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  1. Why would a step down?Because a minority wants that?Makes no sense.
  2. @mods Why is it allowed to insult Imam Khamenei?
  3. Welcome back.

    1. Hameedeh


      @mina So glad to see you here, Sister! :) 

    2. mina


      Thank you.Hope your fine.May Allah bless you.

  4. mina

    Thoughts 2018

    Yeah where is it?
  5. Then how come that most Syrians are living in Assad hold areas?
  6. mina

    Anti-regime protestors burn Khomeini's portrait

    How is Iran involved in Yemen? Have you checked a world map?
  7. mina

    Anti-regime protestors burn Khomeini's portrait

    Some extent...lol
  8. فان حزب الله هم الغالبون
  9. Which culture and concept is that?
  10. Do you really consider this a logical argument?
  11. Bismillah May Allah swt bless the leader by the right of ahlul beit as and give us basira.
  12. mina

    Sadiq Shirazi and Tatbir on Kids ?

    A 'modern' form of azadari...the question is why the way of mourning about Imam Hussayn as needs to be 'modernised'.
  13. mina

    are politics counted as ibadah?

    Here you have the mistake...politics are not smthg that you can really separate from the religion as if it is smthg that can stand isolated .Amr bil ma'aroof wal nahi an al-munkar is not 'politics'.It's a divine order. Imams sa and prophets s strived to follow and install the divine order in the societies,no?