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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Dear Thinkers - in less than 300 words. (verses not included) A human being is a product of his/her genetics and environment. A human being however has little to no input on either of these factors upon birth. One may ask: where is the justice in this, for the majority of humans are born to non Muslim parents, in non Muslim environments. Why then are there some who are "Chosen" to be born into Muslim families. A Muslim may observe that he has been given a huge advantage with his birth into a Muslim family when compared to a person born to a non Muslim family. This notion however is a superficial understanding of the truth, the following is an attempt to delineate what may be a deeper truth. A universal notion holds that each person is accountable based on the knowledge that he/she is given (think mentally ill in Islam, think child in Islam, think Job position etc). For those of us that have been born into a Muslim family, take a pause and consider this: Is it not possible that we are to be held by Allah to a higher degree of accountability when compared to non Muslims. For if he has facilitated for a path so easy to him via our birth to a Muslim family and our environment (that of Islam), then this may in fact be a double edged sword as we are held to a higher level of accountability. A different mindset must take hold in that Muslim- that is, that those who are born to an Islamic family must ultimately hold themselves to a higher global standard in all aspects of their lives, be it spiritual, economic or social. 2 relevant verses that apply to this topic: Verse 33:30 - O wives of the Prophet, whoever of you should commit a clear immorality - for her the punishment would be doubled two fold, and ever is that, for Allah , easy. Verse 7:43- and they will say: "All the praises and thanks be to Allah, Who has guided us to this, and never could we have found guidance, were it not that Allah had guided us! Indeed, the Messengers of our Lord came with the truth. والسلام عليكم جميعاً ورحمت الله و بركاته
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