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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. My marja is A. Sistani. Any advice on how to pray qasr like the intention and such? Is anything changed?
  2. My mom and I are traveling to to our home country from the U.S to visit family. We'll be staying for around 20 days. Is it possible to do the full regular prayers or do we need to do qasr prayers while we are there? I asked my quran teacher and he said we can do the regular prayers since we're staying more than 10 days and my mom is a citizen of there but I read on here that that doesn't matter? I'm confused can anyone let me know if we need to do qasr prayers there for the duration of our trip? and also how to do qasr prayers? Thank You
  3. I was fasting today and went to an iftar at a mosque near me but I forgot to say my usual dua before eating! Does that mean I need to redo the fast? I had already read maghrib/isha and was in line for food, I went and sat down with my friend and ate the fruit, I remembered I forgot to say the dua after a few bites! What should I do? Please help!
  4. anyone? The floor is tile so I am confused because everyone is addressing carpeted areas?
  5. So basically, since the dirty water was all around the basement (it has now dried), I should put clean water on the whole floor and wipe it up 3 times?
  6. Who should I then give the sadaqah to? There is a sadaqah box at my mosque would it be okay to put it in there?
  7. My cousin passed away sunday night and my mom was wondering how to give sadaqah on my cousins behalf? Is there a verbal niyyat or a specific place to give the sadqah, what would be the proper procedure? I follow Ayotallah Sistani.
  8. So, I've read some topics here on Shiachat and am confused. I understand that once you pass gas your wudu is void. However what is that constituted as? Do you only have to not redo your wudu if there is no smell and odor? or redo if its loud and has odor? I understand with myself when I go into sadjah I feel something small there pop but its not loud nor does it really feel like "real" gas, more like minuscule air bubbles. I follow Ayotallah Sistani for those wondering. Please let me know.
  9. Okay, also I found a few on my sweater, I took them off but am still paranoid. Any tips on how to get them off for sure? Should I put it in the wash or would that just spread the najasah?
  10. Okay, are my boots najis do they need to be washed?
  11. Thank you, but does anyone else know? I just want to be sure.
  12. Therer was a girl sitting infront of me today with dog hairs all over her jacket. When I took off my boots in the car a dog hair came off it so I threw the hair out the window. My question is do I have to do ghusl, wash my hand? What should I do? Both my hand and the hair were dry. Also, are all the things I touched najis as well? Maghrib is in a hour so I would appreciate any input. I follow Ayotallah Sistani.
  13. Anyone? Its prayer time here and I just want to know if it would be okay to just shower from the waist down?
  14. My last question is if some urine were to leak into my underwear, would I need to just wash my pants and underwear for them to become pak/tahir or wash my WHOLE outfit including shirt and bra? Please let me know.
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