in Canada.[6] He was the President and Imam of the Islamic Centre inHamburg, Germany, and since 2003 he has served as the President of Shia Islam Federation “Ahlul Bayt Assembly of Canada".
    Here was my question:
    Dear respected Marajah,
    I have read volumes of books on waseelah, tawassul, so i know the concepts. However, to clarify, is it permissible to:1. Call on Ali a.s to forgive sins, to grant our dua, to grant us children and protectionOr2. Calling on Allah swt for the sake of Ali a.s, or asking Ali a.s rather than to grant us children, to pray to Allah swt and beg Allah swt on our behalfWhich is the proper and which is the incorrect form of tawassul And the answer: In the name of AllahSalaam Alaikum,The second one is proper and recommended. Best Regards,  (The signature's IMAGE is not permitted on the Forum, but it was answered with his seal) 
    The Istifah answer is somewhat similar with the following two marjah's:
    Grand Ayatullah Muhammed Hussain Najafi
    Grand Ayatollah Allama Shaikh Muhammad Hussain Najafi (Arabic/Persian/Urdu/Punjabi: آية الله العظمی علامہ الشیخ محمد حسین النجفي) (born April 1932) is a Twelver Shi'i alim from Pakistan and has been elevated to the status ofmarjiyyat. At present, there are two maraji of Pakistani descent, the other one Basheer Hussain Najafi. As Basheer Hussain Najafi has chosen to reside in Najaf, Iraq, Muhammad Hussain Najafi is the only marja' on Pakistani soil, running a Hawza in Sargodha.[1] He was included in the lists "The 500 Most Influential Muslims" for the years 2010 and 2011.[2][3]
    "Muslim should only ask Allah for mercy, help, for childern, for money and everything. A Muslim (Shia) can't ask masoomeen directly to give all these things. We can't say O Ali give me a child or O Hussain give me money rather we should ask Allah and use the masoomeen as an intermediary." - Translation by ShiaChat user Marbles
    Ayatullah Muhammed Hussain Fadlullah r.a

    The Message of Unification
    This is the line of unification that the Prophet (p.) and the Imams of Ahl Al-Beit used to advocate. It is regretful, in this respect, that certain extremist Muslim schools of thought accuse the followers of Ahl Al-Beit of ascribing partners to Allah. The fact is that we love Ahl Al-Beit and their Imamate on the basis of being the servants of Allah. That is why we say in the second testimony: "I testify that Muhammad is Allah's servant and messenger".  And we testify that all Imams are Allah's servants and that they were appointed as such by Allah, the Most Exalted.
    Furthermore, when we ask for our needs, we do not ask for them from the Imams, because they themselves ask Allah. We read, for example, in the supplication of the Commander of the Faithful: "I seek Your intercession to Yourself". The Prophets and Imams became close to Allah only as a result of their faithfulness and worship of Him. The best text that we can cite in this context is found in the supplication of Thursday by Imam Zien El-Abideen (a.s.) that says: "And make my seeking his – the Prophet –mediation become profitable on the Day of Judgment".
    Let us learn to say when we sit, stand, and move: "Oh, God", for the Prophets themselves used to ask their needs from Him. This is what Noah (a.s.) did: "Therefore he called on his Lord: I am overcome, come Thou then to help"(54:10), and this is also what Musa (a.s.) did when he said: "Surely I stand in need of whatever good Thou mayest send down to me"(28:24).
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    Shia-Rukaya reacted to Hamzah313 in Shia Scholar - Quotes And Storys   
    This is a really good book about the life of shaykh rajabali khayyat
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    Shia-Rukaya reacted to kamyar in Picture Of The Day   

