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  1. I wish I could be a more obedient slave of Allah.

  2. Ask me on the Profile Feed if you want to message me

  3. You are very active on Shiachat Mashallah, I am sensing you haven't had much exchanges with Shias for a long time.

    1. Neptuncurse


      Thank you. Actually, you're kind of right.

    2. Khalilallah


      Yes your amount of posts and length kind of hints that you have been starved from religious surroundings. Inshallah you will find this online community to be a good one, and you will learn something from here.

  4. Wow congrats, now you are a red!!!

  5. You are using your real picture? Brave!

    1. azy


      I do not believe in fake identities....

  6. Are you a Muslim?

    1. thuglife
    2. Khalilallah


      A Muslim troll or a disbelieving one?

    3. thuglife


      He's not... Every comment of his is trolling. Sometimes, it's very subtle. Go look at how others reply to his comments: usually, their first sentence is correcting an accusation of his. Would a Muslim really spend their short time on Earth trolling this site? Would a Muslim put a chimp as their profile pic?

  7. Hello, why can't I comment on posts, or start them, have I reached a limit or have you guys banned me.

  8. why Can't I comment on posts, have I reached my limit or are you doing this?

  9. Shias were named shias when harun al rashid wanted to label all the different schools of thoughts, such as the hanafi, maliki etc. and the followers of Ali at the time decided to follow the thoughts of Imam Sadiq (a.s). Imam Sadiq only wanted to be called muslim but we were given the name by force, we didnt name ourselves as shias. so don't create a problem between yourself and your family, accept the good even if its from your enemy and oppose the bad even if its from shia, the teachings...

    1. Khalilallah


      ...of the imams are open to interpretation like the teachings of the qur'an so that individuals may use it solve their problems, not confine themselves to the interpretations of other people, because every person has their own view. So call yourself a Muslim to your family, find the virtuous path, let logic and reasoning be your guide rather than superstition extremism. Know that if Allah does not guide you then no one can. Keep hold of your family and call yourself a Muslim and believe w...

    2. Khalilallah


      ...you see as virtuous and logical, and remember Islam is a problem solver. So keep to your family and don't announce yourself as a shia but call yourself a muslim and follow the 12 Imams. I wish you a good future and nearness to Allah.

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