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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Salaams all around, Brother SFTL: I know you don't particularly care for anyone else's (differing) views on this subject, but I would caution you against hardening in your positions to the extent that you begin declaring takfir on your fellow brothers and sisters. Less than a year ago that you identified as agnostic/humanist and (quite frankly) came across as more compassionate and open-minded in your posts. What happened? Allah SWT knows that my Iman has vacillated greatly over the years; sometimes my heart bursts at the seams with love for and devotion to the deen, while at other moments in my life I've gotten the feeling that I've been utterly abandoned and/or tricked by forces that are completely beyond my control/understanding, and my soul dries up like a scorched desert...Life is a test, for sure, and at times the subject matter utterly baffles me. Nevertheless, through many trials and tribulations I've come to realize that absolutely everything that happens in this life (and what comes after) is within the vision and love of Allah SWT. Allah SWT is al-Ghaffar, al-Ghaffur wa at-Tawwab; if I am to live in the hope of receiving forgiveness for my transgressions (of which there are many!), then I have no choice but to develop these attributes within myself. If I am to place myself in a position where I become judge and ruler over what constitutes the "true" faith and the "true" believer, then I have no one to blame but myself when The Master Over All judges me as severely as I judged my fellow human beings. Such is the way of the universe... wa allahu a'alam
  2. Salamun 'Alaykum, I know I'm probably going to get flamed for this, but here goes... Homosexuality in the pre-modern world was almost exclusively associated with open pederasty; the strong (man) dominating and utterly humiliating the weak, oppressed and defenseless (slave boy). The idea of a union between adults of the same gender in an equitable, consenting (and private!) relationship is a relatively modern development; such concepts didn't really take hold in "The West" until the Romantic Era. One only needs to compare the homosexuality of Aristophanes to, say, Wordsworth to see what I mean here, the two are not even close to the same. If the consequence is death for behavior which follows the "ancient" pattern of man/child pederasty, then I'll just come out (pun intended) and say that I fully support such a punishment, whether such truly horrendous offenses are committed in public or in private; if anyone harmed my kids or if I stumbled upon a situation where a child was being abused in such a way, I guarantee you I would personally send the perp straight to hell... wa Allahu a'alam Masalama, and happy Easter to all of my Christian brothers and sisters out there!
  3. Salamun 'Alaykum, I agree with fkh5082 and Khalilallah: physical beauty and "attractiveness" come and go with time; the important qualities to look for in a life partner (and to develop within ourselves) are immaterial. I'm not saying to not enjoy your youth (reasonably), but how you feel if the tables were turned on you in this situation? How would you feel if you really, really fell for this girl, and then you came down with some rare condition or your appearance changed in such a way that made her utterly not attracted to you, thus ruining the marriage (by your standard)? Many of us take our youth and health for granted; I was physically fit throughout my late teens and early twenties, partied way too much, got fat and out of shape by about twenty-five, and have been trying to regain my youthful vigor and strength ever since...I'm still not there, but I'm closer than ever! I've stayed married to the same lady for ten plus years and hope and pray that our best and healthiest years are yet to come (Insha'Allah); if our marriage was based on physical beauty alone we would've called it quits years ago... May Allah ÓÈÍÇäå æÊÚÇáì guide you in your decision Masalama
  4. Salaams, If I get eaten raw by these crazies for having committed the unforgivable sins of eating frogs, eels and crocodiles (all of which are excellent if prepared properly, btw), I hope they get some really nasty diseases/food poisoning...
