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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. I don't see why I should? I fight to help save this sinking rotten carcus ship. I see through the propaganda fed to us. I know all about the modes of deception as I've been fooled myself. I'd still rather do what I can to help make it better. You seem to ignore the facts the ship is sinking? The UK has debts 10x what its entire economy is worth, how else would you describe that? Like a wooden ship with dry rot, the people are the ship and the politicians and.others behind the scenes are the dry rot eating away at us. I care too much just leave it.
  2. A good captain never leaves his ship. Unless there's nothing I can do to help my own country free itself from oppression I will stay. If this isn't possible then I may move. Either way its none of your business. @goldencrowned. Do whatver you want, criticise away, you won't change nothing on here except maybe a few opinions. Which doesn't help iran at all.
  3. I don't get why people complain about Irans economy. Why don't you complain to people like Kurdhi, George Bush, Obama etc for forcing the world to sanction Iran or go to war with them and thus attempt to ruin it? Point fingers where they deserve to be pointed.
  4. Could you tell me what the Iranian debts are at? Its called living within your means. The main point is Iran are doing the best they can under difficult circumstances, same can't be said for the rest of the world. And yet Irans debts are tiny in comparison to the rest of the worlds.. Not hard to figure out why Iran are being squeezed dry with sanctions is it. The west make look all rosy on the exterior but dig a bit deeper and its like a rotten carcus on the inside, just waiting to be eaten away by maggots untill it collapses. Well done to the Iranians for doing things in a much better way.
  5. Because they 'Kuffar' Haven't had the same chance other people have had to see the truth. Their brainwashed by media. I feel I have a duty to speak the truth here and do what I can. But it's been a long weighing up process. If I ever feel it would be better for me to move to Iran I will do so. No problem with it.
  6. My head and eyes are seeing things clearly, it's just unfortunate that more people don't see things the same way. I thought about moving to Iran to see if I'd be able to fight for either Iran or Hezbullah, I decided I'd rather stick it out here and try to do what I can for my country and people. There's loads of Muslims over here but not many spreading the message of Islam. Which after lots of thinking seems a better thing to do. At least for the time being. I know one thing though I won't fight for UK if I'm ever told to.. :angel:
  7. I never quite put it like that but anyway. Facts are that Iran's leaders could sell out like every other nation on earth and allow itself to be infected by the West but they refuse to do so.. Because they have good intentions. Who cares if they have a few problems internally, the threat from outside is far worse for Iranians. Why don't you write a letter or something to improve policies instead of trying to brainwash people with your western influenced propaganda. It's not helpful to Iran at all. I've watched many Ahmadinejad interviews and your just painting a bad picture of him. Your speaking like he was a raving lunatic when in fact he was very calm and composed and always explained why he felt the way he did. Maybe he should not have taken the interviews at all, because they are always open to editing by western media to suite their own agenda's but the truth is Ahmadinejad said things how they were. I personally really like him, he's a down to earth character, never malicious but always logical with his speech. I believe he thought the best way to defend Iran was to let Israel etc know he wasn't scared of them. Like you do with animals. Make yourself seem big so they might think twice about it. Last thing you want to do is seem weak to your enemy. Can you show me the clip of him saying this, the full clip so I can understand what context it's being said in. Thanks. I know a lot more than you about NATO brother, do you think the US, Israel etc want to police every country in the world but leave Iran alone?America etc expect to gain 'peace' through means of war. This is crazy and illogical. Do you think NATO won't nuke or invade Iran? please explain.
  8. Walaikum as Salam Narsis, thanks brother that is very helpful. I haven't got around to Ayatollah Sistani's website yet but I will do soon as I can brother, thanks for the info. Did it say anything about using a turbah? I normally recite them both quietly anyway as I thought that was what everyone did so that's not an issue. Thanks again brother.
