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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. (salam) just want to add to my previous post and confirm that all I am saying is that the maraja are not infallible....there are likely to be inconsistencies in their rulings...let me explain more clearly how i got to this conclusion... when i came to syria, i was very puristic and believed that all the maraja had a closed system which although different to other maraja, were consistent and were they all to take a test, they would all get 100% but might have different answers (all well argued) now my position is that actually, the maraja are those closest we have to get full consistency but ev
  2. (salam) that is a fantastic paper by liyakat takim....which is definitely worth reading re: shahada....it is an unbiased look at history and gives the basis of the allowability of ashhaduanna aliyyan waliyullah using the idea of tasamuh and the comparability to saying salawat after second shahada....(although this does seem to suggest silent third shahada)....however, it is not readable from there - it can be read from his website: http://www.ltakim.com/articles/ADHAN.pdf re: whole argument: im in syria atm....at hawza imam khumayni....and i want to explain a few things taht are clear here: 1.
  3. (salam) by unofficial translation i mean a translation that is not officially agreed by his office....but it will have been read by at least 2 arabs by birth (who understand the meaning exactly) as well as two arabic students who do not translate any sentence without highlighting it and asking a teacher if there is any doubt to its exact meaning....personally, i think this is enough....and we are thinking of asking syed fadlallha's office after to make it official but if they want only the full book...we dont have the time for that so we will just send to friends...... and yes it will be profe
  4. (salam) I am currently in Syria and have (together with a friend) decided to unofficially translate the first chapter of The World of Women by Syed Fadlallah....we have completed the translation and are just editing...etc. and going to get it checked before sending a few extracts around.....if anyone is interested in being on this email list....please PM me... Also, I am planning to set up either an email group or maybe also post on shiachat....a few of his Q&A based on what he says in his weekly Q&A session after his quran tafseer class in damascus on saturdays....(only questions I fu
  5. (salam) In a range of his books, he uses a similar language to explain the standard way that any scholar (secular or religious) looks at evidence and makes a decision......so yep that is correct....
  6. (salam) im guessing shia hawzas...yep there are a few here....hawza imam khumayni i think being the most famous and where i believe the icas students are told to go.... if u want more detail...what sort of stuff would u like to know?
  7. (salam) but there are a few positives about sayyeda zaynab that i forgot to mention: 1. sayyeda zaynab...the shrine is there...and a lot of the english-speaking shii crew stay there......and it takes 2-3 buses (15p = $0.30 US and 40-55mins) or (£1.50 = $3US and 20-30 mins) by taxi... 2. cheaper obv 3. later in your stay, you might want to have private tuition and in sayyeda zainab you can get cheaper teachers and sometimes teachers who are specialised in shii islam, so you can go through shii books... tc
  8. (salam) you can come with no previous knowledge of arabic....many do - but i believe that it is best to try and learn as much as you can before you come so that you can best make use of the short time you have here... take care
  9. (salam) Re: above (i keep getting logged off...and don't seem to be able to quote u but...) Alhamdulillah...sounds like a good idea! Native language is english....- although I theoretically do speak Katchi (dialect of Gujrati)... I had basically covered most the grammar of Arabic prior to coming here....but that is about it...no spoken really....I did not know how to talk about the weather or any day-to-day stuff as any extra stuff on the side that I had done was all Quranic/dua....etc. classical stuff.... Uni of damascus....well it is good i think for people with no background in Arabic and a
  10. Salaam OK...I am in Damascus where the city centre is almost like a Western city centre, in that most the luxuries are available if you want to pay for them....this is different to Sayyeda Zaynab where less is available....a few places do, however, have English-style toilets but I generally avoid public toilets tbh For a woman to travel alone....well in the city I do not think tehre is a problem...crime is low...etc. but there are stories of problems in Sayyeda Zaynab - with people being supposedly abducted...etc. - and the general feeling (although it seems racist...etc.) is that it is becau
  11. (salam) I am in Syria for a year and am learning Arabic.....would be gd to have ppl who would like to chat on MSN or...etc. in Arabic (fus-ha only obv :P) to practice...please PM me... also anyone who has any questions about going to Syria for a year......the courses available...etc.... (salam)
  12. (salam) @Talib-e-Ilm: Sorry I did not mean to imply that he is the only one...just that his opinons are different to many on these issues as far as I am aware...he did not come up with most of these opinions it is true...but those are his beliefs... re: mut'ah - relevant pages are the end of http://english.bayynat.org.lb/Jurisprudence/sex.htm and http://english.bayynat.org.lb/news/meeting05072007.htm and http://english.bayynat.org.lb/QA/index.aspx#, go to marriage and personal relationships and then mutaa marriage..(baaad transliteration!) - here questions 6 and 8 imply what i said about the
  13. The problem with many threads like this is that they assume an idea about taqlid to start. You cannot have a circular argument and say that the maraja's idea of taqlid forces you to follow them in that way.... The basics of taqlid must be understood yourself.....it is common sense to say that you cannot follow a dead marja' on issues that have changed. However, on most rulings, there has been no new evidence and so the ruling is based on following the correct procedure and so is legitimate. There would thus, according to some scholars who have this view (but it is common sense), be no problem
  14. (salam) The best way I think is first to be sure of your idea of taqlid...why did you choose Ayatullah Lankrani? Do you believe that you should choose only THE most knowledgeable? How do you choose the most knowledgeable - is it by listening to others (but then you;d be a Christian...), or by listening to this ahl-ul kibra (system within a system...) or looking at the differences amongst the top few and choosing based on what you believe makes most sense... Or do you like the idea that all the maraja have legitimate opinions and thus choosing any is ok because they all have a reasoning behind
  15. (salam) It depends on whether you believe that alcohol is najis as well as haram to drink. The view of most maraja is that alcohol is najis and thus you should not wear gel containing more than a negligible amount of alcohol. However, there are maraja who believe that it is not najis and thus it is ok to wear it. Take care
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