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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. I am talking about the use of the words. if u talk about "Shias" only then other sects will not give any heed to what u r saying,and Muslims include other sects also.. if u use the word "Muslim" then other sects will also listen to u, then its upto them wat they listen from wat u r telling.
  2. Its not a sin. Offering Prayer is not a sin :| but to offer your prayer at home while you can go and offer it Ba-Jama'at at Masjid is not Manly. It is ordered for men to offer their prayers Ba-Jama'at at the Masjid. so, avoiding Ba-Jama'at Namaz without compact reasons is a bad thing, and the possible severity and conditions of these reasons can be found in Ahadith. In short, Offering your Namaz at home is not a problem..Not offering your Namaz Ba-Jama'at at Masjid is not good at all, I have heard that there is a very strict Hadith about not offering the Prayer Ba-Jama'at at Masjid. May Allah Make us all His grateful servants. Amen.
  3. (bismillah) Salam Muslims :) I want to learn Ahadith. By what means may I learn them will be best for me? Please suggest certified sources :) Also, any pre-requisite??
  4. Dar'ul Islam.. I think discussion about Islam and concepts of Islam is right no matter which Muslim are we talking to, Shia Muslim or Sunni Muslim, and no matter where are we talking about it, given that a place where people like to talk about Islam... if this forum is specifically for Shias and Shia beliefs, then I dont see the reason why during the registration process are we asked our religion, then other religion followers shouldnt be allowed here either... I believe that one should gather knowledge from anywhere possible.. this was no where near to disagreement or agreement between sects.. this was about the conceptual mistake many used to make.. I follow "Amar-Bil-Ma'aroof Wa Nahi-A'ani-l-Munkar" that if I see any fellow Muslim in any conceptual mistake then I must help him correct it if possible so that in Makafat-e-Amal, if I am at any conceptual mistake (May Allah keep me on the right path and show me the Light) then someone who cares about fellow Muslims helps me correct my mistake.. there was no politics at all behind this post, this was as simple as written.. I do not lie Alhamdulillah :) May Allah Guide us all to the Light.. Ameen
  5. (bismillah) Salam Muslims :) I was very worried when I made this post, I searched for it on the internet.. I found this one reference from Qur'aan Hakeem http://quran.com/2/124 And [mention, O Muhammad], when Abraham was tried by his Lord with commands and he fulfilled them. [ Allah ] said, "Indeed, I will make you a leader for the people." [Abraham] said, "And of my descendants?" [ Allah ] said, "My covenant does not include the wrongdoers." Qur'aan (2:124) by this Ayat, my frnd misunderstood that the rank of 12 Imams is greater than Ambiya'a because in this Ayat, Allah Congratulates Ibrahim (A.S.) that Allah will Promote Him as Imam-un-Naas (Linnas-i-Imama)... here is the real thing... Here Allah Promoted Ibrahim as Imam of All Humanity (Linnas = Nas = All Humans) not only of Momins, but our 12 Imams(our Leaders after Prophet Muhammad (A.S.) ) are only Imams of Muslims.. there is a whole lot differences between The Orders to Muslims and Orders to all humans by Allah.. just like before the Hijrat-e-Madina, Allah Addressed the people as "Ya-Ayyuhan-Naasu", Meaning to Address all the Humans including Muslims and Non-Muslims.... but after Hijrat, He started to Address as "Ya-Ayyuhal-Lazeena-Aamanu".... after Hijrat there were Orders like Zakat, Usher, Namaz, Roza etc but before Hijrat there were Orders like Tauheed, Iman etc to tell the Muslims the Orders is easy compared to telling all the humanity their Orders... and a difficult task is given to a more authentic person.... so the thing is that Imam of All Humanity is Leader of All Humanity and is Greater compared to Leader of Muslims, simply to say that, the Rank and Rutba of Ambiya'a is greater compared to 12 Imams of Muslims.. I hope that there is no confusion now :) May Allah make me and all of us His Grateful Servants... May Allah mold me and all of us towards the right path, Path of Muhammad (A.S.), Path of Ali (A.S.)... Amen
  6. I know the difference between abusing and lanat... and I am asking about abusing... and Imams dont do wrong things and abusing is wrong according to Islam.. thats why I say Imams never abused anyone.. ( To Moderator * Haji 2003 *..: you quoted my comment about Noorsoft.... what about my comment in which I quoted Surah Ikhlas?? I'd appreciate if we concentrate on the right thing rather than strengthening our arguments, I know the Court games, I am son of a lawyer Alhamdulillah, so it wouldve been very just if u quoted none or all of my comments before locking my post... u may ban me in angre, but the government which cannot stand criticism cannot stand at all :D ;) , I pray that we all be guided to the right Path.. Ameen )
  7. I can't open chat.. it shows some error... why? :@
  8. People make statements and start calling them as "Ahadith".. Sometime they see something very good and think that Prophet Muhammad might have said it and make that statement and refer that lie as Hadith of my Prophet.. Do they forget that they are going to die one day and will be asked what and why did they do??
  9. (bismillah) :) Salam Muslims. Abusing anyone is not allowed in Islam.. Then why do Shias abuse Abu-Bakar, Umar, Usman though no Imam ever abused them? Are you not astray then? I pray to Allah that we all be guided by His Mercy and Light.. Amen..
  10. Then why does Shias call only themselves as Momins and anyone who says that he is not Shia is not Momin O.o
  11. A friend of ine told me that it is its inverse O.o I am confused.. any help?
  12. Sher-e-Khuda


    I don't know what Noorsoft is. you are welcome :3
  13. Why is it that only the posts/comments which the moderators like are shown?? I posted some comments its been more than 2 days.. the comments that I posted after those have showed up but other comments are still somewhere in the air pending, there was no politics or abuse in those comments, I think its just that moderators didnt like the posts/comments =_=
  14. Those who follow four Imams does not believe in rest eight Imams?? Thats bad... and about, Ijtehad, there must be scholars who perform Ijtehad to guide the rest of te nation.. and to cease Ijtehad is I think act of limited approach... also, among Shias, Tahreef in Quran, Takfir of sahabas & many sunni scholars, Accusing the wife of the Holy prophet saw of adultery, Muta, Taqqiya, Tatbir, Cease of Jihad till the Qaim returns, Worshipping the graves of sacred personalities & some other biddahs which are very commonly seen in the sub continent.... these are severe things that are supposed to be taken care of... when u see these bad things in these sects, they sure seem incomplete and impure at all!!! so why and how come one can be content while following once of these sects??? It is a matter of great confusion and worry..
  15. (bismillah) :) Salam Muslims. I am very confused and worried about a conceptual mistake which is very common and is being practiced. Please share with me your views about: What is the meaning of Hifz-ul-Qra'aan according to you?
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