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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Irrespective of conditions in which hajj can be prohibited boycotting hajj is not going to make any difference to Saud. If the injustice was against raising voice, a better way would be to raise more voices .
  2. Islam doesn't label anyone as divorced or have different rights for divorced people. Societies do that. Given that there's nothing addressed like "virgin divorcee" in Quran itself is a sign that it isn't a classification required by religion. You've been patient all throughout. Have a little more. A test isn't just going thru certain circumstances but your ability to retain faith despite nothing making sense. As for hope, I guarantee you from my own experience that anything anyone gives you even if it be from Quran would face resistance from your heart in accepting it.
  3. Sis fairy Just read this verse and think over Do men fancy that they will be left just upon their declaring, “We believe”, and they will not be tested? (Al-Ankaboot 29:2)
  4. How does that change her feelings of being unhappy with turn of events if you call it annulment or divorce? The factors which she points out are being rejected by others and verse in Quran which she feels is biased, and seeking hope. Never knew hope is only available with clerics.
  5. May Allah give strength to near and dear ones to bear the loss.
  6. Salaam, Are dreams a stream of communication used by Allah or even Satan can use it? How are dreams involving inappropriate content justified? Who has the onus of what we dream?
  7. Isn't apostasy covered under hudood law which only Imam can enforce?
  8. Salaam To all brothers and sisters who have both advised and shared their opinion I wish to remind them that neither of us are witness to facts nor the reasons behind those facts. Judging purely on basis of one paragraph and quickly pronouncing judgements looks like help but it's more damaging to both the advisor and advised. OP's husband could in all possibility also engage in relationship outside mutah. But something tells him what's right. So he opts for something halal. That is a sign that he's not off the mark. On other hand despite his insolent attitude towards what's ha
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