  5. Salaam brothers and sisters, If Khat is to be considered haram based on the principle that all mind-effecting substances are forbidden, does that not mean that we also must abandon and decry the use of coffee, tea, cacao, etc? I don't know about you guys, but around my house that's not going to happen... Wa Allahu a'alam WS
  6. Salaam brothers and sisters, As others have mentioned, Malikis either pray with their arms by their sides OR folded, it seems to me that some salafist-type Malikis have adopted the whole "clutching the heart" pose of the salafis/shafi'is use, whilst more "traditional" malikis keep their arms in as-Sadl; the former are generally Arabized/"Salafized"/"modernized" North Africans, whereas the latter are generally from less modernized and more "traditional" areas of Africa...I have prayed alongside/behind Malikis from both camps... Also, a Maliki/Shafi'i/Hanbali/Salafi does more than simply raise his/her index finger once during Shahada...Malikis make clockwise-rotating circular movements with their index fingers whilst reciting Shahada, while the rest make rapid up/down movements with the index finger... only Hanafis do the whole up/down once index finger thing... I've been praying like a Maliki for so long it's become ingrained in me (and my kids)...I hate to say it, but I've tried making Salah Ja'afari-style and it just doesn't jive for some reason with me...to each their own I guess...at the end of the day we are all brothers and sisters in Islam and should focus on the similarities more than the differences (nod to brother Alirex)... Masalama
  7. Shalom Aleichem brother Yoel, You crack me up sometimes, and I for one appreciate your moderating presence on this forum. Peace and best wishes
  8. The "travelers marriage" is generally practiced by Gulf Arab and Egyptian businessmen and students as a means of "managing their lust" (a ridiculous concept in its own right and a cover for indulging in sin) while on business/school trips and/or vacations (I assume current wives/families aren't invited to tag along on these) Here in Idaho, such unions generally consist of young, wealthy Kuwaiti/Emirati exchange students at BSU banging local white chicks for a term or two before dumping them when it's time to go home and pretend like they didn't just spend the last several months boozing it up, smoking ganja and fornicating with dirty kuffar women the whole time... May Allah SWT protect all of us from hypocrisy and bad intentions... WS
  9. Salaam, I also found it odd that some (Sunni) Muslims in my area were also quick to permit the consumption of non-halal meat as well as the use of non-halal leather and other animal products. While it is true (as we both know) that some Sunnis permit such questionable behavior, it is certainly NOT true that ALL Sunnis are so lax...In my experience, it is generally Hanafis who permit such things; I don't have access to it now, but this issue was raised at what was formerly sunnipath.com some time ago; I do recall reading a reply permitting the use of leather and (some) other non-halal animal products (but still no pork/gelatin)...as you might imagine, the argument presented in defense of such a ruling was (as usual) tortured and circuitous... Wa Allahu A'alam WS p.s: I currently don't identify as a Sunni, although I did at one point in the past...
  10. Salaam, While I agree that the CIA is largely responsible for the funding and training of (some of) the people who eventually became the Islamic State, I think that this video (willfully?) neglects to mention some of the other factors that have led to this utter quagmire we've made for ourselves, such as: Washington's old dog in Baghdad (Nouri al-Maliki) purging the government of Sunnis on trumped-up terrorism charges (as in the case of Rafi al-Issawi) and essentially greenlighting the summary arrest and detention of numerous Sunnis without charge for months and even years at a time, in addition to other abuses of the Sunni minority by Iraqi state security forces, including what basically amounts to indiscriminate, cold-blooded mass killings in the streets and mosques of Iraq (there are enough documented cases of this, don't say it hasn't happened/isn't happening); Similar abuses against the Sunni civilian population at the hands of the Shi'a militias; Similar abuses against Sunni civilians at the hands of the al-As'ad regime (often at the hands of other Sunnis loyal to the regime); etc... The Shi'a volunteer militias and the Iraqi army are basically the only people protecting the holy shrines right now, and I thank and respect them for that! One day (Insha'Allah!)I hope to visit the holy places and return with my head still on my shoulders, but unfortunately at this point don't think that will ever be possible (at least not in this life)...Nevertheless, we should be careful when we are presented with very simplistic and one-sided analyses of extremely complex and dangerous situations; buying into such clouds our ability to make informed, honest and critical evaluations of what is really going on... As a final note, please do not insult me by taking my words as somehow approving or encouraging these Da'ish monsters; believe me, I hate them too! If I didn't have a family to raise and support basically on my own over here, I would be figuring out a way to bring a fight to them "over there" and hopefully send some of them back to hell, from whence they came... Wa Allahu a'alam, Masalama
