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  1. can anyone recoment good books of muslim history
  2. thanks you kind of clear my thoughts
  3. thank but on what basis a masoom can call for jihad.i mean if some people living in latin america have nothing against you.how you can fight with them.it is not defense.can you please elaborate this point.
  4. salam to all of you i am just wondering as we say israel is occupying,doing brutal actions and likewise america invade to different countries and rob their all resources it is must not happen.but i want to know why muslim invaded to spain and subcontinent and different parts of the world.was that right,and did any shia muslim supported that kind of conquests? if yes why did they supported.because it is absolutely unacceptable to go and fight with those who have nothing to do with you.and are not harming you.Does anyone can suggest any good book on that topic.
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