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    Shia-Rukaya reacted to habib e najjaar in Wiping Face After Dua   
    Imam as-Sadiq (‘a) says: “No one stretches his hand toward Allah, the All-mighty, the All-compeller, except that Allah -the All-mighty, the Majestic- is ashamed of turning down his request completely, until he puts in his hand what He wishes of His grace and mercy. So whenever anyone of you supplicates, then he should not withdraw his hand until after he has wiped it on his face and head.”
    Usul al-Kafi, vol.2, pg.342; Man La Yahduruhu al-Faqih, vol.1, pg.107; and Bihar al-Anwar, vol.93, pg.307.
    Source: Supplication in the Eyes of Ahlulbayt (as)
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    Shia-Rukaya reacted to Abdul Zahra in The Birth Of Fatima (As)   
    The 20th of Jamidul Akhar marks the birth of Sayeda Fatima al Zahra (as)
    Below are some useful links:

    Mustahab amal:
    -give sadagah
    -read ziyarah (http://www.duas.org/pdfs/ziaratsyedafatima.pdf)
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    Shia-Rukaya got a reaction from Hameedeh in Informative Posts (Please)   
    Salam Alaykum,
    many thanks to you all for your help  @-)-)--
    God reward you,
    fi amanAllah
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    Shia-Rukaya reacted to Ali_Hussain in Book On Achlaaq?   
    These two books are great:
    One of the brother above recommended Jihad al-Nafs from Wasa'il, which is a great (better than Nahj al-Balagha in my opinion), it has been translated into English by sister Nazmina Virjee, it is called 'Combat with the Self' - I remember a couple of years back, there was an online version, but I can't seem to find it now, but you should buy the book.
    edit: I found it:
    Sister Hameedeh had provided a link on a similar thread:
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    Shia-Rukaya reacted to Qa'im in Book On Achlaaq?   
    This could be of help: http://www.scribd.com/doc/214755436/Etiquette-of-the-Pious
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    Shia-Rukaya reacted to Hameedeh in Book On Achlaaq?   
    Greater Sins Volume 1
    Greater Sins Volume 2
    Greater Sins Volume 3
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    Shia-Rukaya reacted to IbnSohan in Book On Achlaaq?   
    Secrets of Success
    The Characteristics of a Muslim
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    Shia-Rukaya reacted to Ethics in Book On Achlaaq?   
    I found many links brother ^_^

    Get reading brother lol
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    Shia-Rukaya reacted to Khalilallah in Informative Posts (Please)   
    yeah, just post whatever question you have about whatever topic, you don't have to search for old posts. 
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    Shia-Rukaya reacted to estoc in Informative Posts (Please)   
    ،السلام عليكم
    On google, you can search site:shiachat.com and then add whatever keywords are related to your topic. If you want to make sure that the keyword shows up in the search results put quotations around the word or phrase. You can add a - to remove terms.
    For example, if you were wondering about why one does wudu, you could search 
    site:shiachat.com "wudu", "reason" -ghusl
    Here are other operators: https://support.google.com/websearch/answer/2466433?hl=en
    If you don't find anything, post it and there are knowledgeable ones here who can answer your query.
    If you are just looking for informational posts in general, you will recognize the knowledgeable posters just by staying here. You can look at the topics they are the OP (original posters) of on their profile and read those.
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    Shia-Rukaya reacted to Jaafar al-Shibli in Informative Posts (Please)   
    A number of good beneficial topics can be found here: 
    And here:
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    Shia-Rukaya reacted to heliwave in Informative Posts (Please)   
    See http://heliwave.com sister to know some of the true miracles of the Quran and if you wish to learn why do we do Wudhu and how the angels can then connects (via pure areas due to pure water or pure dust) in order to receive our prayers and by permission from Allah (swt) purify our souls little by little as we pray (salaat == contact with Allah swt) then see this very short book: Soul and Spirit
    May Allah guide us to His Straight Path.
    God >
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    Shia-Rukaya reacted to hasanhh in Informative Posts (Please)   
    Although it is difficult to time-consuming to use, SC has a search window.
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    Shia-Rukaya reacted to Khalilallah in Informative Posts (Please)   
    If you want some Golden material to read then I suggest you search Al-islam.org and read the books published by Scholars.
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