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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. @hasanhh it’s supposed to juice other fruits and vegetables too
  2. Ended up reviewing this juicer.... I hate this juicer. It made me question my life, my accomplishments, and my existence. If I could I would rate this juicer negative a trillion. Don’t be fooled by its easy going appearance. This juicer is no other than the devil in disguise. Align the red dots it say....but then it gets stuck. When that Jinn possessed crusher piece gets stuck then you, my friend are doomed. I feel like this juicer has piled many psychological and physical alignments on top of the ones I already have. It’s frustrating when your trying to juice for someone who tru
  3. @ShiaofAli12 thank you for that thoughtful response. Yes, Alhamduillah for everything.
  4. @Ali2196 no one said anything about drinking to become Intoxicated nor did I say living my life high. You are taking me complete out of context. I never got “high” when I consumed . Nor was I looking for a “high”. Anyway, I got my answer from my marja3, and yes people should turn to Quran,dikhr, and try to hang out with level headed people-if they are lucky enough to find people like that first and foremost. But that’s my marja3s answer to a question that I had. Am done.
  5. @Ali2196, everyone’s threshold is different. You might think what someone is going through is small compared to others , but to that person going through that situation it could be equivalent to what your friends went through. If someone is at a brink of doing something stupid like suicide and a small amount of drink can calm them at that moment- then why not. The key is it would be used as a last resort-a temporary and used in the manner of treatment and discussed with an expert physician like the leader stated.
  6. @Ali_Hussain, @guest 2025 , @Cherub786, @ShiaofAli12
  7. @notme wow!!!!! It makes me wonder about the people whose parents make them marry at such a young age....what their statistics were during this quarantine.
  8. @aliji it was definitely an eye opener for me. And you are right if things are sour in the beginning it gets worse. It makes me think one should do mot3ah( not necessarily sex- just getting to know the person) for at least two years before finalizing a permanent marriage.
  9. News reported so many cases of divorce and domestic violence during quarantine. Did anyone else notice this in their own lives and relationships?
  10. @Abu Hadi, what about Disney? Do we just boycott the Mulan movie because it was shot on grounds of Muslim concentration camps and Disney thanked the authorities there for letting them film? Or do we boycott the entire company?
  11. Letter to shytan, I’m seriously sick of you trying to hijack my mind at times of weakness. Your place is going to be hell forever. And I don’t care if you are made from fire, because the fire from hell is a gazillion times hotter from the one you are made out of. You will be forever chained and made to drink boiling water repeatedly that it destroys your entire composition. Lots of things that you deserve will happen to you. All those times you try to attack me when I’m triggered and weak by the circumstances around me. You are a disgusting low life that is gonna have no life in the end.
  12. The issue with this is, we have an obnoxious neighbor that keeps getting involved in our back yard. He complains about the leaves getting in his yard. So he comes in and cuts some branches. Of course he asked permission but I’m seeing him enter likes it’s his yard. He has ocd. He put up a fence long time ago ...he actually came into our yard to “touch up” like two scratches on his fence from our side........he saw us putting food once and he complained about it...he now as traps set up because he believed we are attracting the neighborhood skunk from the food lol he is a mess wallah
  13. I tried something similar the doctor had prescribed to my mom, it just makes you sleepy. Didn’t feel my mood change at all-in fact some of them have side effects that make things even worse I tried the THC gummies but those just make you sleepy too. And before any of this I try to mentally stay strong but sometimes it’s out of control. The way she hits herself, the way she starts behaving in a bewildered manner and sayin she is gonna take the nearest object and end her life from the pain. I don’t even recognize her anymore
  14. I have drank it before when she was inpatient at the hospital. It stopped all emotions from me and I could speak to all the doctors firmly and not cry. Otherwise I would’ve cried non stop. I would’ve smoked instead but smoking was not permitted even if you are outside to the side of the hospital. I did not feel intoxicated at all from it. I wasn’t even hooked on it, after we got out I stopped it completely. So I’m hoping the leader makes an exception for this ( I emailed him)because I’m at the brink of losing my mind. I can’t bear hearing her yell in pain.
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