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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Existence is gradational reality and cannot be defined
  2. Why universe is a Possible existence? Because it consists of possibilities. Just see your self for a moment and you will find out that once you were nothing but now you are an intellectual existence and you are part of this universe. And universe is the other part of you. Now you is actually universe . So this universe is just a possibility which acquired its existence through a cause but cause will not be matter or energy otherwise it will also be a part of this universe. So cause is immaterial and it is proved now. However how can we decide that cause to be a God? This is intere
  3. By the way are there any atheist people here in this platform
  4. There are three types of existences namely impossible, Possible and Necessary. Since God is a necessary existence so He has no cause
  5. According to avicenna and other philosophers there are three kinds of existences 1. Impossible existence 2. Possible existence 3. Necessary existence Impossible existence only occurs in mind but not in external reality for example old greek Gods, fellow God, four sided triangle, a square circle etc or day and night at the same time at same place. 2. Possible existences means they are in between non existence and existence , they only require a cause to come into existence . For example the humans , organisms, and eventually the whole universe
  6. Actually the criteria in need of a cause is contingency of an (effect)
  7. Sir Bertrand Russel in his book "Why i am not a Christian" wrote that theologians claims that everything has a cause so when i asked them that who is cause of your God, the thoeologians replied that since infinite regression is impossible therefore it has to be end somewhere in chain.so Sir Bertrand Russel says : If you say that infinite regression is not possible then you yourself denying your own first assertion that everything has a cause therefore the universe has a cause. If infinite regression is not possible then we can also stop on this universe by not going into the cause chain.
  8. matter has trans substantial motion and because of this the plant grows from the clay. animal eat that plant and that plant becomes the part of the animal. now human eat that animal and the animal became part of human being and then human semen mix with egg to form a new being with the help of substantial motion. it is very clear bro
  9. Matter has a quality of undergo changes and upgradation and we can easily observe it. From a clay, a plant aroses and animal eat that plant and some how we eat that animal and that animal became part of our body. From that we produce semen and then after a process semen undergo mix with egg to form a baby , a whole new organism, a special organism which has now intellect. So this is the journey from a clay to an intellectual being. So matter always finds its path to attain perfection and Human being is matter's final perfection because of intellect . So we can think, make form and pictures in
  10. Because He is not a composite and infinite regression is impossible. Because material universe is composite of parts and every part rely upon one another to form a whole material universe. So upon relying one another it cannot be necessary. Thus God is a necessary being
  11. lots of things are always existed, for example this material universe is always existed but the criteria of being in need of a cause is not its origination but its contingency
  12. From my point of view and Muslim philosophers that a thing cannot come into existence from absolute nothing
  13. what is the criteria of contingency for a thing?
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