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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Niqab does not prevent you from exercise. It is worn in the public sphere and those women can go to a female only gym and run in tights or run at home. Hardly fair to blame a piece of cloth for not exercising.
  2. Now you are in disagreement with God. Allah never made a democratic decision to create Adam Allah never made a democratic decision on who to appoint as a Prophet Allah never made a democratic decision about whether Mohammed should be a prophet. So why the successor of a Prophet?
  3. Has he not got the right to voice his opinion?
  4. I don't know the Fatwa But hypothetically speaking, the advancement of US weapons and military technology was a result of pure science and you can see how evil it was. So we don't know what may come of the future, do you think Einstein wanted to nuke the Japanese when he wrote E=MC2? Of course not but hey! it happened. So any help in advancing an oppressive regime is evil I would say because you may intend good by your labour but they will use your labour for what they want. Another example; we know the division of labour, when tanks are made, there is that one person who only does the s
  5. Would you prefer if those women walked around in jeans and tight T-shirts?
  6. Avoid porn and the rest will work out. When you get too tempted to control yourself and you fear you will end up watching porn then 1 sin is less worse than 2. The more you watch women the more your lust will increase, so lower your gaze.
  7. Do you really believe Ayatollah Shirazi is in the same group as Al-Nusra?
  8. Half of Khoms is for Sayyids, the Other half for the Imam of our time, Imam Mahdi.
  9. Who ever is funding it then NASA is working for them.
  10. It is good you are questioning before accepting. If your intention is purely to learn then I suggest you read a book because these issues don't have room for arguing whether they are right or wrong, their authorities have been established by Allah and therefore it would be best if you read rather than hope to learn by arguing people less educated or equally educated as you. Go to this site: http://www.al-islam.org/
  11. It took a post from Brother Bright to make me realise how stupid my above advice is. TBH when I wrote the first one I assumed you were at least 20 years old, I was wrong. And then the rest is also wrong advice, ignore them and follow the above one please or don't follow any.
  12. Go get a girl then :) Just get a girlfriend and then one day after you are all lovey dovey and wanna start holding hands and hugging etc then ask her to say a few words (Nikah) and then you say "I accept". :) I wish I could go back to 14 and have a sensei like me, I could have been the Father of 4 kids by now.
  13. the zakat paid by the natural resources of Iran is also enough to feed the poor of the whole world, now imagine the Zakat of the Saudi oil. Zakat isn't just obligatory on an individual farmer, it is obligatory upon every natural extract from the earth. Now, the Khoms which is paid by the few Mo'mineen are not making the Sayyid rich, hardly any Sayyid takes Khoms unless he is in poverty (in such a poverty if he was non sayed he would have received Zakat). So the Khoms is spent on institutions such as the Hawza, funding the Mujtahids, Talaba, and many others. It is not a Sayyid only t
  14. Yeah lol look at my first post, I said all those things then I found out he is 14. So its best for him to date girls now, rather than sin.
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