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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. How seriously incoherent and mentally challenged are you? Where did I say you were Ark1? If you evidence to back up your assumption than please present it. I feel like using the worst sort of abusive language to you Mr Mian right now. Maybe that's what you want to hear? People use VPNs everywhere for different reasons. For instance some content is region specific like videos and stuff like TV serials, so people instead put on VPNs to disguise their actual IP addresses. You seriously know nothing about technology or specifically about computers. Most of the stuff you have posted so far is rubbish. Your fetish for Iran and Iranians in general is weird and disgusting.
  2. Not hard to change your IP address through VPN. Not saying you did as I am against making assumptions on anything if I don't have anything to back what I say. Besides it isn't the first time you have created a account.
  3. Where did I say you were Ark1? You seem quite mentally challenged and yes I have pointed out on another thread long before you have. You would have surely read my post already, by having a look at Ark1 's threads. There are something's about you posted which you obviously didn't like. So you didn't bring that up instead and brought up this bizarre issue. Again I am against making assumptions unless there is strong evidence to back it up. For example I have posted strong evidence linking you to a previous account of yours. However I don't have evidence to link you to Ark1 so therefore I will not make the assumption that you are that user. Besides its more than just that, you have created a route for others to come here and just only post about Iran and Iranians when they start off by seeing your posts. Its like a chain reaction you have created. Just be honest that you have a weird 'fetish' for Iran and Iranians. Aren't you the the person whose also been mostly posting and creating threads only relating to Iran? Even if something doesn't have anything Iran you will try to bring Iran or Iranians into it. Also weren't you the person who created a Poll on where Iranians live? I questioned you and I am still waiting for similar polls for Pakistanis, Iraqis and others that you promised.
  4. Partisan fighter Stjepan Filipović shouting "Death to fascism, freedom to the People!" seconds before his execution on May 1942.
  5. Never have I seen such an obsession whether it be about Iran or Iranians reach such a level before on ShiaChat. There have even been threads about where in the world Iranians are specifically living. The same hasn't been asked for about Pakistanis, Lebanese, Iraqis or anyone else. Blame it all on some weirdo who lives in Canada who has a 'fetish' for Iran and Iranians. The Mods really need to something about this just like how they have been taking down all the Mutah threads. This is reaching a boiling point.
  6. Besides all that I am pretty sure as I have made in my previous posts that MohmmadMianSunni and MuhammadXII are the same people. From reading the stuff posted and private messaged to me, including changing their Username from 'Mohammad Mian' on another site straight after I posted about it on ShiaChat plus with quite a similar question posed about Iranian youth on this site and the other one only a day apart, I can ascertain that its the same person behind those two accounts. But no the moderators will unfortunately remain defiant and not even consider all the evidence I have collaborated to them. I will never assume anything about anyone or anything if I had no evidence about it whatsoever. I am against making assumptions but in this case I am quite sure these are the same people.
  7. It could be another account of his and I would suspect so. At the same time they hasn't given out a lot of information or any particular similar information to what's been posted on MohammadMianSunni and MuhammadXII besides indicating that they live in Canada. Other thing is that this Ark1 has mostly posted so far during the 12am-6am period assuming he lives somewhere like Toronto or Vancouver, which is obviously night time in Canada where people will be off course asleep. Either this guys is nocturnal or actually not even living in Canada.
  8. You actually have a good point here. No doubt people these day judge women simply on their looks and nothing else. But no one does the same to men. Lot of those Feminist make the same point as well. When people watch the Olympics when their watching the women event, they judge the women on what they look like but not how they play. But the same criteria is not applied to men. Hypocrisy at its finest. Its simply sexist and morally wrong to judge women because of their looks but not her hard work and intelligence. I have seen it happen too much around me. I will tell you I am sick of it. Ever since we had these celebrities and models out there, women have for no reason become too flustered and pressured to look as 'good' as them. Its not just women who fall in this trap, Men can also be the victims at times. At the end of the day we are all beautiful in different ways and we should always do exactly what everyone else is doing. We should be independent and think for ourselves.
