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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. it is not require to remove because unfortunately this is true pictures.
  2. don't tell me Iranian architects are incompetent to blend modernism with simplicity this could have been much better and beautiful without the glamour, but anyways this is not really a good idea to build some lavish floor near the grave of SHAEED E AZAM.
  3. stop lying to parents specially about prayers and everything will sort out. and actually start praying with clean intention just to worship Allah SUBHANU.
  4. I just sent pics to my dad and he asked me if this is some DUBAI HOTEL :( :( :(
  5. if this is not true Admin can kindly delete it, and if it true this is really my concerns. friend has emailed me this info. Allah says in Quran if Muhammed(s) you want we will turn mountains into GOLD, but Muhammed(s) and his family decided to live in simplicity and they use to go without food for days, I do know this is nothing in fact making every thing with gold is not enough, but this kind of showoff goes against the ultimate message of IMAM HUSSAIN(s). ok now it is confirm that this is true http://www.imamhussain.org/english/projects/m_26.html
  6. if you know some one in Iraq please confirm it, and if this is not true I will be really happy and take back this thread.
  7. (bismillah) Normally shia cry foul about how wahabia turned mecca into modern las vegas look by constructing huge towers and wealth show off. now I am shocked shia are doing same with Imam Hussain zarih? all their life ahlul bayt lived simple life and this is what they teached, now why their resting place are turned for wealth show off? New Entrance And Corridor Of Shrine Imam Hussain as Will Be Open For Zayereen on Wednesday 25-Feb-2015 After Zohar WAS THIS REALLY REQUIRED? wasn't this suppose to be simple designed?
  8. to be honest Sir Khameini is not above prophet Muhammed(s) and since Muhammed(s) never allowed any such thing in his lifetime I will stick my opinion with my prophet Sunnah.
  9. hi, you can see the mosque in Video and the people attending it. are you?
  10. she is giving azan? when in Islam woman voice should not be even heard by gair mehram. also imagine if the woman (imam) gets into period while she is leading the prayers? what will happen then?
  11. This is really a bad idea, first of all this idea is not allowed or prescribed in Islam, secondly people attending this mosque dont really look like muslim, they think its a kind of yoga or some thing like that. check out video.
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