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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Hi Chaotic! I can tell you right now that we follow both Peter and Paul, which are the leaders of the Roman church. Peter visited modern day Iraq and gave his blessing to the churches. 1 Peter 5:13 The Pesheta is a Nestorian text, and many churches in Sham and the Arabian Peninsula were Nestorian or part of the Western (Catholic and Orthodox) Church. The Nestorian church stretched from Syria to Japan, so it covers a lot of ground. The earliest versions of the Pesheta (khubarus codex) we have already has Paul in it. If you follow the link you'll see on Romans 1:1 The Church of the East's
  2. Jesus references the Psalm, he's saying it so that they could know that he is the messiah. Many Christian bibles only come with the word, there is no tafsir anywhere. Luckily, I have a Catholic Bible, and they're known for including tafsirs in most of their Bibles. If by corresponds you mean reference, it is here.
  3. Depending on the Jew, they do. Many Jews don't even study Jerusalem Talmud, and the ones that do complain that it's too hard to understand (which I can attest to, past 3 words I have difficulty). Even Christians to some extent, there is a conversation that takes place between Satan and God, when he exalts Job in front of Satan in Job 1:8. There is a meeting. We don't know when it is...but according to Jewish tradition, Job's suffering began after rosh hashannah, and ended that year the evening before rosh hashannah, so around 353 days. fromyomkippur-rosh hashannah is one option (probably an o
  4. It's through discussion we understand differences and similarities, through transfer of one message to another. I would not know that Islam is split into Sunni and Shia if it wasn't through discussion, and many would think that all Muslims are terrorists if it wasn't for discussion. There is a place for it; can you think of a better place than a interfaith dialogue board? I believe that something can't be a curse and a blessing. If something is both, then it just is. What you do with it depends on your desires, it's a neutral medium: neither a curse nor blessing. The only non-trinitaria
  5. Then the Word is eternal, and by default is God. Jesus' body is not of issue until the resurrection, in which case, he already achieved everlasting life via the body. You've probably made up your mind on Jesus' split natures, so any amount of convincing is probably beyond my reach. I suppose we must agree to disagree.
  6. Could you explain what you mean? Because God gave him rights to said authority. Not only that, but his lineage will in fact have the throne of Israel, as from his lineage, the Messiah will come. God is not inferior to David. God's "lineage" is so because we anthropomorphize God. God isn't a human to have a "lineage", not a human to have a wife...Jesus is his "son" because humans cannot comprehend the holiness of God, nor his plan, so he gives them in simple terms so that it's easier to understand: we call that a Mystery. It's the same with a trinity, we cannot comprehend it, it's divinity i
  7. a) Since Jesus was legally Joseph's son in the kingly line, Jesus was and is legally entitled to the throne of David. b] Not only that, but Mary is Joseph's far relative, so the kingly line would still be in Jesus' lineage. c) King Jeconiah (from Joseph's side) would invalidate his right to rule.
  8. There's no guarantee Jesus was the angel in the burning bush. Where do you find your sources that the Logos was speaking? The torah says Moses was too afraid to look into the fire, and that YHVH spoke. Jesus was God on earth, not human turned into God. He is also descended of King David, so is called "King of the Jews". During his crucifixion it was written atop him "Jesus the Nazarene, King of the Jews". So he was a king, so you can't say in the next breathe "the government is not on his shoulders". If you accept Jesus as your savior, how are you reconciling this with Isaiah 43:11,
  9. I know that in Jewish lore, the messiah needs to be born from the house of David...and he is part of something called the 36 Secret Righteous ones. There will come a time when the messiah is destined to arrive, and this specific person (1 out of the 36), will be formed by God into the messiah after his birth, hence the "disappearing from sight" because the messiah will be so much more divine than a human will be. (There's a story about one of the Jewish sages going into a cave and he became so holy, so he went back into the cave for a month to de-holify...this is only a fraction of the messiah
  10. Technically, there are 36 (lamadvavniks) possible candidates for a messiah in each generation. They are also the reason God keeps the world from destruction. Most Jewish commentators believe that these are 3 separate children...Rashi believes that they are 1 child and 1 like-son (Shear-Yashuv). You're also forgoing the fact that the Septuagint translated it as parthenos, and 70 Jewish religious leaders translated it as this. As I've said, in double prophecy, it's not contingent solely on the Hebrew, as it might have used documents that are now lost to time. It could have very well meant alma
  11. That's not to say I believe in their interpretation. It's just that its been answered by Christian mystics, which answers 2 questions N had.
  12. There was this one..I can't remember exactly the quote, but it was something along the lines of "You don't know you're going to die in the same land you were born" or something to that effect. If you can help me find the quote (English/Arabic), I'd appreciate it!
  13. Again, its a mystic thing and how I've heard their argument explained. I'm not sure if it was changed by God in the "imprint" stage. This argument was given by people who obviously knew Kabbalah so I can't say I'm 100% sure I even have the explanation right...but there were early Christian mystics that were Jewish because Christianity and Judaism were the same religion until around 400.
  14. Since you say first, etc, I'll address them as points: 1) Why would God break his own law? For us, it a law. We've interpreted it as a law. We understand God through anthropomorphisms. He's not a human that he should follow them. In the way we understand "the Son of God" is also an anthropomorphism, as is the mystery of the Trinity. 2) There's an answer for this done by Christian mystics. When Jesus was to be born, an angel took the semen of Joseph, presented it before God, and this is where God blessed it and said "you will be Jesus, the Messiah and Son." He had an angel announce it to he
  15. Yes, it's an attack to the person instead of the argument, which is what you did. No, I said that Jesus said it on the cross and listed the correct interpretation of it. I claimed Jesus said this, and was referring to Psalm 22. He did not say it independently, I said this constantly while I was talking with CM. x (Protestant) x (Catholic) x (Orthodox) I'm saying the same thing they're saying. Don't call me buddy, I have better things to be called then by a person with poor manners "buddy". Because this is what the Church has taught since Christ's time. When Muslims interpret it
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