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  1. https://www.google.co.uk/search?q=Ramadan+I%27ve+got+a+date+this+month&espv=2&biw=1536&bih=783&source=lnms&tbm=isch&sa=X&ved=0CAcQ_AUoAmoVChMIlb2GidCVxgIVbhbbCh3WeACu#tbm=isch&q=forever+alone+Ramadan&imgrc=q-_uGyoDrfvDDM%253A%3BIidzr-q5GH6iTM%3Bhttp%253A%252F%252F41.media.tumblr.com%252F9ec28978ddecf2845bd2d4f3dfabd5c7%252Ftumblr_mqaq39695I1qdaz5ko1_500.jpg%3Bhttp%253A%252F%252Fadventitiousthoughts.tumblr.com%252F%3B500%3B500
  2. Hello I am KhalilAllah: I am unaware of what the people of ShiaChat think of me; so introduce me as you think of me below please. Thank you. It should begin as: "I am Khalilallah..."
  3. BAHAHAHAHA Ey Khoda!!! Beast you are a genius, Muta Massages! :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:
  4. The holy month of Ramadan is coming, the only time we forever alones get dates. :mellow:
  5. 1581. There are nine acts which invalidate fast: Eating and drinking Sexual intercourse Masturbation (Istimna) which means self abuse, resulting in ejaculation Ascribing false things to Almighty Allah, or his Prophet or to the successors of the Holy Prophet Swallowing thick dust Immersing one's complete head in water Remaining in Janabat or Haidh or Nifas till the Adhan for Fajr prayers Enema with liquids Vomiting
  6. Istikharah? First think of all the factors and how it may effect you. Also I think if your mother and father wants you to do this then this become Wajib on you to do, but don't take my word for it.
  7. Using a shower can't be innovation, saying the Shahadah causes a change in practice although in theory it may not be a part of the adhaan. Its like for example; lets say if I banned Muta and made it illegal but said it is Halal at the same time. So I have effectively caused a change even though in theory I haven't made it Haram, just made it illegal in the law of the land.
  8. Yes Lol the sleep doesn't make a difference, you are still counted as being at home since it is only 20km.
  9. Minimum distance needed to be counted as a traveller is over 40km. So you can fast.
  10. Say "Please don't touch me!" Seriously some men touch women to test them to see if these women are "open" for more.
  11. Thank you. The world still hasn't got the easy communication needed I think since we have it here in the "developed" countries but in the poorer nations people are still detached from the rest of the world.
  12. Taking photos or recording videos is not forbidden and even listening to music is not Haram. The context determines whether such are Haram in Islam as: Taking photos of a naked woman for the public is haram Recording inappropriate scenes such as sex is Haram Music which arouses feelings which would lead to lust makes it haram to listen to music.
  13. I realize you don't want my opinion here so ma salam
  14. You do realize Shias see the 3 Caliph and Aysha as the enemy if the AhlulBayt right and have you seen Ziyarat e Ahura that Shias recite?
  15. Bismillah The time when Imam Ali (as) was Caliph, thousands of mosque were sending La'nah on him in Syria & other regions. They thought he had become an apostate, assassins came to kill him and at the sight of him and the sound of his sweet words would regret their foul intention and realize who is Caliph. When his son Imam Hassan (as) became Caliph most of the people were ignorant of his condition and words. The only people who heard his voice were the tribe leaders who would twist his words and sell him to Muawiya's gold. When Imam Hussein (as) was martyred in Karbala, people were spinning around the Kaaba unaware of what is happening to the Prophet's grandson. All the 11 Imams were the same, their voice was full of truth and guidance but it did not reach far, the conditions, the ignorance made it very easy for the arrogant enemies to manipulate people easily against the Imams. This is why I think the Imam will return once the world has advanced in technology to the point that every human around the globe is able to establish direct communication with the Imam, so that lords, leaders and princes may not be able to deceive people and lead them by lies against the Imam. Until such a time the world would have become filled with even more injustice and all of the systems would have failed in achieving justice therefore leaving everyone with a thirst for truth and justice with easy access around the whole world. This will create the right fertile soil for planting the seeds of the justice by the will of Allah and returning the Imam to guide and guide each human directly due to easy means of communication. We would be out the time when the Imam's voice would have only reached the inside of one Mosque, by this time the whole world would be able to hear his voice without the need for others to play Chinese whispers with the Imam's words. What are your thoughts?
