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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Our feelings of love are a part of our normal tendency to objectify the image or possess the mind of another human. Much of this is directly related to our childhood and our relationships with our family and friends. We adopt these tendencies and impress them so deeply that our emotions will feel attacked when we are denied the acceptance of a particular woman. Depression as inspired by our consistent focus is also very normal within any social or environmental setting. In some ways it is like a sleepless night that you would only desire an ending to for you know the pain in the morning will affect your typical requirements of strength and vital energy. You must remember to become stronger than your emotions and that you do not need to incorporate another person in a physical form to complete you. A man is in his strength when he is recognized in not only a physical state of self reliance but as well an emotional state of self reliability. When you realize you are fully capable to offer yourself the reassurance to every insecurity and even capable to develop a delicate detail in your own understandings you will feel inclined to open the doors of your mind and to God to find that you are complete and satisfied on many intellectual levels simply to exist and participate in the world we live in. A time might come years from now that you may be reintroduced to this woman and feel nothing of the desire you once were bound to. You might be very pleased with the path that has been granted in light of this denial of satisfaction. In my own experience I have found instant comfort with the knowledge that when the world has taken and thrown me far from the story I had become interested in participating within in what would feel like some pure rejection or disinterest on the part of others as projecting my apparent demise in a situation... I have been able to compromise my redirection and lead my life to greater even bolder surprises with those whom you did not expect to become acquainted. In retrospect I can honest express a joy knowing that God has allowed me much rejection to the benefit of an extraordinary life. This pain is not likely to repeat itself at this same intensity and you will become a better person for overcoming this burden. When the sun rises in your heart you will attract a new interest.
  2. I have read Sahih al-Bukhari "Beginning of Creation" And it poses the question where does the sun go? In the explanation it states that the sun requests the permission to rise again and after a time it will be denied to rise and will instead rise in the west. In todays time we have advanced considerably and now realize that the earth itself is spinning as well as revolving around the sun. What is the explanation the prophets misunderstanding? Did God give him this poetry to encourage his understanding of the truth? Or is this an example of incorrect logic? is it the same as those who had believed the earth was flat?
  3. You might pose the question... Am I as a man allowed to develop my best interests? A woman is capable to advance in knowledge and skill to the heights surpassing that of some men. Some men will reach down below the layer of good and righteous dictation and neglect or betray his responsibilities. Every man and every woman is unique. Expression is fitting for the partner of a man as a man is not an animal and is worthy of gaining a partnership of a human being that is capable of understanding and expressing herself and contributing to the development of their children who will also gain from the knowledge that is granted to the woman.
  4. You can not kill an Israeli citizen with the intent to kill an Israeli citizen. This is my life. When you take the lifeblood of a living being you are mistaken to believe that this man has fallen to his death. Many will encourage those beneath the age of wisdom to wage war against enemies and many will die at the hands of their contributions to an act of violence. If by the law or by the will of your own you are not mistaken for these actions and by no disguise will you alter the details of your life on the earth. It is in your nature to react to the fear of those who enflame you with provocative details and still also in your nature to instill fear upon those who fall into your hand by rights of family or peers who encourage your guidance as a disciple. Be afraid of manipulation by the one that you trust and the one that has developed the boundaries of your conscious. The misplaced trust in your heart is the offering of your mortality to the angels that have not been entrusted to your protection in the earth. Please do not become satisfied in feeding the passions of the accusers before judges. You who are easily overwhelmed by the forces of natural intrigue do not speak in command of the forces of the law.
  5. I am chosen by God. I have had the ability to prophecy, to dream... and speak to God with an internal dialog and exchange thoughts and direction. I have learned, witnessed... I have failed thousands of times in my spiritual education with the guiding hand. I have been introduced to the serpent and the beast... I have been shown a righteous and an unholy side of the realm of existence. I am not a friend of association. God is not inclined to reward the acts of prejudice and violence against men. I have traveled the world. I have been to Israel, Palestine, Egypt, Jordan, Ethiopia, Tanzania, India, Nepal, Tibet, Peru, Thailand, Cambodia, Myanmar, Malaysia, Indonesia, China. I was born in America. My great grandparents moved to America from Germany in the 1930's. They were Jews. I am not beloved in America... I am a satire and a chaos. I am hated. I do not hate America. I am not a Jew by standards of men... I am by my fathers side a Jew... I would envision myself as Jacobs favorite son... who was sold... a dreamer who was hated by the pride of men but guided by God for a purpose. There is a pain, a suffering and a chaos in disorder. There is a reason for all things. For me there is no religion. I follow God because I am chosen to witness. I am the prophet. Every moment I am conscious of my spiritual surroundings... as a man I am blind. I follow the guidance that speaks within me. This is a truth. For over three and a half years I have been spiritually aware. Before that time I was suffering for I was a blind follower. I spoke the truth from books without experience and I believed the pursuit and riddles of religion and conformed my life to that of a citizen only wishing for hope. I would not wish to return to my mothers womb now that I have matured and discovered life. One lesson I want you to accomplish is that you have no enemy as a man with no association. You are a mind and a body with a soul and a connection to a higher consciousness that is God. You are not cursed by God to be born into a life of the father and mother you were given. You have a voice and a light that is connected to God and what sets you apart from all things is your inheritance to life with your creator the father of life. There is no ritual and no possession of intellectual discernment or physical restraint that can overcome the rights of a son to his father. There is no association on this earth which will speak against you in this understanding. And no prophet from the past or the future who can mistake his ability to see with his right to judge on the behalf of God. A prophet is an instrument of God. He is not the final word on a God that in alive and aware of the most delicate details of our material foundation. I pray that you will meditate and focus on love that will overcome the hopelessness of all bias.
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