  9. why do you keep pushing this ' you must therefore think Iran are perfect saying? No Iran are not perfect but is there not a better way to criticise them? What do you expect to achieve by criticising them here? New policies?Your only promoting more hatred towards Iran and propagating lies, which I will prove again. You mention Iran could have been a nuclear power if it weren't for Ahmadinejad.. Please post one statement where Iran have ever declared desire to be a nuclear power? How were nukes a problem under Ahmadinejad? He stated many times the nuclear programme is to power the country not to possess nuclear weapons. He was maybe slightly edgy at times but every Iranian leader will fight back in whatever way they see fit. Maybe he made Iran seem worse but at the end of the day Iran will always be the bad guys anyway, and it's only a matter of time before NATO or whoever nuke or invade Iran regardless of what any Iranian figure says. Khomeini May have negotiated with the West if it was helpful to Iran and didn't go against Islamic principles but even then it would probably be reluctantly and because he had no other choice.
  10. Imam Ali also fought against oppressors not for them out of fear of being killed.. You can't judge Iran on one leader anyway. Ahmadinejad spoke a lot of truth, whether it helped Iran or not is obviously questionable but at least the man spoke the truth.
  11. Brother what you are saying is ridiculous. America will target Iran as being 'crazy muslims' whether they call themselves Islamic or just a Republic. So the Islamic revolution against Western imperialism should now just be called the Iranian revolution? The fact is Iran didn't just liberate from a non-Islamic monarchy, they free'd the people from the type of propaganda that is brainwashing Muslims and Killing Islam. The other fact is that the Iranian leaders are Muslims, why should they not openly admit this? Just to please westerners? The Americans will always do more to slander Islam and Iran then Iran will ever do to tarnish the name of Islam. For the most part they make muslims seem like good logical people. Maybe not to the people who believe America are world hero's but who cares about their dillusional opinions anyway? They hate muslims whether Iran say they are or not. Fact is Iran do a lot more good than bad, US Europe etc are bad on all levels. So you help Iran by criticising them to the whole world? Doesn't this make you as bad as the media machine who are doing the same thing? Your influencing people in a way that makes Iran's leadership look like bad people and therefore the Americans etc maybe justified to invade and overthrow Khameini? Strong example I know but peoples words can do a lot of damage, especially on a website open to the world.
  12. Salam. I don't think so, as Iblis knew for certain Allah existed as he was an angel and asked personally to prostrate to Adam. Of course he believes as he knew how he got expelled by. But Iblis is the 'tricker' of humanity. He makes the world look glittery and many other tactics to make the humans disbelieve. Humans can be taken away from faith by people at a young age. This doesn't make them worse than the devil, just tricked by him. The question in my mind is who is worse.. The tricker or the tricked?
  13. No one ever said Iran are perfect, we just recognise the fact Iran are doing far more good than bad. Which can't be said about most other countries. We choose to give them slack as we know no one is perfect, while you and others like you choose to criticise them at any opportunity, thus giving their enemies added satisfaction knowing even their own so called people are against them.
  14. i'm not saying Iran are immune from criticism, I just think it would be better to complain to Iran themselves. Not here on SC where no one can do anything about it. Of course everyone wants to make Iran better, I'm sure the Iranian leadership wants this more than anyone, but the fact is Iran will never be perfect. Surely it would be better aiming criticism towards governments who are completely against Islam? Ones who drone innocent children every day in the Middle East? Atleast Iran try to follow a code of sharia law. It will never be possible to uphold it completely because they need to live within their means, which is of course difficult considering the sanctions. People like you just fuel more hatred towards Iran. Khomeini and Khameini were and are good men IMO so we must stand by them and help in ways more constructive to Iran not destructive.
  15. Okay Kurdhi so the only option then would be to allow non muslims to rule the country? What your saying is religion and politics don't mix well. So therefore a Muslim is unable to rule a country with politics and be a practicing Muslim at the same time? This is just a crazy way to think. Politics can be full of corruption but this only happens when a countries constitution, laws etc make the corruption possible. As with Iraq now. And please, don't tell me I'm not Iraqi and therefore know nothing about Iraq. In that case you are not Iranian so therefore know nothing about Iran.
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