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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Salam, I had just accepted a job that is in a different (adjacent) state. It is part time, I will only be working there two days a week. The commute drive is about an hour and forty five minutes, also depending on which route I take, it will be a total of either 80 miles or 90 miles one-way. Since the job will be regular hours from morning to evening, I will definitely need to be praying during work especially Zhur/Asr prayers and probably the maghrebain too in winter. Should I be doing full prayers on those two days at the work location or should they be Qasran (2 raka's for each zuhr and asr). Considering this is a permanent job... (Not temporary) Thank you very much. Salams.
  2. I truly appreciate all of you taking the time to offer me help. Let me think thoroughly about how I want to handle this situation. I was actually more worried about the psychological well being of a child to grow in a separated family than her faith as she is with me 99% of time when she's here and also I leave her for a couple of months a year with my parents who already instill ahlulbayt values in her. So I'm hoping she'll continue on the right path. Fresh-Imaan, can I contact you directly if I need to later?
  3. Thank you for the replies. It's great to have support here. Yes he is a Sunni. I went into it knowing so obviously but didn't know he really doesn't perform any of those obligations I wrote. I know men and women fight all the time and it's part of marriage but I feel though if there is no religious bond then there is no depth in the relationship and I can't convince/ persuade him, I tried multiple times, asked him to pray at least, but I've gotten two responses so far 1- it's none of my business or 2- "I know I should I will I will" (but never does) As far as what I said about imam Hussain he didn't curse or say anything bad about him but pretty much he said "well, he died more than a thousand years ago so Allah Yirhamah" I don't know how to translate this to English but basically he doesn't see why we still mourn him... I have told him I'm ok if he doesn't want to learn about it but I just need him to respect my akeeda. I do have one child from him, still a baby, yes I know, that's another thing... I want to do what's best for my child and myself, and for the whole situation. Both my parents and his live far away, but they get along with each other just fine, and his parents are not like him. They are normal. I haven't told my parents about it because of many reasons but one is that I wanted to marry him and I insisted . Thank you. Salam.
  4. Salam, What are some grounds for divorce that don't need attempts for reconciliation? Does any of the following count? - husband doesn't do normal religious duties (prayers, fasting, zakat) etc - husband belittles wife and shows no respect - husband insults wife's beliefs - husband belittles major present and past religious icons/ figures and sees no importance in commemorating them and/ or makes fun of doing so (ex imam Hussain's martyrdom) Thank you.
  5. Yes I'm so far the only Shia in this family but it's my own problem. I married a Sunni man, only to find out later that he's not even Sunni to be honest with you, he's not religious at all. I'm struggling a lot. I have a child but she's too young right now to know, I'm raising her Shia of course but I don't know what I'll do in the long run about my marriage life I'm very heartbroken.
  6. Salam, I tried to type this in Arabic but it was quite difficult especially that the words will still started on the left.. Anyway, my question is of curiosity mostly, I really liked watching the series Ghareeb Tous but was wondering if all the main characters are real or if there is some fiction mixed in. My questions are regarding the following characters, if they truly existed, and if those were their stories/ roles: 1- the wife of Fadel bin Sahl (Azarthokht) 2- Amr (Raja bin Al Dahhak's son in law) 3- Tahira (the wife of Ibin Aqeel) I tried to research but couldn't find anything online, therefore, wondering if there are books you can guide me to. Thanks. Salam Oh sorry I meant Amr (as son of Rajas Al Dahhak) & son in law of Fadel bin Sahl (married to Julnaz, Fadel's daughter..) Thanks
  7. Surat Al Juma'a I'm working on memorizing it, I want to say it on Friday since it's mustahab. Salam
  8. Salam, If I want to say a short surah after the Fatiha in one of the five prayers and I don't have it memorized completely or I'm afraid I might say a wrong word or delete a word just because I don't have it down (but I really want to say that surah), is it ok to carry a small quran with me or my iPhone and read it off the paper or the iPhone and put it back in my pocket or would that be considered disruption of the prayers and I should only recite something that I have completely memorized? Your advice is appreciated. Salam.
  9. Thank you all for the tips and info.
  10. USA mom


    Thank you for the replies. Yes I meant "qard"
  11. Salam, I have been looking online for children's ashoura clothes. Basically black shirts with ya hussain or any other mottos or graphics but haven't been successful. Do any of you know of either US or international websites that carry them and can ship to the US. Otherwise, if you know of any such stores in the Chicago or Milwaukee area. Thanks. Salam
  12. Thank you very much. I am now following it in the Thinker's discourse.
  13. Salam, Thanks much for all the replies. I didn't know that the post was moved to her so I couldn't find it and thought it was deleted but one of the moderators directed me. Of course I was meaning my husband's sperm. Ok so I have to ask a marje'. Ok, so until then, I won't have these thoughts.. :/ Yes, I suppose it's not a very sterile technique but even intercourse is not really sterile! Stealing! No, I don't want to do that!! Have you ever heard of couples getting divorced because one wants (more) kids and the other doesn't? Oh, rephrase, is wanting and not wanting children a legitimate reason for divorce? Thanks.
  14. USA mom


    Salam, I have a savings account but I also have a mortgage that is more than what is in my savings. What I'm trying to do is save up until I have more than what the mortgage is and pay off the mortgage inshallah... But since I do have a savings account, should I pay khums at the end of the year on what's in the savings? Or no khums since if I subtract the mortgage from the savings it will be a negative number and just wait until the mortgage is paid off? Thank you. Salam
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