  11. I've been to Japan a couple of times; in my opinion the Japanese are among the friendliest, most well-educated and most hospitable people on the planet. I've also seen the remnants of WWII with my own eyes on the Mariana Islands: the fortified bunkers, bombed-out airstrips, torture chambers, signs denoting mass graves...it blows my mind that the parents and grandparents of many of my Japanese friends participated in such horrific brutality. But then again, there are things my Grandparents told me about their combat experiences and some of the things they did to the enemy were also utterly barbaric...War is hell, and WWII was particularly violent. I have mixed feelings about the atom bomb(s); ultimately, Hirohito made the decision to continue fighting even after the first bomb was dropped on Hiroshima and the Soviets declared war on him, so I'm not sure what else would've stopped the war; even more people probably would've died had we invaded based on how the US military conducted itself in the South Pacific and elsewhere... Wa Allahu a'alam WS I
  12. Salaams, This is indeed a very interesting topic. To the OP: Have you read DMT: The Spirit Molecule by any chance? If not, I would very highly recommend it! I've always been fascinated by the idea that the human brain is (among other things) basically a giant drug making (and taking) machine. The brain/body can/does produce and consume substances which have analogues in the external world, substances comparable to THC, amphetamines, opiates, tryptamines, etc...I can't help but wonder what sort of effect the consumption of these drugs have had on our development as a species; I've read somewhere that the consumption of psilocybin mushrooms by our distant ancestors had profound impacts of the development of human civilization as we know it, most especially in the areas of communication and spirituality (speech and religion). I've also read somewhere that such substances are so powerful that their consumption can also permanently alter brain activity (some previously dormant areas of the brain become active and other previously active areas of the brain are essentially shut off). How in the world does that work? Allahu A'alam WS
  13. Yes I do, he has (and has had) maintained enough support inside and outside Syria to stay in power this whole time and I don't see that changing anytime soon, people can say what they want about IRI/Russia, but they generally stick to their guns...
  14. Salaam, Born and currently reside in the Western United States (Idaho mainly), Mom's side of the family is of French/British and Native American descent, Dad's mom is of 100% Norwegian ancestry, no idea whatsoever where Grandpa is from (family secret I guess)... WS
  15. Salaam, Sorry for the slow response! He was actually a tank driver in the Army. I remember him telling me that the Japanese would cut the tongues out of anyone who failed to tell them what they wanted to hear during interrogations (only after enduring unspeakably sadistic torture) and also had a penchant for eating bits of their victims. After American troops came across the dismembered corpses of some Army nurses that clearly showed signs of torture and cannibalism, they were given specific instructions to take no prisoners and show no mercy; orders which they fulfilled quite successfully, I might add... I inherited a Japanese officers' "rising sun" battle flag my grandfather took as a trophy, complete with splattered blood and .30 caliber bullet holes. He also received a Purple Heart for saving another tank drivers' life, but not before getting shot in the leg himself. As you might imagine, he also received permanent hearing damage from his time in the service. WS
  16. Salaam everyone, My late grandfather (may Allah be well pleased with him) was a decorated World War II veteran who fought the Japanese in the Pacific (Eniwetok). His description of their brutality against civilians just boggled my mind; to say that the Japs behaved like animals would be a gross insult to animals everywhere... WS
