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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Hmm so does that mean that the sigha is basically like mutah? And was @Ashvazdanghe referrring to sigha or engagement as it is understood in western and south asian cultures? Thanks again
  2. Thank you everyone Any comments about video calls?
  3. Thanks ummulbaneen Yes I understand, what you said is ideal. But what if one has started it? Is the occasional 'dear' or 'sweetheart' or heart emoji etc really that bad to come under the umbrella of haram As I said getting physical is out of question, we are miles apart. Also, its a no-no either way.
  4. Thank you Uni Student. Actually temp marriage is not feasible unfortunately. The actual marriage is also atleast two or three years down the road. Also currently we are not in the same country; its like long-distance. Both parties are completely committed to a future marriage, with logistic etc being the only issue for delays, isnt this sort of engagement effectively like a temperory marriage? I know its not technically, but considering today's society, doensn't it fulfill that criteria- or even more, because sometimes committment in this scenario can be stronger than in temperory marriages? I know that ideally there shouldnt be any terms of endearment before actual marriage, but this kind of started (maybe back then it just didn't occur). Now it feels awkward if one of us sudddenly stops. Of course any physical contact is out of question.
  5. Hello Everyone, Salam I was wondering whether using terms of endearment and complementing on the looks of ones fiancé is permissible or not? Its only on texts and video calls. Also, what about watching movies together? Thank you all
  6. Thanks a lot @Ashvazdanghe!! These resources are really helpful! Wassalam
  7. Salam Everyone While this has been asked before, atleast partially, I still think the issue remains hazy.. So here goes (these are all related questions, I just put them all here so that we have a discussion framework) 1) Is stock investment allowed? (Not rampant trading where speculation rules, but sober investment in shares for the sake of dividends as a side income, with only occasional trading) 2) If investing in certain companies is not allowed (e.g. those partaking in alcohol/gambling/ etc) then does this automatically rule out Index Funds, since they can basically invest anywhere? (maybe they dont, I am not sure, but thats how I understand they work- by diversifying the investment to minimize risk) 3) What about bonds? Some say they are better because they don't have the speculative part; others say they are worse because they are interest-based 4) What about cryptocurrency? I feel its problematic since its highly speculative (one Musk tweet and it plummets :p) Also, is there any book which details all of these issues and also recommends the best mode for investing Islamically? (Maybe on al-islam.org for example) Thank you all
  8. @ShiaofAli12 Thanks a lot! I checked out the forum, and most of the questions were answered. The list was really beneficial, and I assume that squid and mussels, having a shell around them, aren't permissible (just like crabs/lobsters?) However, I have one more query: If a restaurant sells mussels/squid etc, is it ok to eat fish (one with scales of course) there? Because they might be cooking both types of food in the same vessel? Thanks again
  9. Salam Everyone I had a few questions about seafood: 1) Is squid permissible? Or is it makruh? What about mussels? 2) Does the size of scales matter in determining the lawfulness of fish? For instance, if a fish has very small scales, is it permissible? 3) Do the flowing fish have scales (would be great if someone can post a link which has the names of all the fish with and without scales): Tuna Mackerel Salmon Anchovy Sardines Whiting Thank you all
  10. Thank you @Moalfas and @Kaya
  11. Salam Everyone Does anyone know of any organisations in Turkey through which one can pay Zakat-al-Fitrah? Thank you
  12. Salam Everyone Hope all of you are in hood health I had a few questions about 27th Rajab, would be grateful if someone could answer: 1) 27th Rajab is the day of Mabas, right? So that means the first five verses were revealed on this day. Which means that the first five verses were not revealed on lailatul qadar. I don’t know why but I have this stored somewhere in my mind that they were revealed in lailatul qadar, so just wanted to clairify. 2) Some people say mairaaj was not on the 27th night of Rajab. Again, I thought it was on the 27th night (a different year ofourse- probably the 10th year after prophethood was declared openly?). So can anyone shed some light? 3) Is there any article or book which gives a detailed account of mairaaj? (I did a surface search in google, couldnt find anything sufficiently detailed and authentic) Thank you all
  13. Yes, that's true! Indeed its a good start
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