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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Well I hate to just leave it at that. It's always fair and just to listen to both sides of the story.
  2. So... anyone care to clarify the situation?
  3. They preached so we would have Islam such as we have today. They didn't endure just to "teach Shia practices such as Muta and Taqiyah" which is quite a pathetic way to try to belittle Ahlul Bayt (as) by the wway. They endured so we didn't have the Islam that Muawiyah (la) or Yazid (la) wanted. If they hadn't stood up for injustice, we would all be like how the west are today. KSA would probably be currently legalizing gay marriage or something redundant like that.
  4. Bro just use logic, how likely is it that there is slimy stuff on your privates in the morning and it's something other than semen? If you have doubts, ask your Marjaa.
  5. "A sticky liquid that smells like dough. Its colour is milky with a hint of either green or yellow. It is ejaculated when orgasm is reached, after which the body feels relaxed." http://www.sistani.org/english/book/49/2397/ Does it match the characteristic?
  6. Tell that to the thousands playing it. Each to their own I guess though :)
  7. Salam Alaykum, I just want to bring a little update. I called the Sistani office in London today and I got a ruling which probably most people here aren't gonna like. If a game contains something haram, the game becomes not permissible to play Eg. haram music, gambling, sexual content and the one we all feared, killing other people. The guy said that if the game teaches to kill other people and hate them, then it becomes not permissible. But if you are killing an animal or a beast, it's allowed. Don't take this as the one and only answer tho, I'm not 100% sure what the guy said due to the bad call quality but as far as I know that is what he said. Until I get a detailed email from my Marja office I suggest you email you own Marja to get a reliable answer.
  8. So a game like CS with a lot of killing would be haram?
  9. Not trying to be a party pooper here (got over 50 games on Steam, so big gamer myself) but I'm trying to find out if Ayatollah Al-Sistani (H.A.) has any particular fatwa about video games being haram or halal. Even though this is a big hobby, I must say that it's more important to know if it's halal,
  10. Salam I'm also wondering about this but maybe for another reason. I have recently been nagged at about Counter Strike being haram due to the blood and killing that the game contains but that is something my parents are saying and I have yet to recieve a proper answer from Grand Ayatollah Sayyed Al Sistani's representative about the ruling on video games (especially the ones like CS). So if playing CS or other games is halal in Ramadhan, I would still play it to pass some time, but I would rather push myself to read as much Quran as I can and do as many religious practices that I can. However, you should maybe look into the ruling on games and if anyone out there knows anything about the ruling please share. Anyways, Ramadhan Kareem and I hope you do many good deeds this month. All the best, Ibrahim
  11. So nobody here plays Counter Strike Global Offensive or Team Fortress 2?
  12. This is my solution: Make common denominators: 1/3=4/12 1/4=3/12 240=4/12 240/4=60 which means that 1/12 of a cup is 60 calories to find 1/4 of a cup which is 3/12 of a cup we just multiply 60*3=180 calories If you have any questions, please ask. If you have a calculator that can solve for X then you can use the magical methods of Algebra :D (which comes from Iraq #Proud) (1/3)*X=240 X=720 (1/4)*720=180
  13. Some parents can be reaaally weird sometimes. If feel you. As for the original question: I don't recall trimming/cutting anything other than you beard being haram. It's more the screwed up society in which we live in today where girls think a boy with a unibrow is disgusting and parents saying it's sexy to keep it and gay to cut it. Happy cutting!
  14. Anyone here playing any Counter Strike: Global Offensive? If anyone does, I have a question about the ruling of acquiring skins from weapon cases. As the cases are a form of gambling, it's haram to open them but is there an objection in buying the skins that come from these cases?
  15. Thanks brother, weird how some people say 12-13 when the Imam a.s was ~30 :huh:
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