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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Salaams all around, Brother SFTL: I know you don't particularly care for anyone else's (differing) views on this subject, but I would caution you against hardening in your positions to the extent that you begin declaring takfir on your fellow brothers and sisters. Less than a year ago that you identified as agnostic/humanist and (quite frankly) came across as more compassionate and open-minded in your posts. What happened? Allah SWT knows that my Iman has vacillated greatly over the years; sometimes my heart bursts at the seams with love for and devotion to the deen, while at other moments
  2. Salamun 'Alaykum, I know I'm probably going to get flamed for this, but here goes... Homosexuality in the pre-modern world was almost exclusively associated with open pederasty; the strong (man) dominating and utterly humiliating the weak, oppressed and defenseless (slave boy). The idea of a union between adults of the same gender in an equitable, consenting (and private!) relationship is a relatively modern development; such concepts didn't really take hold in "The West" until the Romantic Era. One only needs to compare the homosexuality of Aristophanes to, say, Wordsworth to see what I
  3. Salamun 'Alaykum, I agree with fkh5082 and Khalilallah: physical beauty and "attractiveness" come and go with time; the important qualities to look for in a life partner (and to develop within ourselves) are immaterial. I'm not saying to not enjoy your youth (reasonably), but how you feel if the tables were turned on you in this situation? How would you feel if you really, really fell for this girl, and then you came down with some rare condition or your appearance changed in such a way that made her utterly not attracted to you, thus ruining the marriage (by your standard)? Many of us
  4. Salaams, If I get eaten raw by these crazies for having committed the unforgivable sins of eating frogs, eels and crocodiles (all of which are excellent if prepared properly, btw), I hope they get some really nasty diseases/food poisoning...
  5. Salaam brothers and sisters, If Khat is to be considered haram based on the principle that all mind-effecting substances are forbidden, does that not mean that we also must abandon and decry the use of coffee, tea, cacao, etc? I don't know about you guys, but around my house that's not going to happen... Wa Allahu a'alam WS
  6. Salaam brothers and sisters, As others have mentioned, Malikis either pray with their arms by their sides OR folded, it seems to me that some salafist-type Malikis have adopted the whole "clutching the heart" pose of the salafis/shafi'is use, whilst more "traditional" malikis keep their arms in as-Sadl; the former are generally Arabized/"Salafized"/"modernized" North Africans, whereas the latter are generally from less modernized and more "traditional" areas of Africa...I have prayed alongside/behind Malikis from both camps... Also, a Maliki/Shafi'i/Hanbali/Salafi does more than simply rai
  7. Shalom Aleichem brother Yoel, You crack me up sometimes, and I for one appreciate your moderating presence on this forum. Peace and best wishes
  8. The "travelers marriage" is generally practiced by Gulf Arab and Egyptian businessmen and students as a means of "managing their lust" (a ridiculous concept in its own right and a cover for indulging in sin) while on business/school trips and/or vacations (I assume current wives/families aren't invited to tag along on these) Here in Idaho, such unions generally consist of young, wealthy Kuwaiti/Emirati exchange students at BSU banging local white chicks for a term or two before dumping them when it's time to go home and pretend like they didn't just spend the last several months boozing it u
  9. Salaam brother Jebreil, I want in, too... WS
  10. Salaam, I also found it odd that some (Sunni) Muslims in my area were also quick to permit the consumption of non-halal meat as well as the use of non-halal leather and other animal products. While it is true (as we both know) that some Sunnis permit such questionable behavior, it is certainly NOT true that ALL Sunnis are so lax...In my experience, it is generally Hanafis who permit such things; I don't have access to it now, but this issue was raised at what was formerly sunnipath.com some time ago; I do recall reading a reply permitting the use of leather and (some) other non-halal anima
  11. Salaam, While I agree that the CIA is largely responsible for the funding and training of (some of) the people who eventually became the Islamic State, I think that this video (willfully?) neglects to mention some of the other factors that have led to this utter quagmire we've made for ourselves, such as: Washington's old dog in Baghdad (Nouri al-Maliki) purging the government of Sunnis on trumped-up terrorism charges (as in the case of Rafi al-Issawi) and essentially greenlighting the summary arrest and detention of numerous Sunnis without charge for months and even years at a time, in ad
  12. I've been to Japan a couple of times; in my opinion the Japanese are among the friendliest, most well-educated and most hospitable people on the planet. I've also seen the remnants of WWII with my own eyes on the Mariana Islands: the fortified bunkers, bombed-out airstrips, torture chambers, signs denoting mass graves...it blows my mind that the parents and grandparents of many of my Japanese friends participated in such horrific brutality. But then again, there are things my Grandparents told me about their combat experiences and some of the things they did to the enemy were also utterly b
  13. Salaams, This is indeed a very interesting topic. To the OP: Have you read DMT: The Spirit Molecule by any chance? If not, I would very highly recommend it! I've always been fascinated by the idea that the human brain is (among other things) basically a giant drug making (and taking) machine. The brain/body can/does produce and consume substances which have analogues in the external world, substances comparable to THC, amphetamines, opiates, tryptamines, etc...I can't help but wonder what sort of effect the consumption of these drugs have had on our development as a species; I've read some
  14. Yes I do, he has (and has had) maintained enough support inside and outside Syria to stay in power this whole time and I don't see that changing anytime soon, people can say what they want about IRI/Russia, but they generally stick to their guns...
  15. Salaam, Born and currently reside in the Western United States (Idaho mainly), Mom's side of the family is of French/British and Native American descent, Dad's mom is of 100% Norwegian ancestry, no idea whatsoever where Grandpa is from (family secret I guess)... WS
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