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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Scholars like Shaykh Makarem Shirazi say men must be fully clothed in public as well and cannot wear such clothes.
  2. The Qur'an is not a book of science, it is a book of guidance. I prefer Shaykh Makarem Shirazi's explanation where he says the Qur'an does not support or reject evolution. It is completely silent about it, at least in any explicit and direct manner.
  3. Al-Khattati

    A Guide to Sunni Trends

    He's a closet Shi'i.
  4. Salam It really depends from what perspective you are approaching this. Ayatollah Jawadi Amoli often quotes the tafsir, sometimes disagreeing with it (most of the time) and sometimes agreeing with it. Remember that Zamakhshari's contribution is a Mu'tazili one, so that's the perspective he takes. Early Shias shared a lot in common with Mu'tazilis so he may be closer in that regards. An interesting side point I saw in his tafsir is his belief that Iblis is actually a fallen angel (similar to the Christian perspective). Quite fascinating.
  5. Salams, There is a new Shia site available where the resident aalim of the SABA Center, Sayyid Nabi Raza Abidi, answers questions regarding Islamic law. For basic questions you should get your response within 48 hours. More complex questions require more time. You can find the site at http://www.moulanaonline.com Those of you who wish to know more about Sayyid Nabi Raza Abidi, you can see his facebook page (Saba Islamic Center) or check out his center's blog at: http://www.sabacenterblog.com or his main webpage: http://moulanaabidi.com
  6. Note that there is an option to put your marja's name in there. Usually the sayyid will also quote the marja's opinion on the given topic.
  7. Salams, There is a new site called moulanaonline.com http://www.moulanaonline.com ... where the resident aalim of the SABA Islamic Center in San Jose answers Q&As regarding Islamic law. I thought this was a useful site to share with members of this site. The mission of Sayyid Nabi Raza Abidi (the resident aalim answering the questions) is to answer your questions within 48 hours. If the questions, however, are more complex, it may take a little bit more time to answer. You have the option of having answers to your questions made public or private. The aalim has taken great care in preserving privacy. Those of you who wish to know more about Sayyid Nabi Raza Abidi, you can see his facebook page (Saba Islamic Center) or check out his center's blog at: http://www.sabacenterblog.com or his main webpage: http://moulanaabidi.com
  8. Salams Laziness is an acquired habit and it corrupts the heart. The more you procrastinate, the more this disease will take hold of you. My suggestion is to start with really small things to kick off the habit, say, read one page a day and you'll realize it's not so bad. Do one small task a day, and when you're up for it, do another small one. Eventually you will want to do bigger things. Slowly you begin enjoying getting things done as for one, it helps fight off depression --> yes, laziness often begets nasty kinds of depression.
  9. salams So I figured out the problem (no thanks to the Microsoft techs). Office 365 for Mac doesn't have the RTL feature (right to left language) but it does have it for Windows although they do have the vertical features for East Asian languages. Anyone wanting Arabic on their word 365 needs to type it in directly or get a software that supports RTL, like Nisus or Milel.
  10. Salams, I recently acquired Microsoft Office 365 for my Mac. I am using words and I can type in Arabic fine. However, whenever I copy paste Arabic into the text the order of the words are reversed and sometimes the letter are disconnected. Word online presents no such problems. I am assuming that right-left reading direction is not enabled on word 365 for some reason. I have contacted microsoft tech support but none of them have a clue on how to fix my problem. I was hope someone here would have some sort of insight to the issue.
  11. I think the brother means if you can marry the person you committed zina with. The answer in Shia fiqh is yes although it is makruh but this is so long as you do not repent. Allah loves the repentant sinner more than the proud worshiper.
  12. Bismillah Ta'alaa Salam Alaikum Say salams for the sake of Allah and reap your rewards. If they are rude to you but you stay kind, you will reap even more rewards and blessings will be taken away from their own lives at their own doing. Rudeness comes from a diseased heart so do not be upset with them, their hearts are sick and they are miserable. My advice is to have pity and make dua for them that Allah removes whatever darkness there is in their hearts. Make sure to concentrate on the emotion of pity as it is the best remedy for hatred and spite against another who does wrong to you.
