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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Salaam! I am a convert of 3 years (Alhumdililah) and am almost done my second week of wearing hijab☺️☺️ However... I am of European decent (one that doesn't have many Muslims) so my family does not know how to take it. SubhanAllah, My grandparents have officially stopped speaking to me and my mother was weird for a few days. I did kind of spring it up out of nowhere with no warning but it wasn't planned like that. I felt like I kept getting signs and that I had to wear it ASAP(a lot more in depth than you may think) . Anyways my mother told me she hates to see me in it and asked me why I
  2. are u sure? what if my hair falls out? and my neck will still be showing..
  3. we have done the temporary marriage thank you all :)
  4. “I am surprised at the man who searches for his lost item, while he has lost his own soul and does not search for it. ”

  5. Salaamu Aleikum Sisters! Just a question! I went to my familys for the holidays as they still celebrate Christmas and what-not and I had to mke an appearance out of respect to my family, but I realized I never brought a hijab with me! Id like to prayer Fajr tomorrow morning...how may I do so? What can I use that will make my prayer acceptable? Thank you!!! XO
  6. Wow thank you to everyone for your answers and thank you all for replying so quickly. To those who have asked I am of European and hispanic decent..my mother is half polish half Macedonian (half Roman catholic half Greek orthodox) and my father was from the dominican republic and is catholic however not sure what sect of Catholic. My family never raised me knowing about God or anything like that but I went to church before with friends and I didn't feel much of a connection, but then once somebody took the time to show me Islam and about Mohammed and Imam Ali I fell in love with the religion
  7. Salaams..i'm a revert and when asked why I'm shia I find myself not having an answer..to me it just feels right..can someone give me some information on shia so I can have a reasonable answer when asked? No info is too much thank you.
  8. Heyy I'm a revert sister living in toronto as well:)
  9. Youtube won't let me watch it :( I'm also a Toronto sister:)!
  10. what does drinking have to do with having halal butchers? look at red district in lebanon..bars everywhere and stuff...but i bet you can still find a halal butcher in lebanon... lol............. everyone in europe likes to drink-- doesnt have anything to do with the butchers..meat and alcohol = different things.
  11. Salaam Aleikum what time are these courses everyday? will it intefer with jobs? I am very interested!
  12. haha no way!!! go poland thats actually awesomeee. cant wait to visitt my homeee one day!!! subhanAllah! Islam has spread to Poland <3 Wish I could meet some Polish Muslims in Toronto!
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