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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. So no one really knows the reason?
  2. Salam, What's the reason behind having to make up your fasts (if you missed any during last Ramadhan) before the next Ramadhan? Why should it be within the year? Why can't it be done whenever possible? If anyone can shed some light on this, that'd be great. Thank you. Ws, Noor
  3. Salam all, I would like to introduce to you a new company that was started by a group of youth from Toronto that imports brand-name Turkish clothing. They're very stylish yet modest and the prices are reasonable. Please check it out at http://www.glamorousmodesty.com/ Let me know what you think of it. Thanks, Noor
  4. Enlightening. Thank you for sharing this beautifully delivered lecture. Kudos to her.
  5. Salam all, Who's going to speak where? Which one(s) are you going to listen to? Please share. Any links to pages where lectures are going to be uploaded during Muharram will be great. Thanks.
  6. Good for you sis! I wanna see more brave sista's out there like you! I tried it and LOVED it. I didn't read everything, but the person that posted after you covered it all. I made a mistake by going into a place that had only male instructors (that will end up in tandem with you), so I had to ask around for another place that had female instructors and ended up traveling for another hour to reach that place. It was worth it. Also, don't worry about your hijab or any other issues, it will all be securely tucked in with the helmet on your head. Also, make sure you go on an empty stomach - my brother ended up vomiting the burger he had on the guy on top of him while in air (sorry for the graphic description). The first 60 seconds will be the most amazing time of your life. The rush of adrenaline will be overwhelming. After the parachute opens, you will get to enjoy the scenery for a good 5-7 minutes (or at least the one I went on) - I hope it's longer. Make sure you get videotaped or photographed while in air! Lastly, have a good time!
  7. Why is it that when you view the arabic version of the announcement, it says that most parts of Canada will start their first day on Sunday, while the English version says that Saturday is the first day for both North and South America. So confused. :huh:
  8. Salam, Does anyone know where S. Ammar Nakshawani is speaking at during this holy month? Where his lectures will be uploaded? Any information will be greatly appreciated. Thanks. Ws.
  9. I am looking for suppliers that could either tailor Islamic clothing based on patterns we give them or provide us with Islamic clothes already made (Turkish designs would be preferable). Do you mind giving me their contacts?
  10. Salam all, I would like to know if anyone here knows or have dealt with Chinese/Turkish manufacturers that export clothes on a wholesale basis. Someone who can supply high quality clothes. If you know someone that actually does shar3i/Islamic clothes, that'll be even better. Please let me know. Thanks, Ws.
  11. Lol, did you not read your own topic? It says in the article: " Pour the water in the mug along with the green tea bag, stir the same way you would when making a normal cup of tea – after you’re done place the 2 green tea bags onto a plate (squeeze all the water out) followed by placing them in the fridge to cool down (only 5 minutes needed to cool down)."
  12. Beautiful as always Malika... I miss reading those poems...you've brought tears to my eyes as I remembered the feeling of being close to the shrine of Imam Hussain [AS]..may we all be invited to go to his haram and be one of the zowar insha'Allah.
  13. Salam, What is the jurisprudence regarding wearing a necklace with a pendant that has Allah's name written on it or a verse from a sura while going to the bathroom? I've heard multiple things: 1) Have to take it off every time you step into the bathroom. 2) As long as it's not touching your skin, it's okay to go in with it. 3) It's fine to keep it on all the time. If anyone has the correct fatwa from S. Sistani, please post it here. Many thanks, ws
  14. Our resident A'lim Sayyid Rizvi once said that while he was doing his Master's studies, he was never seen without a book (sometimes many books) in his right hand. There was always something in his hand. I think this is helpful since people will perceive that you're holding something heavy, hence no handshake is expected. Otherwise, you can sincerely tell them that due to religious reasons, I do not handshake. Sounds easier than practiced but doable.
  15. Thank you SpIzo. I ended up downloading the 30-day trial one lol. This issue of legality seemed to arise even with my prof. So he ended up getting a new computer with illustrator already installed :D (it came right after the trial ended, so that was perfect timing). Students are already broke...why do they make these things so expensive..:dry:
  16. (salam) What's the verdict on asking someone if the food is halal (at a restaurant) and they tell you "yes, it is halal", and if asked about the certificate, they don't have it at hand, should you still eat the food and trust them or just avoid it all together? S. Sistani fatwas, if applicable, please. Thank you! ws
  17. Salams, I need a good trusted link that I can download Adobe Illustrator from. Please no torrent links..and I don't want the 30-day trial one either. Is this possible to find? Is there such a thing as student-licensed programs? Please anyone let me know asap. Thank you Ws.
  18. There was a thread similar to this posted some long time ago..one of the brothers here, Nadir, suggested that the best way to tackle this situation is by having a sense of humour. So when the opposite gender comes up to you about to shake your hand, go like this, " Sorry, I can't shake your hand due to religious reasons. Otherwise, trust me, I am totally normal.." LOL They'd start laughing! and the tension is gone. I tried this once and it worked wonders. Try it!
  19. I hope he recovers soon :( Ya Rub. I can't believe what I am hearing. I request a headline (in red) to be put up on the forum just like how it was done with the other Marja's. May Allah [sWT] strengthen him and give him a long life.
  20. OMG you're still alive? Lol. That's not true about the Canadian authors. I've read the series of Tom and Liz Austen by Eric Wilson and they were hard-to-put-down books (but these were for young kids)..Anyhow, Twilight is such a shallow and useless book (come on, vampires?) and Riham 2.0 is already read, amazing book :angel:
  21. Any recommendations for books by Margaret Atwood?
  22. B or C anytime. Never liked A because raw yolk [or half raw] isn't that appealing. My omlette consists of onions, tomatoe and sometimes ground meat all sauteed together before the eggs. Another type is simpler...scrambled eggs and then add cream cheese and then fold the other side of the omlette. See pic: OMG..haven't tasted this in ages. My mom used to make that for us when we were kids..but the pieces of potatoes are smaller and cube-shaped. Love it.
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