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  1. Miss Wonderful

    How many carats was your diamond ring?

    I actually burst out laughing at “was my marriage valid” and I put in sad reaction as humour lolllllll
  2. Miss Wonderful

    How many carats was your diamond ring?

    Women how many carats was your diamond ring? Men how much did you spend on your wife ‘s ring and how many carats and not carrots lollll
  3. Miss Wonderful


    Yes the loud noise could’ve caused imbalance in the ear thus causing vertigo. I once went to movies and sat too close to speakers and ended up walking out 5 minutes later. Anyway keep some dramamine in your purse. It helps with vertigo and is usually in the vitamin aisles at drug stores.
  4. Miss Wonderful

    Can any Persians translate this latmiya?

    Omg what a coincidence! I stumbled upon this nasheed artist not too long ago and instantly fell in love ! I had trouble understanding to but had someone explain to me in Arabic!
  5. Miss Wonderful

    My faith is diminishing.

    @RepentantServant I think we all go through cycles like these. Honestly today I was having an episode where I felt restless and suffocating and then I realized I haven’t taken a multi vitamin in a while and I should increase my water intake.Yeah shytan is part of the problem too. As soon I feel restless and suffocating and annoyed I will open my notes to some selected verses and I swear as I read them out loud 85% of the suffocating anxious distressed feeling vanishes within minutes. The other 15% will go after I take care of my body nutrients and also I might journal or reflect on the hardships others go through and then I say tsbeeh alhamduillah and I relax and get normal again. They say after you are doing your best as Muslim, shytan will start trying to mess with you even more. So always be on your guard and always take care of your body nutrition.
  6. Miss Wonderful

    Little boy killed in Medina just for being Shia

    This is exactly how wars break out. I feel like this was a meditated action to start more corruption. Allah yerhamo he died a martyr.
  7. Miss Wonderful

    If the spouse wants children to pray the “Sunni” way

    No because that means he is only ignorant and just needs to be taught better.
  8. Let’s discuss this in verse 4:119 And I will mislead them, and I will arouse in them [sinful] desires, and I will command them so they will slit the ears of cattle, and I will command them so they will change the creation of Allah ." And whoever takes Satan as an ally instead of Allah has certainly sustained a clear loss.” what is the significance of the cattle ears being slit? Why did shytan want humans to do this?
  9. Miss Wonderful

    Crowned Sultan

    Thnx for this information. I stopped listening to music but I used to see Nancy as a sweet lady who always stayed to herself Bas her hate is hidden it turns out.
  10. Miss Wonderful

    Crowned Sultan

    Omg Nancy nanous ajram turned out to be evil? Omg I thought she was always to herself. She is wicked. Tfoo also what is tatbir
  11. Miss Wonderful

    Crowned Sultan

    Yiii omg
  12. Miss Wonderful

    Crowned Sultan

    @Qa'im you need to be summoned in this thread right now! This Bassam Karabli guy even if he is wearing the Burger King crown can I still listen to his Nade Ali dua. I always have liked it and feel it’s helpful. Just cuz he’s wearing a Burger King crown does it mean he is no longer legit?
  13. Miss Wonderful

    Crowned Sultan

    I listen to this guys Nade Ali video....I thought he was legit?
  14. Miss Wonderful

    Conflicted--please help.

    @Islandsandmirrors inshallah whatever you do you will be successful at it.
  15. Miss Wonderful

    Conflicted--please help.

    @Islandsandmirrors after you leave the clinic to go home , will you be able to let go of all the emotions and frustrations your client spills out to you at the clinic? Or will you bring it home with you? Will their problems become your problems? Are you able to not take on their emotions? Will you able to stay peace of mind if a client goes and endangers themselves even after all the help you have given them? Will you understand that sometimes a medication you prescribe as psychiatrist might make he problem worse since everything is by trial and error( And as an elementary school teacher can you withstand Around 15 sometimes 20 kids sometimes alone in the classroom? Can you easily work with a group of children coming from all different ethnic and cultural back grounds with each kid having their own unique way of learning? Will you be patient enough when several kids are acting out and just won’t listen due to genetic hyper conditions or disabilities or from a problem at home ? Will you be cautious with individual children’s medical conditions and food allergies? Will you be mindful that some students might be coming to your class from broken homes and require special attention . which one of these are you capable of sacrificing for without risking your own mental health?