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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. And as expected, they have not addressed Ibn Taymiyyah's [imam al Nawasib] statement where he admits the incident occurred.
  2. I wouldn't say it's of no value at all. There are many truthful hadiths in there such as the bid'ah of Umar changing the Adhan.
  3. We don't have a problem with the above narrations. The pious, loyal, companions are, no doubt, as have been described in our traditions. Non of those traditions say ALL the sahaba were good people, on the contrary, there are narrations from the Imams where they slate some of those who you call his sahaba. If you would want to see a balanced view of their opinions on this matter, look at all the narrations from them regarding the sahaba, and you'll find some were significantly praised, and some were not, such as Muawiyah "ra". Such a commonly used verse of the Holy Quran. But, the verse
  4. LOOOOL. Abu Bakr (Allah be pleased with him) said: The Messenger of Allah (ﷺ) had said:" We do not have any heirs; what we leave behind is (to be given in) charity." So both of you thought him to be a liar, sinful, treacherous and dishonest. And Allah knows that he was true, virtuous, well-guided and a follower of truth. When Abu Bakr passed away and (I have become) the successor of the Messenger of Allah (ﷺ) and Abu Bakr (Allah be pleased with him), you thought me to be a liar, sinful, treacherous and dishonest. It looks like you've been banging your head lol.
  5. If you want to see our general opinion on insulting [not la'nah, something different and actually recommended], hold a poll, and you'll then know which side the majority are on.
  6. (salam) When looking at the gradings of Allamah al Majlsi, I often see the grading written as 'Majhool ka-sahīh' (majhool like sahih), or 'hasan ka-sahīh' (hasan like sahih). What does he mean when he say this? How did he reach this conclusion from looking at the given isnād? Also, what does he mean when he says 'dha'īf 'alal Mashhoor' (ضعيف على المشهور), and why did he say that (how did he reach that conclusion)? Thanks in advance.
  7. I was cursing ibn Muljam and anyone who says that Ibn Muljam was a great man, a mu'min etc. Just as that 'scholar' said.
  8. According to that la'een Ibn Muljam (also la'een) was a good man.
  9. When will you continue [if you are going to continue at all] ? It is easily the best, most accurate translation around, with the Arabic of each hadith there as well.
  10. Invoker be aware that Muhammad Sarwar's translation of al Kafi is so poor sometimes it is a joke.
  11. Do not lie. Mir'at al Uqul is not available in English.
  12. They are not part of the specified Ahlul Bayt. Yes, they are part of the general household [family]. That does not make on immune to kuffr. There are many examples of Prophets who had a household which has betrayal and disbelief within it. This is not a valid argument. It is blasphemy to question the īmān of some sahābah when Allah revealed a whole verse titled 'Al Munāfiqūn'? Obviously, one or more of the narrators my be majhool/liar etc. , the chain may be broken (unlinked), and the rest of the usual isnād criticism. What about them? We know that, but we are usulis here.
  13. It takes an Arabic teacher to translate a couple of paragraphs?
  14. So we're now agreed that Abu Bakr and Umar raided the house, and you agree with them? We're actually getting somewhere now :]
  15. The nasibi inside has been revealed. These are the sons of Umar, Muawiyah, Yazeed, and Ibn Taymiyyah [la'natullahi alaihim ajma'een].
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