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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. depends on the level of insecurity of the man, but I think for about 60 % of men the past matters alot
  2. closest only in the fact they visit graves, they believe in 'spiritual leadership' being passed down, through 'peers/sheikhs' though not through imams. barelvis have a very deep love for for all sahaba at the time. when the barelvi is asked what his/hers opinions are on the civil wars during imam Ali's reign as caliph, they will respond by saying we as humans cannot judge and aisha, muawaiya and Imam Ali all got sawaab for the battles they fought. serious
  3. Hi, Is the eye of horus an evil symbol which represents occult/ dajjal/ dark side/ worshipping egyptian deities etc.. OR is it an old egyptian symbol representing health/ power/ healing energy etc which has been hijacked by occult practitioners and the 'illuminati'? If it is the latter, what are your thoughts of getting a tattoo of it?
  4. babybeaver (above) thanks for your input, I appreciate it. khamosh21 thanks for your reply, yeah I still have a little while to go (1-3 years) before it comes to that time for me as I need to save up money, after reading what everyone has said I am definitely living on my own even if i have to rent. I'm glad you and your wife are happy now and insha'Allah will stay happy and strong. You said you had to lie to your parents but you also said the scholar said you can leave the house, so what exactly did you have to lie about? You had to make up a reason for leaving?
  5. Thanks for the replies everybody. 'edznx' there is a common belief that women nowadays are selfish and full of contempt for their in laws. I believe this to be incorrect. I know quite a few women who wouldnt mind living with their in laws. The blame should also lay on the potential in laws, plenty of my hindu, sikh and muslim friends have told me there have been divorces in their family/ extended family purely from issues arising from the home in which the wife and in laws were living. A muslim friend of mine does not like her sister in law, and she told me her mother and her sister in law do
  6. If it does it would be accidental anyway so its ok
  7. Maybe the soul is 'material'. I remember reading about an experiment in a hospital, patients were weighed before and after death, after death their weight had decreased by 28 grams. If we take that with anything more than a pinch of salt we can come to the conclusion the soul weighs an ounce lol
  8. What loss have they suffered? I'm not saying your wrong, I just thought the case was the opposite
  9. Haha, yeah although its a salafi channel its not as 'extreme' as one would expect, I remember there being a fashion talk show on there with a very camp man.
  10. Question is from a male who has younger female siblings. Say for example it was my plan to get my own house when I get married and after my younger siblings are married and have left my parents house and by then my parents are of old age so I invite them to live in my house with my wife and children, but now my parents are insisting me and my future wife live with them and my siblings. There are many reasons I don't want to, e.g cramped house full of people. No privacy. Horrible neighbourhood with high crime rate. No longer want to take orders and be treated like an adult. Live by yo
  11. why can we not use minerals? by minerals i'm assuming it means crystal rocks as in hematite, azurite, agate .. etc
  12. the sufis you are on about for example chistis they are not direct descendants of Muhammed saw. They trace a 'spiritual lineage' to Imam Ali ra and they say Imam Ali ra taught his spiritual knowledge to his student and that student had another student and so on and so on (some of the students obviously made their way to India). A teacher - student relationship has nothing to do with being direct descendants
  13. ok I know sunnis dont believe moowawiya cursed imam Ali r.a but sunnis still believe they fought a war. its just that sunnis say 'they are both better people than us and we cannot question them the war is between them and Allah' , how are you denying moowaiwa fought a war against Ali r.a?
  14. salafi/wahabi is the fastest growing. they do the most dawah from what i have seen, most reverts in the west become muslims at the hands of salafi dawah. many young sufi/barelvi sunnis are becoming salafis as they see the heavily south east asian culturally influenced sect of barelvi sunni islam as stupid. the ahmadiya cult is dying out as we speak, insha Allah
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