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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
In the Name of God بسم الله


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  1. Peer

    walaikum salam...

    im good, bro., how u doing?

  2. Salam Alykum, I think it's fairly simple to say that everything in this world requires some rules to follow and therefore for human lives we have a religion to follow, that keeps us from harming ourselves. And, moreover it gives us an aim and satisfaction and contentment at heart, which can not be achieved from anywhere else.
  3. roomi

    Salam alaykum Peer Syed Sahab,

    How are you?

    You may not know me but I remember reading your comments few years ago. I wasn't active on shiachat for long time.



  4. Salam Alaykum..! I am in East Anglia. To be precise, i am in Silsoe( between luton and bedford). Came here 3 months ago from Delhi, India to pursue Msc at Cranfield Uni. I went to luton once, didnt know about the Shia community there. I wanted to attend Majalises but due to transportation probs couldn't. InshaAllah i'll go to Luton to attend Ashoora Procession. Allah Hafiz
  5. (salam) congrats PEER SYED SAHIB on getting this post. ah
  6. (salam) i use glasses and i dont like wearing glasses.i donno whether my eyes gonna improve or not but i m not thinking of getting lenses right now.may be later on.my cousin is free from glasses now,his eyes r improving.i hope my eyes will improve sometime :unsure i belive studying too close to books and for longer periods do affect eyes.
  7. (salam) whats the number of your eyes. mine is -1.5.
  8. (salam) i voted for real.it is full of star players,thats what i like about real. ronaldo beckam carlos it's cool
  9. (salam) i am also curious about it.is there any explanation.
  10. (salam) pakistan is 1 down and now looking down the barrel.Irfan Pathan will make the difference.today he batted so well.best of luck to him.
  11. (salam) ya he is on the footsteps of saeed anwar.
  12. (salam) islam is the most logical and rational religion.if somebody takes right things out of it and doesnot distort it for its gain or in ignorance then only right picture of islam comes into play.islam is very rigid and flexible whereever it is required to be.so it is0 the right path. ah
  13. (salam) multan is in pakistan right now.and first test match is there.
  14. (salam) oh, its been a real learning experience here.i love this site and wan to continue with it.i have recommended this site to few people ikow and they liked it too.thanx to all the team of shiachat.may Allah give reward for your good work.
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