  16. I just wanted to share my amazement at the oppressed. You know the steel spring, the more pressure you put on it the harder it will bounce back once released. Look at the Shia, look how we were pressed and look how we will be released and look how far we will jump when we rise! They pressed Shias in Afghanistan, half of them were killed and they fled for decades hiding in the mountains and foraging food. Once released they managed to secure their rights, secure their livelihood and fought. Although they were poor and ill equipped, they defeated the Russian invasion into their regions, they defeated their enemies in the civil war. Ahmed Shah Masood lost more men fighting the Shias in Kabul alone than he did during the whole era of fighting the Russians. When the Taliban invaded they fought the Taliban until the downfall of the Taliban and now they are small in numbers but able, every candidate runs to them to get their support for their government. Israel oppressed the Shias in Lebanon, invaded them, occupied their lands and pressed them down but once with the will of Allah they were released, they almost ended Israel and is now the new keeper of the dog in its place. They have become one of the most powerful forces to be reckoned with in the middle east. In Yemen the Houthi & Shia were oppressed, they fled to the mountainous regions hiding in caves and valleys yet still they were hunted and murdered, now look at them, they have been released, their power continues to grow, their morale unshakable, their weapon weak but their arms strong, the Saudi are now seriously threatened by them. Now the Houthi have taken the capital and everyone awaits them for talks and they have come from hiding in caves. In Iraq Shias were oppressed, they are now being released, they grow in power everyday and will continue to grow over time Inshallah. Shias in Saudi Arabia, Bahrain and Pakistan are currently being pressed and will Inshallah soon be released, this release will effectively spell the end of the Gulf emirs and corrupt leaders. Sun Tzu in the art of war says: "To a surrounded enemy, you must leave a way of escape" and "When you surround an army, leave an outlet free. Do not press a desperate foe too hard." We have been pressed too hard and as a result our enemies now suffer the consequences of their own actions.
  17. When is the month of Ramadan starting for London? I do Taqleed of Sayed Sistani.
  18. Asking a Salafi to be logical <---- illogical request since it goes against the principle of non-contradiction.
  19. May be the engagement itself is the reason for the break down. So they are both Halal for each other because they have done the Nikah, so they are married except there is no sex involved and the husband doesn't get what he needs. The man, O lord, I can only imagine the frustration he went through being touched and spoken to by his wife but no sex for months, that would make anyone crazy. At the same time the man is unable to ask the girl for sex may be out of shyness thereby waiting for her to understand his needs and be 'mature' about it by offering herself to him, I am guessing this didn't happen and the guy couldn't take it any more! This engagement thing, stupid! raw, plain stupidity! You are either married or you are not, being able to talk and touch each other but have no sex is just wrong and unnatural and it is bound to end up in frustration and breakdown.
  20. 1. the 3rd Shahada causes division in terms of Shia/Sunni way of practising Islam. 2. The Shia receive much accusations for Bidah and separating from Islam by innovating 3. It is not a part of the Adhan or a practise of our Imams, are our Imams only advisers or are they Imams who need following? If they are Imams (leaders) then shouldn't we follow them? By following them would it not be correct to do exactly what they did? nothing more, nothing less? Or can we step ahead of them or lag behind them by adding some things and taking away some other things?
  21. Salaam Barader Jor bashi Jor! Khoda tura peroza da australia bidya.
  22. You could make a board game which encourages good Akhlaq For example; you land on chance and a dilemma arises where someone has done some wrong, do you A) forgive him b.) ignore him or c) punish him? each answer should have like 2 moves forward or back on the board etc, this type of games would encourage them to apply the correct moral decisions in life as it is taught to them with board games. It's a great idea what you are doing, I would personally buy such toys and puzzles for my baby sisters!
  23. Yes mine says "Oops, something went wrong" "you don't have access to our chat room".
  24. Is there a minimum amount of food that one must eat every night after fasting the day? Or can you just go with a date?
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