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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Iran couldn't beat Angola. :mellow: So you support four teams? :shifty:
  2. My friend before putting just any Fatwa answered make sure that both cases are similar. First, the dude that sent the question to Sayed Sistani lives in Saudi Arabia (Wahhabi Country) and the guy in the forum lives in Holland. Second, the guy who sent the question to Sayed Sistani said he was afraid. The guy in the forum said he felt that it would make a division and he wants to fold his arms to pray in "harmony" with the Sunni brothers. You think the fatwa you posted applies?
  3. If they aren't violent and you feel you're life is threatened I don't believe there should be a problem. But if its just so you don't "stand out" I don't think that will be a valid reason to fold. As I said "I think" or its how I would think. Allah knows best. If I was there, I would just pray at home.
  4. Its not music as a whole that is haram. There is halal music, and haram music. There is haram songs, and halal songs.
  5. Well, its clear. The rebels are there to take out Bashar al Assad. Well how long has it been? 3 years, and he's still there
  6. Are the Spirit and Wine vinegars permissible?
  7. It is very sad seeing Shias of Ahlul Bayt asking non-Islamic questions, and mixing the beautiful Muslim religion, with non-Muslim cultures.
  8. It's not actually. If you look at it the way you are looking you will see that its a waste of money, but you don't look how much it brings the country money in return.
  9. Shia version of Dawsons Creek
  10. There are Zionist hands behind these cartoons. But unfortunately, I don't blame many Christians or foreigners to think that way about our the greatest man lived which is the Prophet (sawa). If they open books of the Sunni's like Sahih Muslim and Sahih Bukhari, they would come out with a conclusion that this is our Prophet. And I think Shia organisations should play a role in spreading the real role of the Prophet (sawa). The Islamic Republic of Iran is making a movie about the life of the Prophet (sawa), I don't know if it finished or yet, but I call for all non-Muslims and foreigners to watch
  11. Are you from the Middle East? And particularly from any of those: "Syria, Lebanon, Jordan, Palestine"?
  12. Just like they know the terrorists in Syria are beheading human beings and opening their chests, and they have followers behind them
  13. The picture is fake but it doesn't mean the context is not true. Sheikh Asad Kaseer, and Sayed Hassan Nasrollah talked about him in a clear manner.
  14. So if Sayed Ammar Nakshawani gets a tattoo it means other scholars can criticise him in public, and make him "The Talk". It is sad that each time many scholars like to "The Talk" out of some Shia scholars or icons in the Muslim community. I'm not sure if its out of boredom or what. Sheikh Al Waeli, Sayed Fadlallah, Sheikh Yaacoubi, Sayed Kamal Haydari, and now its exclusive Sayed Ammar Nakshawani.
  15. Who said its the End of Times? In each time o the world, what you said, has been happening.
  16. I just said, what I know is that tattoos are permissible, and I know that because you can read it anywhere you want on any website for our scholars. No need to be attacking me like that.
  17. I hope England reaches second stage. Italy and Uruguay are pretty tough. Englands teams is pretty surprisingly pretty good but most players are young and don't have much international experience, and they're not used to playing with foreign players since most players in Premiere League are English. And Iran...ah well we'll have to pray for a miracle.
  18. The Pope Visits The "holy Land" and bows down to kiss the hands of Jews
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