  9. @IbnSina I have already seen this video soon as it came out. Besides you don't deserve a single apology from Convertible or anyone here. You shouldn't be getting any in the first place. When you say "Death to Israel!" in a thread about how to treat Israeli people is really distasteful as I emphasised in my previous post. If someone said "Death to Iran" it would feel the same. A country represent more than just the politics and military, it represent a people, a culture plus religion and heritage. Don't you have any brains to realise this? What was the point of posting this in the first place? When it had no such relevance to question posed on this thread, which was simply about how to treat Israelis. You simply don't think for yourself. You copy what others say and repeat the same propaganda on and on like a parrot or robot.
  10. I also expect a poll on where Pakistanis, Indians, Iraqis and Lebanese live. Otherwise this is downright creepy. Haven't you made your obsession for Iranians clear enough for everyone here?
  11. Why love someone who doesn't love you back? But instead they backstab and insult you?
  12. Oh nice. Its so hard to remain focused on these robots! Then suddenly out of nowhere one of them scores or makes a nice shot and you are not even paying attention.... But I love it. Eventually as time moves on these robots will surely improve and so will these Robo Cups get a little more competitive plus fun to watch.
  13. +1 As I pointed in my earlier in my post women usually have their own areas that they can swim in. In no way are they banned. They are banned from swimming in the mixed areas of the beach.
  14. A skirmish or really any kind of conflict between the Kurdish militias and the Syrian government forces is really counter productive. There needs to be some sort of set agreement and compromise between them at this point of time. In the end ISIS and all these Rebel groups including countries like Turkey and Saudi Arabia will be gaining the upper hand as result of these tensions between the Kurds and Syrian government. Its completely unnecessary and pointless, especially when they don't realise most of these groups and nations in the Middle East would want both the Kurds and Assad regime finished.
  15. First of all I had like to point, yes I am a Shia who believes in the return of Imam Mehdi as we all do here. In my view there is some misconceptions in a lot of what you have mentioned mostly related to the geopolitics with the added and lot of your ideas sound like mere 'fallacies' to me. At the same time I am not convinced of your portrayal of what will specifically occur but nevertheless I respect your beliefs that your hold dearly on this matter and don't wish to delve any further into the specifics of what you have said. Its best we keep it at that.
  16. Unfortunately you are too thick headed to have a conversation with and all I see from you is emotionally charged discussions. This whole thread was about how to treat Israelis regardless of their political convictions. You have tried to constantly deviate from the main topic and you have tried to bring me off-topic along with you. I have told you that the majority of Jews feel obviously closer to Israel and sympathise with it more. Just like most Muslims and Arabs who sympathise with Palestine. Its in no doubt a sketchy topic but we should nevertheless discuss it professionally with reason and facts which has not happened at all on this thread. I am not entirely convinced Israel is the "Devil", people particularly Muslims and Arabs try to make it out to be. It has it positives and then it negatives. No country in the world immune from Human Rights abuses, even Western nations like Australia, who put 'Asylum Seekers' in off-shore detention centres in the poorest of conditions with abuses being committed on a daily basis. I have met many Israelis a lot of whom are kind and the friendliest of people out there. They respect my political convictions and opinions and I respect theirs. A lot of them support their government and military, I may not agree with that but I respect that and treat them as human beings. How would you treat an Israeli or Jewish person who supports Israel and proud of where they come from?
  17. Well I am a part-time tutor myself, if that counts. It all started off from helping out my younger Sister in her Maths and Science homework and after really improving her marks in her exams I thought why not take down Tutoring as a serious part-time profession. I started off by mostly tutoring mostly family friends and after that mostly people in my local library. At the High School I graduated from they were running a program where former students or an Uni students really could come and tutor students for free of charge before and after school, so took the opportunity to volunteer. Many of those students I volunteered to help, are whom I now tutor on a regular basis at my local library. If students don't understand a particular concept or question, I try so hard in a multitude of ways of somehow making them understand it and will always use different techniques of explaining it. I even go over time if I have to. I love teaching it makes you feel so proud of yourself and it feels so great when you are passing on you knowledge to the younger generation and the fact they too will be passing on that same knowledge to generation after them.