  17. Salaams, Fair enough about questioning anything reported by the Beeb; I still figured that posting those sources would be less controversial than linking to a Haaretz or Jerusalem Post article... But what about all the regional, Spanish-language material on this subject? Are these local investigators also part of some vast conspiracy against the IRI/Hezbollah? I'm not condemning everything that the group does or has done; to do so is ridiculous IMO...There have been many points in time where Hezbollah was the only institution offering anything resembling law, order and basic services in Southern Lebanon, and I've heard first-hand reports (from those who were actually there) that the IRI/Hezbollah was the only group offering any kind of actually useful military assistance to the beleaguered Kosovars and Croats in their greatest times of need against the Serbs; They also helped some indigenous Central American peoples in their brave fight for survival against their savage (U.S.-backed) imperialist oppressors. I don't have any "proof" for any of these examples, so everyone reading this should dismiss these last claims as part of some vast pro-IRI/Hezbollah conspiracy... To everyone who actually participated in this discussion in a polite and constructive manner: Thank you, people like you give me hope for our shared future as civilized, responsible adults... To everyone else who felt compelled to indirectly insult/attack me for daring to offer my (unpopular on this forum) opinion of Hezbollah: Grow up, your behavior is neither productive nor helpful to your cause and only reveals that you don't have anything of value to add to this conversation. Rant Over; Have a blessed and enlightened day everyone! WS
  18. Salaam, Again, I don't have any "proof;" I don't have a time machine, and all parties involved are murderers, liars and crooks IMO...http://www.bbc.com/news/world-latin-america-17570484... Here's another one from 08..http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/americas/7564660.stm. Do a quick search for "Carlos Menem" or "Juan Jose Galeano" to get an idea of the kind of people we're dealing with (in addition to the Israelis and others) Here's one in Spanish, which alleges high-ranking government involvement in the attack as well as its subsequent and continuous cover-up... http://www.perfil.com/sociedad/Amia-un-ex-secretario-del-juez-Juan-Jose-Galeano-denuncio-que-fue-secuestradro-y-torturado-20090307-0025.html So no, I don't have any "proof," but as a general rule, in Latin America (and elsewhere I'm assuming) if police and special forces types kidnap and torture investigators, then it's usually a pretty safe bet to assume that someone is hiding something... WS
  19. Salaam Brothers, At least in the case of the AMIA bombing, it's definitely fair to criticize the ways in which both Mossad, the Menem government and other shadowy organizations "influenced the results" of and obstructed the preliminary investigation. High-ranking members of the Argentine provincial police force, judges and even presidents of the country have all been suspected of either directly collaborating with the attackers or at the very least allowing the attack to unfold. At this point in time (over twenty years later) the case is still far from closed, and probably never will be... It only makes sense that the intelligence apparatus of a nation (Mossad) would be involved in an investigation into act of terror against its interests and citizens abroad; after all, that's one of the main reasons why such organizations exist in the first place. Mossad definitely has a well-earned reputation for tampering with to crime scenes, destroying evidence, "disappearing" suspects/witnesses/persons of interest, etc., to suit its agenda and objectives. I think this probably applies to every other intelligence agency on Earth, too. Nevertheless, additional investigations in the years following the attack have consistently implicated the IRI/Hezbollah (along with their Latin American cohorts). Again, anyone interested should do their own independent research on this subject, if for no other reason to get a better idea of how ridiculously entangled both Israel and the IRI are in Latin American politics. Both parties are (or at least have been in the past) willing to murder noncombatants right alongside their intended targets and utterly destroy the lives and property of anyone caught in the middle...Civilian noncombatants ultimately bear the brunt in any armed conflict; it's all so tragic... And Allah knows best, any errors in what I do or say are entirely my own... WS