  13. salams We should be generous with our smiles and cheerfulness, but be moderate in outright laughter. That is my understanding of all the hadiths on the subject when looked at holistically.
  14. From my understanding (which may be wrong) it is for two reasons: 1) marriage is an opportunity to struggle against one's ego. It is like a boiling cauldron which brings out the worst out of people out in the open like boiling water but by doing so it also gives us a better insight as to what the diseases of our heart are and creates a ground where we can fight them and grow to become decent human beings. 2) it is there as an alternative to zina. Marriage saves the soul, zina destroys it. Permanent marriage has a plus over temporary marriage in that its spiritual effects are greater as it involves deeper commitment and the production of offspring which as a result makes it in a person's interest to find a person who has real imaan and real commitment to bettering themselves. Allah knows best, but that's my take and I may be wrong
  15. Salams, This fallible advice is first and foremost directed at myself before anyone else: 1) Real love happens after marriage. But there is a secret to it which the Qur'an unlocks for us, 1) mawaddah and 2) rahmah. The first (mawaddah) refers to a deep seated friendship between husband and wife, and the second (rahmah) is understanding that your spouse is a fallible and weak human beings. He or she will make mistakes, will sometimes act childish and not listen, do wrong things etc. part of rahmah is that you forgive the person for their faults and make excuses for them. This is not easy, but a good way to help is to put your ego aside and contemplate on your own faults and mistakes. If you can do this then it will be harder to put yourself at a higher moral ground than your spouse. Perceiving yourself as superior to your spouse is a recipe for disaster. This can be for example, you think you are more ethical, nicer, smarter, etc. do not let these thoughts take root in your heart, fight them as much as you can for these are the whispers of demons. You may be better than them in something, but surely they are better than you in other things. 2) Be humble and know each one of your priorities are in life. Most likely, your priorities will not be the same so this means that you need to come to a middle line and compromise. Know that your priorities will shift as you grow older. Your priorities when you were in your early 20s will not be the same as your priorities in your early 30s. Do your best to know your spouse's priorities and meet them as much as you can even if they don't make sense to you. If they don't make sense to you, they make sense to your spouse. I am sure you have priorities that your spouse doesn't think make sense but you would be happy if they tried to respect them anyways. They will notice it if you do this. 3) Do not make judgments or talk when you are angry and do not make promises when you are very happy. Make sure your mind is tranquil when you make important judgments and decisions. If you are in a fight or disagreement, whatever you do do not attack your spouse's person, focus only on what the problem is (i.e. talk about how you don't like them leaving a mess in the house, don't call them lazy and good for nothing). 4) Very important, be cheerful. Imam Ali (as) says "al bashashatu mukh al mawadda" which means cheerfulness is the marrow of friendship (mawaddah). Stop being grumpy, stop being critical, stop complaining, stop fault finding, stop the frown. Bite your lip when you want to say something negative. If there is a problem, say the problem but then do shukr and flood it with positive things. Fault finding and complaining is a very serious disease and it will ruin your mind and your marital life. It will infect your spouse and all those around you and invite an army of demons in your life. Force yourself to be cheerful, force yourself to have a positive mindset and see the good in things. This will help you be grateful and take your imaan to heights you never imagined. It will also make turn your marital life into heaven on earth. If you want to be happy, be cheerful even if you are not cheerful inside. The more you repeat something in your outer behavior, it will slowly sink in your heart and become an inner virtue. It will change your personality. Repetition, repetition, repetition. --> so be cheerful. Laugh and smile a lot even when you do not feel like it. Laughter makes you smarter and helps you make better decision. It makes you smarter and wiser. Just google the effects of laughter on the brain and you will see. Just an example here, laughter helps you make better financial decisions: http://www.moneysense.ca/columns/laughter-prompts-better-decisions/.... there are a lot more benefits, like better blood circulation etc. just search it and you will see. Ayatullah Jawadi Amoli in one of his durus said he knows couples who at 80 are more passionate about each other now than when they were newly wed. Mawaddah, a divine gift, is something that grows over time. Studies show that happily married people live 15 years longer than single people or people in bad relationships. If you want to be happy, you should try your best to be humble and fight your demonic urges to be right and superior. Be compassionate and have pity. Put your spouse first.
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