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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Salam. Your account has been unregistered as you requested.

  2. Hey dear sisters! I hope you are all doing well. You see, the reason for my post today is to talk about some things that frustrate me about people's attitude towards the hijab. I am sure not everyone disrespects the hijab, but a large number of the people I've met do, and I could not help bringing this to topic. Opinions please? [rest of post deleted]
  3. Dear, why would it be haram? Haram is to steal, commit adultery, or to cover your hair and not wear conservative clothes. Now that is haram! Not simply wearing extensions in front of other women. As long as you cover your hair and dress properly in front of other men, it should be alright. While I agree we have to be careful with what we do, I suggest we think about the logics behind most of the things we do rather than just jumping into obviously complicated and over-exaggerated scholar claims. God gave us a brain and we can use it. No need to over-complicate the matter.
  4. Thanks for giving your opinion and we all appreciate it. One small suggestion, leave your comments open to more questioning. Don't just put a blind stop to them because that way we would reach no closure :).
  5. Yes, this is true. Embryogenesis is another strong evidence of evolution. If we were to track all embryos, it would be very similar to what could have possibly happened through our evolutionary history. I am forced to mention however, that we have to be careful with our wording. This is not a proof, but it is evidence that supports evolution. Contrary to popular belief, science is not something that is ever proved. Science is not facts, or at least the facts we usually think about. Nothing in science is 100% true. Science is nothing but a very close approximation to the truth, which is 95-99% true. This is what a fact is for science; a statement that 95-99% of the times hits the bull's eye. Science is the study of building in logic theories statements that are statistically fulfilling.
  6. I hold a BS in Biology and I seek to attain a masters degree in evolutionary studies, but I am afraid of the reaction I will get from my family and specially parents if they were to know this. This is why I want to get to know others' opinions before I jump into letting them know what my aims are. So you can tell I have studied pretty much... I have taken condensed courses on evolution and it is always a fundamental part of every course I've taken, even the non-conventional sciences (social sciences, like psychology etc.). I've read Darwin... and much on the philosophical view on the aspect... so on and so far. Of course I still have much to learn, but I do understand what I'm talking about when I talk about evolution. I'll be honest and say that when I first went to college I was extremely skeptical about the entire idea of evolution. But again, the evidence is just so overwhelming that I ended up being convinced. So I should ask further questions on the matter? Things that do not convince me about evolution, perhaps? What least could make sense to me or to anyone else is perhaps how we possibly evolved from a chimp-like ancestor. But then again, aren't the kufar (excuse my possibly misspelling) damned to end up as pigs and monkeys? I do not understand why a human ending up as an animal is any more or less convincing than us coming from animals. Doesn't it say in the Holy scripture that God created life so that it has originated from water? Well, so did life emerge from water in Darwinian explanations. The first living thing emerged from water too. Evolution is not just a theory, it is how everything seems to fit in our perfect world. And my friend Omer, please refrain from saying that. To answer life in the terms you are explaining is putting a stop to every possible opportunity we have to advance in science, medicine, and technology. Whether God created us from a single being and then made us evolve into different beings is just as or maybe even more amazing than saying he created each one of us from scratch. And I am not a dualist either, btw. I do not believe that the soul and the body are to completely seperate entities. In my opinion, if one is hurt, the other also is. Correct me if I'm mistaken, but don't we go to the afterlife with our bodies? Both are interconnected and just like your body can't work without your thoughts well then your thoughts can't work without a brain.
  7. Hello! I'm new posting and the reason why I have become part of this community is because there are some questions in life that I have that I cannot ask others in my family (either because they'll call me crazy or not understand me, not because of any shameful reasons). Anyway, the point of my post is to ask what your thoughts on Evolution are. Please, if you are not informed on what evolution really means then try to refrain from merely giving negative comments. In my opinion, the evidence on evolution is overwhelming, to the extent that if it is not real then it must be to some extent true. I am a true believer in Allah, but I'm not a native speaker of Arabic and find it difficult to read the Qur'an. I have it in my list of top things to learn, no need to comment on this. With the knowledge I do have however I find no clash whatsoever in the writings of our holy book and evolution... unless we were to take everything literally. So what do you think? Some people call it a sin to find evolution feasible and call me names for appreciating the beauty of the mechanism. On the other hand, it just strengthens my believe in Allah that he could have possibly created us so perfectly and simply.
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