  20. Salaams, This is obviously a very sensitive topic on this forum, but I just couldn't let this one go, because I don't like being insulted or having my words twisted... I don't understand why it's impossible or inconceivable for both sides of this conflict to be guilty of terrorism, if not currently than at least in the past. Israeli collusion and cooperation with various (mainly Christian) militias resulted in mass slaughter among the (mainly Muslim) civilian population of South Lebanon...and there shouldn't be any one's mind that Israel was guilty of terrorism for what they did. (At least according to some people) Hezbollah was notorious for bombing so-called Israeli "soft targets" around the globe, as well as deliberately targeting civilian population centers with rather inaccurate artillery pieces that has also resulted in mass civilian casualties, and not just of Israelis. Again, I bring up the AMIA bombings as an example of this, more than one investigation has concluded that Hezbollah was at least complicit in the attack if not directly responsible. And guess what? that's also terrorism in my book... Say what you will about targeted killings and kidnappings. However distasteful and reprehensible these acts are to many of us, an argument can be made that they at least have the benefit of minimizing civilian and non-combatant "collateral damage." Again, both sides engage in these activities (or have in the past) and both sides have their arguments and justifications for so doing, regardless of how we personally feel about them. But targeting civilian population centers is terrorism, plain and clear... I'm done ranting on about this, and I apologize again if anything I said was understood or construed in an offensive manner, that was most definitely not my intention. May all blessed martyrs eternally rest in peace! WS
  21. Salaams, I've always thought that "Janeen" is a very nice name. "Khadijah" is also (of course) a most excellent name. I also think, "Ghada" has a nice ring to it (starts with a ghayn and not a ga but still)... WS
  22. Salaams, For many years I only drove an incredibly ugly 1980 Volvo 240 dl. That car was absurdly slow an extremely hot in the summer (no A/C), but it started/ran every time, was safe and super comfy. Do I ever miss that car! I eventually got rid of it for something newer and more economical (08 Hyundai Accent SE, also nice but not nearly as safe/slow...) I also used to own a 1979 Mercedes Benz 300sd Turbodiesel, which was also super nice...If I could do it all over again, this is the car I would hang onto, man I miss that car! Currently, I'm looking for something with more than 5-6 seats...my wife and I just had baby #3 and simply need more room for camping/road trips etc...I always swore I would never buy a van, but it's looking more and more inevitable with each passing day... WS
  23. Salamun 'Alaykum, Just some thoughts... I think that there is a common misconception (among many Westerners, at least) that one can somehow enjoy ones' partner physically, without participating in any kind of emotional or spiritual relationship, along with it. Many think they can have their cake and it eat too, "no strings attached." Thinking and living in this manner does immense violence to our Iman, Ihsan and Islam. Our bodies, minds and souls suffer immensely. Not to mention that such unrepentant behavior might well land us in a very unpleasant afterlife... Marriage safeguards against this kind of unbridled sexual activity we find in the modern world. It is a tremendous commitment, but also a mercy from Allah SWT. It can also potentially be turned into a complete disaster, especially if ego and selfish desire are what motivate individuals in a relationship (and not higher ideals, such as modesty, piety, etc.). IMO, strong currents of individualism, irresponsibility, and greed in society are large contributing factors of the divorce epidemic in the West. My uncle always says, "the reason too many people get divorced is not because it's too easy to get divorced; It's too easy to get married!" Utmost care and due diligence in finding the right life partner are essential in order to create a successful marriage, but it's ultimately up to you to either be or become as much of a bessing and as little of a curse to your spouse as possible... WS
  24. Wa 'alaykum as-salaam brother, A few important points: 1) No, I don't have any personal, conclusive proof that Hezbollah is involved in terrorism in any way, but the organization has been implicated in numerous terror attacks, such as the Buenos Aires Israeli Embassy and Jewish Center attacks, the Burgas bus bombing in Bulgaria, etc...My objection to your statement was directed more at the logical structure of your argument than at Hezbollah as an organization itself. 2) I had absolutely no intention of comparing Shi'a martyrs to dogs or disparaging Shi'a in any way. The idea I was trying to convey was that the da'ish monsters treat and kill others in the same manner as one would a wild or stray dog. My statement was meant more as a criticism of da'ish than my Shi'a...I'm an ashik of at-Tariqat Bektasiyya myself, so I share the same fate as any other Shi'a at the hands of the nasibis (Allah curse every last one of them). I sincerely apologize again for the misunderstanding! WS
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