  18. @MuhammadXII Mohammad Mian, what I have said in the past to you is still relevant. End this obsession.
  19. 1. I never assumed you disliked Jews? But I assume you would dislike most Jews as the majority of them support Israel and have connections to that country in one way or another. According to your criteria you will end up disliking most Jews. 2. Wrong! Most Jews that are against Israel are Atheist and Irreligious like notable ones like Noam Chomsky, Antony Loewenstein, Illan Pappe and many others. Whereas most Orthodox Jews are supporters of Israel. Ultra-Orthodox like the Neturei Marta are exceptions. I even have met quite a few Non-Religious Jews and many of them are quite sympathetic to the Palestinians suffering and cause much more than the practicing Orthodox ones. Many pf them are even quote vocal and open about their views and support for the Palestinians. At the end of the day most Jewish supporters of the Palestinian cause are irreligious and atheist who you should be giving respect and recognition to.
  20. 1. Kid its can't work both ways. That you respect a person from Israel but also call their country 'illegal'. And by whose definition do you call it an illegal state? More than 150 countries all over the world have recognised it as an independent nation and so have many international organisations like the UN. 2. Get a reality check. The clear majority of Jews are ardent supporters of Israel and have connections to the country in one way or another. How does Israel compare to the oppression of entities like Saudi Arabia and Hamas? My question to you. Israel treats its minorities like Israeli Arabs, Circassians and Armenians quite well unlike most other Arab and Middle Eastern nations. However the West Bank is different, as it is not apart of Israel proper and so is not subject to the laws and regulations followed in the rest of the country. It is considered an occupied territory under Israeli military occupation and so does not fall completely under Israeli jurisdiction. It is unfortunate what the Israeli military has sometimes done in the occupied territories. In the amongst all of this Israelis should be treated with respect and justly irrespective of their beliefs and political convictions which you entitled to disagree with.
  21. 1. If you have any good source or evidence to prove that India is supporting militancy in Pakistan, than I welcome you to share it. 2. I agree with your point from what I have read that Nehru was partly to blame for the division of the country. But at the end of the day both Jinnah and Nehru were in a power struggle to lead the country and none of them could reach an acceptable agreement without dividing the country into two. 3. This is an interesting point, which I haven't thought a lot about. In the end giving too much autonomy to certain groups over one another would have not worked out that well. Every single sect, religion and ethnic group in the country would have asked for autonomy. In the end the country wouldn't have been easy to control from the central government based in Delhi and might have not been as united. Laws and legislation would have been hard to implement nationwide due to autonomous states having their very own laws. I will be honest with you here, I am simply assuming why Nehru was against such a system and am not aware of the actual reasons. 4. This is true. At least if there wasn't a Pakistan there wouldn't have been any of those wars over Kashmir and Bangladesh and to the top that up with the displacement of millions of people.
  22. First of all, Burkinis are simply banned in Iran because according to the authorities they are too revealing and show too much of the body when women swim with it. Not they are not banned from the beach. Women have to remain clothed and usually are required to watch from the shore as men swim and children play. But some women don't follow these rules and go swim far into the water. Also a lot of the times there are areas on the beach designated for women. Other option women have is to seek out an unpopulated area and wade in just a feet or two in a menteau and headscarf.
  23. Besides the Burkini is not just banned in France but also in Iran. Obviously for different reasons.
  24. Mohammad Mian, No thanks. I like Iran the way it is. Secularism has failed once.
  25. To what lengths do I have to go to prove this guy is a troll whose on his second account after only getting banned last year?
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