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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Son of Placid,you deify a man like yourself and believe he is God incarnate!You're the lowest of creatures,according to Islam.
  2. I ain't your Brother,you tomb-worshipping,chest-beating kafir.
  3. The main difference is that Muslims pray to God;shias pray to the deceased cousin of the Prophet.
  4. @Chaotic Muslem,you'd better change your name in Clueless Muslem!
  5. Global zionists?Just Yesterday the Jewish donors who finance Obama had him promise them he'll wipe out Isis for them so that Israel does not have to worry.
  6. Bilal was the one who,when tortured,resisted the pain and defied his torturers proclaiming Tawheed to their faces, Not a thing people who worship dead cousins of prophets can estimate,though.....
  7. If you people weren't constantly idol-worshipping graves of deceased people,there wouldn't be any need for actions like this. But since you do worship dead prophets instead of God.....
  8. Now,you don't have any shame left do you?The Whole world knows the Americans are fighting against the Isis mujaheddin along with Syria and Ira and you have the nerve to accuse Isis of fighting with american arms?
  9. Saying 'Ya Ali' is pure,unadulterated shirk and does not have anything whatsoever to do with Islam!It's obvious that they were just calling the guy by his name and they wanted to spare his life!
  10. And are you gonna teach me about Tawheed, mr [not very nice words]?
  11. Lanat upon you,you filthy mushrik!
  12. Nonsense.They are all dead;believing otherwise is shirk and kufr!Period.
  13. Honorable Shias fighting alongside mass-murderers like Assad,the corrupt regimes of the Arabian peninsula,the Americans and the Israelis against Isis mujaheddin! I really do not understand how you guys can look at yourselves in the mirror! Have you no shame left?
  14. And you try to follow your fitra,if you know what it is,and discover Tawheed instead of praying to tombs and dead people.
  15. @ScottishMushrik:before lecturing anyone about things you don't know anything about,do at least learn to write God and not god.Moron.
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